Saturday, 6 December 2014

How prophecy can be interpreted and distorted - part 1

But while I’m on a subject such as Israel and show how prophecy can be interpreted and distorted to achieve a stage in the disholy trinity war against God, allow me to list and explain other ‘god events’ that you might be on the receiving end of. Starting with…

A new ‘true’ god: Gnostics have been pushing the line that Jehovah aka the God of Abraham is not the creator of us or anything else for that matter. Instead the Gnostics like to portray him as a demigod, a rogue who has enslaved us all within the material world. This ‘true god’ cannot access us because Jehovah has placed a barrier between this ‘god’ and us. The name and nature of this ‘god’ can vary, the two names that I have are Pistis Sophia and Enjare. The former is a feminine entity and the latter is… well I just don’t know… From the very, very little I’ve read it comes across as similar to Jehovah, a ‘lite’ version if you will. If anything it comes off as a rip off of The Virgin Mary and Jehovah, with the vagueness involved either of these names can convey any message to anyone but so far we have seen they mean nothing to no one.

I suppose they can be continually redefined to cater to people who are silly enough to get sucked into worshipping such entities or at least their names. I also imagine a hip, cool, flash, gnarly social media campaign with some celebrities involved would roundup a herd mentality fad of the moment which would infect a good deal of the younger members of the general population. It wouldn’t really matter how far it initially spread or how long it was a mainstream fad because it would leave its’ virus dormant in the population just waiting for something to set it off once again. Even if the belief in a new ‘god’ with a user friendly theology of its’ own did not gain a lot of hardcore adherents, the corruption of other faiths would occur because of a willingness by the mainstream faiths to negotiate their beliefs in order to recruit the followers of this new ‘god’ regardless of whether or not those who profess to worship this ‘god’ actually believe in it or not. But of course a new ‘god’ would need a prophet on earth to propagate it; so it would need a…

New messiah: Messiahs are a dime a dozen these days, every religion seems to have someone who claims to be a prophet returned. Mosiach returned, Jesus returned, Imam Mahdi returned, Buddha returned etc. Something for everyone, regardless of whether these self proclaimed prophets and saviours are either crazy, crooked or are just mistaken they operate along the lines of the new ‘god’. And again they will get followers, depending on whether or not they look good on TV because the TV pulpit is global. If the ‘prophet of the day’ gets celebrity endorsement and is accepted as one, then there is no need to perform miracles in public as special effects and stooges in TV congregations can give the appearance of supernatural healings and the like. It is really worthwhile to hear what these false prophets say; usually it is along the lines of how ‘humanity must come together as one’ or ‘we together can do the work god can do,…he wants us to’. The messages of these messiahs whether they are in person or channelled seem to be humanist in nature, usually without any strong dogma and are quite flexible and can go across nations, races, societies and religions – something for everyone. And just like the new god, the teachings will corrupt all others and make them worthless. New messiahs usually come with new prophecies or new interpretations of old ones, such as…

A new Earth: And that you will get if the majority of people on this earth in this world allow themselves to be herded in by the disholy trinity and their inner herd mercenaries. Some people like to say that in Revelations in the New Testament Bible that God will create a new earth or at least scrub everything off the old one after the anti-Christ and his followers have been dealt with once and for all. Whether this prophecy is true or not? I don’t know; but I can see the following scenarios occurring (hypothetically).
1. The disholy trinity takes possession of this earth in this world, they now rebirth the earth. It is no longer Malkuth and now is 100% Lilith, this ‘restored earth’ has been made through the trinity ‘god’. People will live forever because they are faithful to ‘god’; the disholy trinity is the ‘creator’.

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