Wednesday 16 September 2015

Dajjal is a collective humanist thing?

It was narrated that Abu Bakr Siddiq said: "The Messenger of Allah told us: 'Dajjal will emerge in a land in the east called Khorasan, and will be followed by people with faces like hammered shields.'" and will travel the whole world preaching his falsehood, but will be unable to enter Mecca or Medina. Isa (Jesus) will return and the Dajjal will gather an army of 70,000 Jews from Isfahan, of those he has deceived and lead them in a war against Jesus who shall be accompanied by an army of the righteous, along with Imam Mahdi.
^^^ Again this points to Iran/Iraq and thus Al-Baghdadi

Ahmadiyya beliefs

The Ahmadiyya teachings interpret the prophecies regarding the appearance of the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and Gog and Magog in Islamic eschatology as foretelling the emergence of two branches or aspects of the same turmoil and trial that was to be faced by Islam in the latter days and that both emerged from Christianity or Christian nations.
^^^ Why do Ahmadiyya seem to know this and say it? Why does sunnism/wahhabism seek to utterly wipe them out and why do Christians, Xtians and atheists (all flavours) have no opinion on this and pretend that everythings OK?

Its Dajjal aspect relates to deception and perversion of religious belief while its aspect to do with disturbance in the realm of politics and the shattering of world peace has been called Gog and Magog. Thus Ahmadis consider the widespread Christian missionary activity that was 'aggressively' active in the 18th and 19th centuries as being part of the prophesied Dajjal (Antichrist) and Gog and Magog emerging in modern times out of Christian nations. Accordingly, the emergence of the Soviet Union and the USA as superpowers and the conflict between the two nations (i.e., the rivalry between communism and capitalism) are seen as having occurred in accordance with certain prophecies regarding Gog and Magog. Thus, Ahmadis believe that prophecies and sayings about the Antichrist are not to be interpreted literally. They have deeper meanings. Masih ad-Dajjal is then a name given to latter day Christianity and the west.
^^^ Its an opinion but I cant really dispute it - nor care to.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gives a more direct definition of the meaning of Dajjal:
"As to the Antichrist, now listen, I will explain to you the reality on the basis of the clear and pure revelation that I have received. Then understand, my dear ones, that it has been disclosed to me that the reference to the Antichrist as one individual is not designed to indicate his personal individuality, but his unity as a class, meaning thereby that in that class there will be a unity of ideas as is, indeed, indicated by the word Dajjal itself and in this name there are many Signs for those who reflect. The meaning of the word Dajjal is a chain of deceptive ideas, the links of which are so attached to each other as if it was a structure of equal-sized bricks of the same colour, quality and strength, some of them firmly overlapping others and further strengthened by being plastered from outside."

^^^ Im not saying that this guys beliefs are absolutely the cure all for the world but again I think his opinion is quite good. Also take note of how the dajjal is not a single person but a collective humanist class aka herd

So you can look it up for yourselves, in addition there is a jewish version of dajjal...

Dajjal continued

Although most people just prefer to have a guess at the AntiChrist or when they will appear (even though this cannot be known by any man at any given time), all they do is cough up celebrity 'anti Christs' depending on political interpretations and leanings. But what about the Dajjal? Well that depends on what you believe, do you believe they are one and the same or do you believe they are two separate entities? And could your belief change at any given time? Remember one of the aims of theistic satanism is to pre-empt prophecy and would not rely on a one shot solution.
Instead of trying to interpret certain types of people (very unreliable due to having to accept most information from media sources which could be falsified), it would be much better to interpret observable actions and mindsets within ones' society.

Using this site.....
I will use quotes from that site and add commentary.

Signs of coming of Al-Masih ad-Dajjal
Hadith attributed to Muhammad give many signs of the appearance of the Dajjal, and exhorted his followers to recite the first and last ten verses of Sura Al-Kahf (chapter 18 in the Qur'an), as protection from the trials and mischief of the Dajjal.

The following signs are ascribed to Ali in the coming of Dajjal:

People will stop offering the prayers
Dishonesty will be the way of life
Falsehood will become a virtue
People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain
Usury and bribery will become legitimate
There will be acute famine at the time
There will be no shame amongst people
Many people would worship Satan
There would be no respect for elderly people

^^^Is this not the case now?

Other Traits of Dajjal

He will be a man with powerful built, curly hair and only a true believer can recognize him.
He (Dajjal) will be followed by seventy thousand Jews wearing black shawls from Isfahan.
He will claim to be Creator/God and will challenge major religious institutions of the world.
He will traverse all the cities of the world, except Mecca and Medina (as they are guarded by angels).
He shall not have any children.
He shall be a Jew.

He would possibly be considered as Jesus (with powers of God) by Christians and Messiah by Jews.[unreliable source?]

