Saturday 6 December 2014

Even though the hip, progressive atheists may think that they are running things

Even though the hip, progressive atheists may think that they are running things or certainly think that they are in a much higher position than apathetic nickel and dimers in the outer herd, these fools cannot accept or examine any metaphysical aspect as to the ways things are falling into place today because they think these things are happening either due to themselves or due to chance. I know that things that are happening within societies across the world are being done due to design and not chance. And as much as the hipster, progressive atheists like to think that these things are happening due to their planning; it isn’t. As wicked as they are, they are still quite stupid people. They may like to think they are elite or inner herd and that they belong there. They do belong there; they are the maids and butlers of self proclaimed gods and may be fired at any time… if not worse.

I’ll continue on with the signs we’ll see as the stupid try and take this earth in this world. I’m not claiming to be a prophet with a doomsday scenario, really it doesn’t matter what I believe or say but it does matter what the disholy trinity and their stooges do or say because they will try to achieve their goals. I want to bring up the Adam Kadmon concept that is used in kabbalah because now this is being corrupted and perverted to be used in the ‘united humanity collective’ concept plan in atheism.

The Adam Kadmon concept is really just a demonstration to show how the Tree of Life could relate to God as a human being. It is a demonstration if anything, just another way to demonstrate the Tree of Life to us.

In this picture we can comprehend God as a single being with many aspects that we can access via the sephira. The sephira have different names, there are different aspects we can relate to, and the names of God are different within the different sephira but he is the one single God.

The maltheists are attempting to put into practice something similar; instead of sephira they will have castes. And like a body the importance and ranking of the castes will start of from the head and proceed to go downwards. Thus the academics, intelligentsia and ideologues will be the brain of the united humanity body. They will decide if and when you eat and what you believe; the further down the body then the less importance you are. You will be viewed as nothing more than skin cells; we lose them everyday either naturally or else by something like cuts, accidents etc. Unless these cells come from the head and face then they don’t really matter because we know for the most part they will be replaced with new ones.

So essentially we will see a racial caste of sorts, as we see now there is quite a reduction of reproducing rates in whites and yet we also have an increase by non whites. We also see as the ‘race is a social group’ advocates increase their propagation, we also see the ‘Jews are whites like us’ mantra being continuously repeated by the likes of white Marxists, libertarian progressives and their brain dead fad of the moment stooges. And yet the ‘Askhenazi Jews’ who like to portray themselves as white in front of the TV screens and ‘simpleton’ whites regard the non-Askhenazi Jews as garbage because they are not ‘white’ and because they actually believe in God. There is a caste system in Israel (and indeed in other countries) and it is going to go global with the help (purposely or otherwise) of the likes of ‘christian zionists’, atheists, apostates and other stooges.

Are all Askhenazi Jews atheist? No, but how does one measure jewishness? As long as you have a jewish mother then it doesn’t matter how God hating you are, you are still accepted as a jew and protected by laws regarding ‘antisemitism’ (a political term to describe ‘jew hatred’ which should be applied to stopping hatred against Judaists not atheists) and racism (does anyone know what actual race atheist ‘Askhenazi Jews’ are? Or doesn’t that matter because race is a ‘social political construct’). It seems that atheist ‘jews’ have their own caste system amongst themselves and are looking to export it upon whites. Other ‘ethnicities’ are doing this too, but they can only ‘progress’ with the help of ‘white’ atheists (regardless if they are ‘jews’ or not). Am I coming across as an antisemite? Well, if someone wants to practice Judaism and follow the traditions of Moses; then I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe I am an anti-Semite? No, I have no problems with Assyrians or anyone else from that gene pool.

Do you want to call me an anti-Zionist? And say it is Gods’ will that Israel exists and that we have to finance it and if you don’t believe in it then Jesus will send you to hell. Ah… but you see, Zionism is an atheistic creed. Nothing to do with the mosiach (messiah), nothing to do with Jesus or any of the prophets. It is an atheistic creed that has overtaken a holy land and the white world tithes itself to support it. And all for no benefit as those countries who submit themselves to Israel don’t get any closer to God, but rather turn away from him as the atheism rates in their countries actually increases.

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