Monday 1 December 2014

The victim card will get you attention, but it depends what you’re a victim of. A lack of entitlement will get you the victim status; then again it depends on what you think or know what you’re entitled to. It crosses all spectrums of societies as we know it but that depends on the interpretation of ‘societies’ at the time. There is only one real society and that is the inner herd, the outer herd could be seen to have or be broken into various societies but this would be a misnomer because the inner herd have society which may be divided into sub-societies along social lines. As for the rest of us we do not actually have societies but economies because the formula for measuring our value as human beings within the outer herd is through our value in the wealth-celebrity-lifestyle triangle and until we are ‘rich’ in these three things then we will have no value as human beings. Things such as persona, character, morals, principles and even spirit and soul have no immediate value by themselves because they are not physical assets which can be sold at a pawn shop for money. And thus celebrity and lifestyle will remain out of your reach until you find a way to sell those non physical assets.

Unfortunately more and more people are finding ways to dispose of things such as morals and principles for money, now they no longer have dignity in themselves and seek to steal it away from others. In their wake after doing so, they leave a multitude of others with no money, no lifestyle, no chance whatsoever of celebrity and certainly no dignity. The lives of those affected have no value whatsoever and the only thing that stops them from killing themselves is the hold of servitude.

The sort of servitude we see now is definitely of a propagated type, it is one thing to rationally and willingly decide to serve someone because of respect for that person. It is something else to allow oneself to fall into servitude because of herd mentality, as with herds any singular thoughts or aspirations must disappear for the herd to remain a herd. Although they may say on TV that ‘society’ must pull together, the fact is politicians love dysfunctional societies. When they say society they are talking about the inner herd and when they talk about things such as ‘equality’ it means you, the ‘outer herd’ should all be as poor and miserable as each other. Under the guise of ‘equality’ they do not seek to upraise others to their level because that would be competition to them, so they seek to reduce others to the basest degenerate beings not only within nations but the earth as a whole. If someone is living on a bowl of rice a day then you should be too and if some woman is working 20 hours a day for 15 cents then you should be too. And if you complain about this (here is where the Marxist dialectic of self projection comes in) and you are a male then you are misogynist, or else you are a racist and worse than Hitler and on top of that you’re a communist.

This is all propagated on the TV by the very people who are misogynist, racist and communist. We see this today in western ‘democracies’ by those who are called ‘new conservatives’ or Neo-Cons, they are just ex-Marxists with a new wardrobe. They got the celebrity in political terms, the money and lifestyle just naturally followed. They still have their ‘atheist’ beliefs, they hate God just as much as ever and this can be seen in the judgments and actions they pursue within government to affect the ‘societies’ that are beneath them. As far as they are concerned the outer herd don’t have a society but they are servants within an economy. We are indentured slaves as far as they are concerned, they also think we are too stupid and lazy to realise it or do anything about it. As of this current time…they are probably right.

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