Friday 3 February 2017

Kingdom of Moloch

I've decided to do an intro clip for another clip of mine called "Kingdom of Moloch", the reason for doing this is that I am burning these clips on to CDs for general distribution. As blank CDs are reasonably cheap I burn the clips on to them and leave them in various places for the public. The reason for doing this is because of the recent announcement of Elon Musk that he intends to embark on a new project to have computers attached to human brains.

I do not believe he is doing this to help disabled people but rather to bring forth a 'hive' mind or collective human consciousness on a global scale.

I made the "Kingdom of Moloch" clip about 18 months ago, seems to be coming true and the likes of George Soros will no doubt be taking an interest.

Intro clip

Kingdom of Moloch

Post truth - the new buzzword

I put in the post truth clip on the CD because it fits in and because I want to emphasise how the 'truth' now is not absolute. It can be altered at any time depending on things such as political correctness, financial gain, and celebrity.
"Nothing is true; all is permitted" - Hasan of Alamut
And isn't this true today? Moral relativism is now the only absolute in society even though it cannot be absolute, it is just repackaged solipsism.
We are no longer on Malkuth in Assiah on the Tree of Life; we are now on Lilith in Tohu on the Tree of Death.