Sunday 19 March 2017

A Requiem for Australia

I observe the happenings and the groupthink that now defines Australian society, it is said that a life unexamined is not worth living. I think that this can be applied to the sovereignty of nations and more importantly the societies that make up that nation. Quite frankly Australia has fallen into the same mold as Sweden and Germany, it has the same adherance to political correctness and identity politics. I see the same vested interests being held as absolutes worthy of devotion, to be considered and worshipped in a manner above God and religion. The irony and hypocrisy of all that is that the media celebrity prophets will claim to be serving 'god' in theory and serving themselves in practice. This cannot be a surprise to anyone with common sense but as in Sweden and Germany people have indoctrinated themselves into self denial, everything is negotiable so there are no absolutes. Basic foundations are constantly redefined so nothing can ever be definite and therefore cannot be held true, if they are not true then they are not worthy of being defended.

Lets examine what is occurring now and what the purpose is...
Australian politics has traditionally been divided between a left wing and a right wing, the left wing is a capitalism which is heavily molded around socialism. The main party which represents these interests is the Australian Labor Party, within that party there are factions which cover extreme left to moderate right. Also within the left wing establishment is the Green Party which is more extreme left than the labor party. On the right wing of the establishment is the Australian Liberal Party which was created to be conservative on a social level and liberal on an economy level. It is in coalition with the Australian National Party which is traditionally a conservative rural based party but recently has been taking in members with socialist leanings. The correct term would be infiltrated and indeed all parties in Australia have been infiltrated by people who have marxist leanings and criminal leanings. More correctly they are just hippies in suits, a scumbag may get middle aged, get a haircut and a suit but they are still scumbags.

We are in a reversal of order where we can see the criminals of the 60s are now the establishment today and the establishment of the 60s are now the criminals today. The decent people are not criminals because of what they have done but because of what they have not done. If they are not people with a sense of entitlement or victimhood then they are not people. If they are white and not self loathing or ashamed of their own existance or not mutilating themselves or not suicidal then they are not worthy of life.

Having an Australian passport is only considered of value if you are foreign born and if you are born in Australia then unless you have a foreign passport then you will never have citizenship of any value. The hippies of today have haircuts and suits and they believe in a one world government, they believe in pantheism, they hate and corrupt Christianity, they have no morals and no beliefs of absolutes. This is the Australian establishment today which run the government, the schools, make laws and enforce them upon everyone who is not them. This is a government of occupation over non people, in fact Australia is now being run as a dog pound only the dogs cannot recognise they are in a pound.