Monday 1 December 2014

Unless you have the combination of money, fame and a lifestyle to match it, then you are the outer herd. Those with money, fame and the lifestyle are the inner herd and the trinity of Moloch, Bael and Mammon is the ‘firewall’ which can either allow or bar you from entering. Also it decides if members of the inner herd can leave or stay, and this has lead to situations which are observable such as celebrities marrying celebrities as well as certain ideologies and causes being adopted and propagated by them.

These people seem to live in a different world to the likes of you and I, theirs is a world where you and I have no place and thus no value. With these people the only one-up manship is with each other, they only see each other as equals. Yes they do ‘adopt’ those of the outer herd if they are of any use to them on the TV pulpit, such as abandoned orphans and so on. They use these causes to play on the emotions of the outer herd along the lines of ‘so you think life isn’t fair? What about poor little Mbooboo? What have YOU done for him?!’ Then they use this leverage to emotionally blackmail you into giving money to organisations they are involved in. And once they have wrung you for every cent they can then the likes of Mbooboo are of no value and are discarded on the street like a cigarette butt.

Those of the wealth-celebrity-lifestyle triangle despite having the money to help others live the same type of lifestyle they do will not give those in desperate situations the time of day let alone a cent. The fat cheques you see them handing to charity organisations on TV are made from the money the outer herd have given, but you are supposed to feel satisfaction and good about yourself because the celebrity has handed the cheque over. Therefore it is ‘blessed’ by that act and you are supposed to feel grateful for that, the cause you contributed to doesn’t really matter after all it is only going to help the edge of the outer herd and their lives don’t matter anyway.

So those of the inner herd who participate in these causes gain additional celebrity for which they may claim ‘expenses’ and tax breaks from both charity and government and in turn this will enhance their lifestyle. As for the outer herd? Really they individually gain nothing, maybe the people for which the charity was set up for might get to eat two meals a day instead of one. But even that new improved life situation will only last as long as the money keeps flowing in: and when it stops it will all be the fault of the outer herd collectively. The only people who have gained in this entire exercise is the inner herd in wealth, celebrity and lifestyle, as for the cause of the celebrity all that has happened is that they will not starve to death so quickly. And as those of the inner herd like to espouse a Marxist type theology while gaining and keeping their money the only thing we have seen in all of this is a redistribution of the collective wealth of the outer herd minus ‘administration fees’.

And yet the herd of the willingly stupid accept and defend this, even worse they indoctrinate their dopey kids into to this form of brainwashing and servitude. No thinking is necessary or wanted because it is now deemed inconvenient and a waste of time. The only information that is worth absorbing into the psyche comes from the TV pulpit and sooner or later you will finally decide on the baal you wish to serve from the selection available on the available channels. These baals will tell you the most illogical things, but it has come to the stage where outer herd stooges cannot tell the difference between paid acting and voluntary nutjob rantings. Then again seeing as they are a baal then their words are to be taken as perfect gospel at any given time in any given situation. Yes they will take you for an idiot but did you decide to be an idiot before you chose your baal?

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