^^^The only person who I can think of that fits that description at this current time is Al-Baghdadi - the leader of ISIS
As for being considered as Jesus by Christians and Jews when you consider that Christianity and Judaism have been overrun by atheists (more like nihiltheists) and apostates (more like maltheists). Indeed we could also throw in new age perversions such as 'ascended masters' of which 'lord jesus' is an ace card, looking at it... the [unreliable source?] could have been passed through by occult means and actually might be the most telling.
Nihiltheists, perverts and other liberal types support ISIS by default

Signs of emergence

Drying up of Sea of Galilee.
When date-palm trees of Baisan stop bearing fruit (Sahih Muslim English reference : Book 41, Hadith 7028; Arabic
reference : Book 55, Hadith 7573)[10]
Worship of satan becomes common.

^^^ speaks for itself

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Jesus vs Mahdi or Anti-Christ vs Dajjal?

With the way this world (Assiah) is going down the toilet, I thought I might throw this out...
Both Islam and Christianity have endtime scenarios, with Islam you have the appearance of the Dajjal and with Christianity you have the anti-Christ. Both are anti God and both will attempt to enslave the world, both will eventually meet a demise and end up in Hell. But the question to ask is 'Are they both the same being?'

Well, I look at it this way... If they are both the same being then they would be serving the same demon, but is this true? Seeing as Thaumiel has joint rulership between Lucifer (ha-Shaitan) and Moloch I would think that there can only be one ultimate ruler if Assiah was taken away from God and the Tree of Death was firmly established in its own right. So how would it be decided who was the sole god? Maybe in the same manner as a war game, or game of chess. No one player gets hurt in a game of chess, after all the pieces in the game only have a symbolic value and even if they were animated what do their lives matter anyway?

So if the bad guys of any revelation/doomsday scenario were to play their version of chess in order to decide the title of the Satan, then it would be a case of Anti-Christ vs Dajjal.
But such a game might not be compelling enough to enthrall the bystanders into being a compelled audience in the same manner as TV soaps, nor would it convince them to try and 'make it' into the game. So using some slick marketing much in the same way that occurs in soaps and say... professional wrestling the bad guys are now good and people will have favourites which they cheer and indeed devote their lives to for something to do.

So the producers turn the Anti-Christ into 'Jesus' returned and the Dajjal into 'Mahdi' and using some self projection propaganda have them accuse each other as being each other. Their supporter base would be:
Xtian Zionism (Jesus) vs Wahhabism (Mahdi)

So Lucifer and Moloch would pick a side and proceed to battle with the tite of Ha-Shaitan/Adam Satan as the prize.... actually that would only be a provisional prize because if Assiah is taken to the Tree of Death then the ultimate title would be 'god'.

Now this may seem a simple scenario but take into consideration that Abrahamic based faiths take in only about half of the worlds population. The rest are atheist/nontheist so what happens to them? What if there is third factor in all of this? I have previously written about a trinity situation (DisHoly trinity).
So maybe we could be looking at a scenario such as:

Bael as the father - because he is the father of the various baals

Moloch as the son - because he has done the 'return trip' as seen by his legion of abortion fanatics

Mammon as the spirit - this is a collective that causes monetary greed and would unite atheists to the cause because atheists are motivated by money above all things (it is the only thing they can hold as true)

As for Lucifer? He could be known as 'god' (which caused the rebellion in the first place) but it would only titular (in name only) much like most modern monarchs.

What would be the result of such a scenario?

Monday 14 September 2015

Antitheism is solipsism

Being spending some time on youtube making clips, did this one where I point out that antitheism is solipsism.
Solipsism is the belief that you alone exist and everything else is a dream inside your head - an extreme form of narcissism. Looking at the celebrity atheists doing the rounds we can see that they are basically solipsists.
Solipsists basically rip off Christianity, Buddhism, Panentheism and Deism to justify to themselves that they are God.

Their 'holy trinity' is 'Me, Myself, I' and see themselves as Jesus... which in their mind explains why they are here on earth. And as we can see these psychos all claim to be our saviours.

Nihiltheism aka Western Atheism

Nihiltheism aka Western Atheism

Nihiltheism is the 'anti religion' of the west, to sum it up it is a belief in nothing, opposition to all established (natural) order and it is practiced as a religion (usually in a political and social context)

Nihiltheism consists of 3 parts which complement and supplement each other, these are:
1. Antitheism
2. Maltheism
3. Misotheism

Antitheism is the opposition to all religion and any practices that give praise or worship to God. It is specifically aimed at/against the God of Abraham, it aims at abolishing such worship or else rendering it void and invalid by corrupting it. This is being done by making religion to be political or social creeds instead of a spiritual faith.

Attacks against religion are not only external attacks but also internal, this can be seen in the way queers or their enablers use a religion to propagate things which are against the teachings of the prophets of that religion. In fact it is fair to say that religions splinter because of this, for example liberal churches will portray Jesus as a pro gay liberal or even claim that he is gay in order to push an agenda such as gay marriage. As for atheists? Well in regards to the non liberal churches atheists will scream that Jesus is a homophobic racist, imperialist etc. But the fact is that liberal churches are filled with the very same atheists and an example of this is the Unitarians, which should be registered as a political party or social club instead of a faith.

