Friday 5 December 2014

Nation of Islam – a black supremacist cult in the United States, they believe white people were created by an evil scientist called Yakub by selective breeding. They also believe in spaceships and that there is a mothership filled with black scientists who will come back to earth and kill all white people.

Nation of gods and earths – also known as the 5%ers, they believe that black men are gods and black women are earths.

Creativity Movement – formerly known as the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC). They want to kill off all other people on earth except whites.

Scientology – plenty of information available on them. Their ‘god’ is the eighth dynamic (whatever that means).

Church of Satan – believes that Satan resides in our subconscious…yeah…

Askhenazi Judaism – I feel that I must mention this due to the high rate of atheism among its ‘adherents’ in western countries, or at least its acceptance of it. There are even atheist rabbis now, for whatever reason the atheists can not or will not be expelled from the synagogue congregations.

The ‘righteous proud people’ in the so called religions I just mentioned are not theistic at all. They do not believe in a God that is independent of its creation, they infact believe that they collectively are ‘god’. Much like cells in a body, an independent cell on its own cannot do anything. But unite them together to take a form of a body they can do much more. And like a body, certain parts and organs have their functions which must take place or else the body will be prone to illness or shutdown. Any cells that are regarded as useless or malignant are simply regarded as a cancer; they are cut out and destroyed. As certain parts of the body have an order to their importance they will have what can be described as a default caste system.

So it is quite correct to describe these types of movements regardless of whether they are deemed left wing or right wing as atheist. As these groups engage in ‘theological’ warfare, it is infact people with theist beliefs are doing the killing and dying against each other. It is a win/win game for atheism, and that’s all it is to these people – a game. The ‘united humanity consciousness’ has to prioritise its ‘good thoughts’ in order, the likes of you and I are ‘bad thoughts’ in its brain and need to be disposed of. As far as these people are concerned the belief in God is a psychological illness and ‘medicine’ as well as ‘surgery’ has to be applied to stop these damaged cells from reproducing. It seems like the maltheists have an idea of what wetiko is about… Why doesn’t anyone else?

Atheism is just a side road for the disholy trinity to reach their objective, it may not be the most direct or shortest road but it will get them to where they want to go.

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