Friday 12 December 2014

Actually I’ll extend on the Sophia thing a bit as well as the Gnostic creed. Pistis Sophia is actually a book but some self styled Gnostics (or those purporting to be) seem to think that it is… I suppose… ‘Personified’; in that the book has a life of its own. As to Sophia herself? This is where it becomes interesting and troubling, we might think of Sophia as some sort of god type entity but the interpretation of Sophia changes depending on who you ask.

In the Tree of Life there are three magical images that are female, there is also a hermaphrodite. In Binah the image for that sephira is a matron or a motherly type figure who is also referred to as Ama or Aima. In Netzach it is a beautiful naked woman, in Hod is the hermaphrodite. But in Malkuth it is a young woman who is crowned and on a throne. In three of the above four images Sophia could be inserted to ‘hijack’ whatever sephira and its attributes as part of any attempt to ruin the Tree of Life.

There are Gnostic adherents who purport to believe that Jesus ‘absorbed’ Sophia when he was born (no I don’t get it either). Some say that Mary Magdalene was either descended from Sophia or some type of descendant; you also have feminists claiming that all women have Sophia in their inner consciousness (are you seeing a pattern here?). Yet, none of the self realised public ‘gnostics’ can give any solid set information on Sophia. I find these sorts of crapclowns to be propagating a political Gnosticism rather than anything that resembles a genuine faith. Political Gnosticism is atheist by default; it doesn’t have a god in its own right. It takes a humanist approach in that as the ‘true god’ cannot communicate with us because Jehovah is blocking it out, then we the human race must fill in that place. In order to re-establish communication it is up to us to expel and overthrow the God of Abraham whether we call him Jehovah, Allah or Holy Father.

Some Gnostics claim Jesus is a messenger sent by their ‘god’ to help us against what they call the demiurge; and yet some of them claim Jesus is a false prophet as he is the son of the God of Abraham. Yes… something for everyone, myself I would tend to say that Jesus was sent to us to help us counteract the corruption that the disholy trinity did in ancient Israel and continues to do to the present day. It is a corruption that infects all religions, the leaders are decidedly satanic and the stooges who do their bidding are decidedly atheist. Gnosticism is worth looking at, and it will certainly challenge you. But you should only look at the teachings of the Essenes not the fraudsters of today. The political Gnostics will just rewrite teachings on God, god and gods or else make them up to suit their ends not yours.

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