These xtians will call for unlimited immigration by muslims, in that regard they mean wahhabis. Now when you hear this sort of wailing you may ask yourself 'but wont these muslims kill the poofters the xtians want marriage for?'

However wahhabism is the islamic equivalent of liberal churches, the psychoticness of these two fronts actually drive people out of religion. Wahhabism is in the same manner as liberal churches and askhenazi judaism in that they will not expel their atheists as long as they do not renounce their faith in a formal manner. Looking at these three fronts they have caused the breakage of any common link between judaism, christianity and islam because they have propagated the God of Abraham as 3 different unrelated gods instead of one God.


Maltheism is the belief in God but God is percieved as a malevolent entity/being. Maltheism holds that known existence is held captive by a demiurge or lesser God - that lesser God being the God of Abraham. A maltheist has to hold a belief in panentheism because that could be the only way that the God of Abraham could hold us captive and prevent the 'real god' from 'liberating' us.

Maltheism is a branch of gnosticism so it comes with all manner of beliefs and rites which in occult terms are pretty watered down and worthless. In fact it is quite fair to say that the occult wisdom relating to maltheism is of no value whatsoever.

So what sort of people 'hold' the belief in maltheism? Actually it is western atheists (nihiltheists) who are the vast overwhelming majority of maltheists, sure there may possibly be a handful of people who subscribe to the ancient greek texts and see their opposition to God as a purely spiritual battle. But as for the rest it is a political/social/economic jihad against the world of the Abrahamic faiths, but it is not a jihad under the name of another god instead it is done under the name of no god.

Nihiltheists will adamantly declare there is no god and yet will fanatically vomit all sorts of venom about the God of Abraham, stupid crap like how he is a racist, homophobic, misogynist, neo nazi war criminal. In fact it is a psychotic hatred allegedly on behalf of nothing, hindus and non theist creeds such as Buddhism and Taoism do not scream hatred against the God of Abraham. You do not become a personal enemy to God and declare it so if you donot believe in the existence of God, the hatred shown by nihiltheists cannot be done on behalf of 'nothing'. However lets go back to gnostic maltheism, the question to ask is 'if the God of Abraham is a lesser god then who is the real god?'

The identity of this 'real god' is never revealed, it cannot be revealed by maltheists aka gnostic atheists because they do not understand what cause they serve. They are so fanatically consumed by hatred of God and embracing the dialectic of their cause that they cannot see any longterm end or consequences of their 'faith'. That is because they adhere to a faith which does not adhere to them, and as for the 'god' of maltheism?
Well.... give Lucifer (Ha-Shaitan) his due.....


Misotheism is just the outright hatred of God, it doesnt require a creed such as antitheism or maltheism as such but it is the glue that combines them to form nihiltheism. With misotheism nihiltheists can move effortlessly between antitheism and maltheism in order to justify whatever hatred they wish to indulge in.
For example... a maltheist should only be concerned with opposing the God of Abraham but they can use their misotheism to indulge in antitheism so as to oppose not only any Abrahamic religion but also to oppose rival religions such as Buddhism.

So misotheism is the hatred of God for the sake of hating God, some may say that it is just a satanic creed... but then again who is the satan of choice?

Karl Marx is the prophet of Lucifer as the Satan and the saint of antitheism as can be shown by his life which does imitate Lucifer with a shared level of vanity and self importance. The prophet of Moloch is Margaret Sanger and this is shown by the shared level of psychotic behaviour and bloodlust.

A question to ask is 'which black prophet has the biggest kill rate? Marx or Sanger?'

Marxisms murder rate has really gone down to a trickle compared to its heyday while Sangers continually increases with its army of fanatical abortionists. It is fair to say that there is a cold war rivalry between Lucifer and Moloch because they are joint rulers in Thaumiel, but if Assiah is taken by Ha-Shaitan (whoever holds that title) then there can only be one god in this scheme - not two.

Looking at the current situation it would seem that Moloch has the upper hand in this rivalry, not only does the abortion rate remain consistant and indeed increases but also the disposal of the fetus is done in a way to worship Moloch. The fetuses are incinerated just like children were incinerated in Moloch worship in ancient times, on top of that you have those who advocate for post birth abortion. Lucifer was never worshipped on earth or sacrificed to on such a massive scale as Moloch was and indeed still is. So what difference would we see if we were in the unfortunate position of being here if either Lucifer or Moloch became the 'god'?

In the case of Lucifer there initially would be little difference, the earth would be run like a fiefdom or an estate with a dictator or absolute monarch. It would not be pleasant but there would be order, but with Moloch it would be an absolute dystopia with no logic or reasoning. And do we not see this happening now? We have people going against the laws of nature, logic and reason because it is 'hip','gnarly' and 'cool'. People now take pride in their willing stupidity of which any consequences are seen to be 'funny'. People dont worry about consequences because they have no concept of them.

Margaret Sanger died a psychotic drunken junkie, she is not a hero and yet it is fashionable to portray her as one. If that is the case then why not put Pol Pot on $100 notes?