Tuesday 2 December 2014

Human beings are both physical and spiritual whereas the demons are purely spiritual entities. Demons may on occasion possess a physical body of a human by possession if the human gives consent or if the human has placed themselves in a position for this to happen because of their behaviour; atheists would be a good example of this and substance abusers would also. The other category of human bodies being possessed by demons would be sociopaths as they were born without a soul.

But; their possessions of those bodies would be rather short compared to their spiritual age. To have say 50 years in a human body that is subject to sickness, disease, wear and tear, organ failure and things such as paralysis is not very inviting. A demon may possess a body, use it to excess and then discard it; however it does not know when it will get its’ next body or even if it will ever get one. The bodies of animals will not suffice because animals do not rule the human world and cannot talk to, instruct or indoctrinate humans. Also we have to take into account the Laws of Thermodynamics which means even if a demon took possession of a rich powerful person who had all sorts of experts in their employ who could keep the physical body healthy and functional as possible; that body would eventually breakdown especially after the age of 100.

As we see these days, governments constantly badger people to sign up as organ donors. We see the black market organ business operating globally for very rich and very powerful clients, while those who are in serious need of a transplant are simply left to rot. We see those who are pushing for euthanasia, not only for the critically ill but for anyone who wants it. If someone wants to commit suicide they will just do it through a variety of means, however if they do stuff like drinking poison, jump off a bridge etc. then their organs would not be suitable for transplant and their blood cannot be bottled for future use. Under a controlled environment it would be a different story.

Now we are seeing at this present moment people who believe that they are gods. They believe because they have wealth-celebrity-lifestyle in immense reserve that 99.9% of the humans on this planet should be subject to their narcissism, to their whim and to their will. Purely physical people who will only perceive a purely physical world. Things such as conscience, emotions, and feelings of void within the soul are simply put down to a few strands of faulty DNA and can be fixed by taking a tablet.

You’ll often hear someone say “Oh, this earth is going to hell!” Indeed it is, all we are seeing is a dry run. The disholy trinity and their ignorant stooges are having another shot. When I was a theistic Satanist one of our objectives was to pre-empt prophecy, you can see this by the loads of fake messiahs and so on. I think they are going up a level, they want to take Malkuth/Lilith and make it just Lilith. I also believe they are trying to pre-empt Judgement Day. I’ll explain in the next chapter.

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