Thursday 8 January 2015

The corruption of Judaism and Christianity

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In this writing I will relay my personal experience and opinion, whether you choose to accept it or not is your perogative. I have been a theistic satanist twice, I have practiced the Kabbalah and the Shem ha-Mephorash and complemented it with planetary and astrological magic. I cannot say that I ever have been a Christian and thus I won't. So I will not ask you to accept anything I write as absolute gospel and in fact I ask you not to believe me just by reading this once. But I do say that you should check out everything I've written for yourself. And if jews and Christians are offended by my writing well... maybe you aren't really Judaists and Christians.

Let us begin with Adam Kadmon.
Adam Kadmon translates as either "original" or "primordal" man. It is basically a description of the sephiroth through the body of a man rather than by the traditional "Tree of Life", the quotation from the Bible is usually 'And the Elohim said "Let us create man in our own image"'. Elohim is plural, the 10 sephiroth all have their own individual God aspect but are of the same being. So in other words they are 10 different personalities of God that we as humans can relate to, we cannot relate to God on an individual to individual basis because his personality and intellect is simply too superior and overwhelming for us as mankind.

Now that was the original intention for the Kabbalah to be accessible to us, so either by Adam Kadmon or the Tree of Life and in this physical world otherwise known as Assiah. But also in Assiah is the Tree of Death, a satanic counterfeit of the Tree of Life. But as to whether there is a counterfeit image of Adam Kadmon, there is only one real contender that is relevant to us human mortals in this world of Assiah and on this sephirah of Malkuth ("The Kingdom" this earth we are on). That contender is Adam Belial or 'man without God'.

So what am I getting at? Well that the Kabbalah that we know as such was probably revealed to Moses and over due time it was passed down to the descendants of Moses and made known to the priestly class of the Israelites and again over due time it was leaked and made known to the general populations of various kingdoms in ancient times. Although the information leaked may have been added to, subtracted from and corrupted by accident or misunderstanding... it was reasonably sound enough to work. But as time went on the respective Israelites and Judeans were corrupted in their religious practices by things such as the Babylonian enslavement, wars with Assyria, the taking on of Bael, Moloch and Mammon worship and they were finally dispersed by the Roman occupation. The Israelites and Judeans were of the same gene pool with slight variations due to the proximity of neighbouring races and people. History deems them to be a Semitic people and this is accepted as such, but those claiming this ancestry today are definitely not semitic and thus the Askhenazi, Sephardic and Falasha sects of Judaism have no definite claim to a birthright of Israel, whether it be ancient Israel or the modern state of it.

Overview of the sects:

Falasha: Descendants of the kingdom of Sheba which covered Ethiopia and Yemen, however as that kingdom fell Yemen and Ethiopia became 2 very distinct lands both racially, culturally and religiously. Falasha specificly applies to Ethiopian Judaists.

Sephardic: Descendants of primarily Spanish and Berber converts to Judaism, more correctly described as Moorish Judaists.

Mizrahi: This is used to described middle eastern judaists who were formerly categorised as Sephardic and this included Persian Judaists and Musawis (followers of Moses). The state of Israel does not want to admit that there is such a thing as Palestinian Arab Judaists, even the PLO Charter of 1967 recognises Palestinian Judaists and recognises them as such.

Askhenazi: These are essentially ethnic Turkic Judaists, let me correct that...they were originally Turkic Judaists. They converted to Judaism in a political move so as to be neutral in Christian-Muslim wars during that time. There are Turkic Judaists called Karaites, but the Askhenazim migrated into Russia, Poland and then into Germany. They have taken in a large amount of indigenous European DNA and have their own language Yiddish which is really mongrelised German just written with the Hebrew alphabet.
There are also self proclaimed West African and Indian Judaists but their claims to be descended from the Israelites should be taken with a pinch of shit.

Out of all this only the Musawi can claim any direct descendence of the Israelites/Judeans in physical being and religious teaching and tradition.

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