Friday 25 March 2016

Sociopathocracy - we are being ruled by the soulless

Sociopathocracy - part1

It is said that 1% of any given population at any given time is psychopathic and that the same applies to sociopaths who are 4% of the population. So together they will comprise 5% of any given population at any given time.

Now lets look at other percentages; 5% of a population will be natural born atheists. They have not converted to atheism but rather are people who no relationship with God because they have never comprehended the concept of God in any external form and thus cannot relate to him. Next we have the issue of pedophilia; it is said that 5% of the population are either pedophiles, have an inclination to be pedophiles or else have no moral objections to it.

All of these categories of 'people' are abhorrent but what if I were to say that these
creatures are one and the same?

Lets look at similarities, sociopaths and psychopaths are drawn to positions of power so they can exert control over humans. But the same also applies to pedophiles who use positions of power to dominate children and coerce them into sexual activities. Atheists seek to gain positions within state services to enforce their beliefs through legal rulings and we see variations of this within the education system. They use 'social media' as well as left wing political movements to bring a 'community feel' to their antitheist jihad.

Although the categories of sociopath/psychopath, pedophile and atheist may not seem to be absolutely related to each other by their methods, they certainly are by their ends. The jihadis of these 'movements' share in common the following;

* An extreme form of narcissism

* A solipsist type mindset or else a belief that everyone else is just like them.
If they are solipsist then nothing else (or anyone elses life) is of any consequence, it is all imagination for they are the only real thing in their 'dream'.
And if they believe that everyone else is just like them then everything is justified in order to be a first among equals. Or if you want to put it this way.....
"Nothing is true, all is permitted" - Hasan of Alamut

* An absolute hatred of or absolute disbelief in God (which is the God of Abraham - praise be upon him) These narcissists cannot comprehend (or wish to acknowledge) a higher being/power than themselves. When Nietzche said "God is dead" he wasnt refering to God as an entity but rather the moral beliefs/rules that came from Holy books. As atheism progresses we see all manner of perversion and crime becoming acceptable and mainstream.

I also strongly suspect that these creatures are very strongly inclined to homosexuality (as well as pedophilia). Although queers claim to make up 10% of a population I do not believe this to be accurate as a natural form of sexual preference or practice. As psychopath/sociopaths make up 5% of a population then I think it is fair to say the same percentage applies to homosexuals. Do homosexuals make up 10% of a population? Yes I think this can be a fair assessment because homosexuals (and indeed pedophiles and other sexual perverts) seek to convert people into their lifestyle. More accurately they seek to make certain people sexually available to them, the more people they get to 'turn' then the more options they have available. The desire to be dominating over a particular person may not necessarily be sexual in itself but rather a percieved material/power gain from engaging in sexual activity with that particular person.

Clips of mine concerning the sociopathocracy that is ruling this earth in this world