Monday 20 November 2017

Urantia Book & Kabbalah?

I just decided to make a post about whether or the "New Thought" movement is coming back, whether it never went away or else has been absorbed into what could be called "New Age/spirituality". Or even absorbed into mainstream religion without the adherants realising it. The era termed New Thought can be used to encompass a number of writings, people and movements; among them being the Urantia Book, I would say the era would cover the years from 1850-1950 in which the American Civil War, WW1 and WW2 occured. These events and others of similar nature made people to throw caution to the wind in regards to the orthodoxy and dogma of the mainstream established religions; these religions simply ignored spirituality or just refused to deal with it. Instead they became just political branches and social clubs and this is evident especially today; 100 years ago if you were to say you were into the occult or spirituality that was enough to get you lynched so the term 'metaphysics' came into common use.

I am not a Urantia Book 'adherant', I have not read the book apart from about 50 pages in various parts. I just found that the length of the book would require a large amount of reading, studying and time to fully comprehend, at the time I was involved in the occult and being a young adult. Maybe you would like to know a bit about me...

12-13 _ theistic satanist
13-19 _ tried Christianity didnt understand the logic of allowing people to beat you up, I threw it away
19-23 _ returned to theistic satanism because I knew of nothing else
23+    _ practical Kabbalah

I've studied various things from rosicrucianism to voodoo and have learned bits and pieces that todays mainstream faiths have deemed taboo. I cannot find the Urantia Book any less valid than the 38+ versions of the Bible, especially when you consider that the period between the Old and New Testaments has basically been obliterated (the Apocrypha and gnostic writings). Add in that modern Christianity has been infected with the 'prosperity' theology and churches resemble stages from a drama play. Also you have problems with the Koran where Arab muslims say 'if its not in Arabic then its not the Koran!'; considering that arabs are 15% of muslims its doubtful that the other 85% are fluent in reading and writing Arabic, the biggest muslim country is Indonesia. Now we see alleged 'hadiths' taking place of the Koran which have been added to and subtracted from and repackaged in a modern context. As for Judaism? This seems to be a tribal affliation as most adherants are atheist, deist or pantheist.
Seeing as the Abrahamic faiths are in such bad shape then how can any of their adherants claim the Urantia Book is a fraud?

But I will delve into teachings from the Kabbalah which may or may not confirm your beliefs in the UB, if you want to correct me thats fine. I am not adverse to other opinions.

I think I am recalling from the UB this bit of text (or something similar) - " there are other worlds/planets [unsure] some are better than [earth?] some are worse".
The 'Godwins Cabalistic Encyclopedia' lists 'earths' in relation to the sephiroth on the Tree of Life, I will use the Midrash Konen listing.

Aretz (Earth)
Adamah (Earth)
Charabhah (Parched Land)
Tziah (Dryness)
Yabbashah (Dry Land)
Arqa (Earth)
Tebhel (World)
Cheled (World)

Our Earth in comprised of Tebhel (Immanent) and Cheled (Transcendant), Arqa contains the seven hells and the others are inhabited by men who do not have Adam as their ancestor. I recommend the Godwins Cabalistic Encyclopedia for further reading and is my key reference book, if you want to get into Kabbalah.
So in Kabbalah there are 4 worlds (planes of existance) these are Atziluth (Emanation), Briah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formation) and Assiah (World of Action aka the physical). The Tree of Life exists in all 4 worlds but in Assiah it is joined to the Tree of Death at this earth (commonly called the Tree of Life and Death of the knowledge of good and evil). In the highest sephira of the Tree of Death which is called Thaumiel there is not one ruler but two, first there is Satan (ha-Shaitan). Satan is a title and in common lore is held by Lucifer, the other occupant of Thaumiel is Moloch and they are for want of a better term 'joint rulers'. But it may interest you that the name Caligastia was occasionally mentioned in theistic satanism when I was practicing. Caligastia wasnt just a run of the mill demon, it was a name which no one wanted to mention. Much like Moloch who people never mentioned and who was/is regarded as psychotic and unpredictable, whether Caligastia and Moloch are one and the same I dont know. Lets just say I have suspicions.

Anyway I will just end it up here for now, I didnt especially want to go on a lecture on practical Kabbalah. Just food for thought really.

My God is Jehovah if you want to know.