Sunday 11 October 2015

The pedophile Brysing

I went to to post about magic to show what its really about instead of worshipping pixies and elves and expecting to get everything they want.
Needless to say I wasnt appreciated by the moderators, I especially got hassled by a moderator named Brysing.

Now if you havent been to that site, well to sum it up it is overrun by dumbass kids and the mentally ill. So this moderator called Brysing starts hassling me and trying to bait me to have me violate the forum rules. He states he is an atheist but yet somehow believes in magic and this struck me as rather strange. Brysing doesnt actually write magic spells but just comments on what others write.

The most telling thing is that this guy is about 80 years old and you have to ask 'why is he here?' So I did some cyber sleuthing and discovered to my surprise (actually it wasnt I suspected this guy from day 1).... hes a convicted pedophile.

So it goes like this.....
Brysing was an entertainer in Britain who went under the stagename 'Paul Morrell' which led to a newsite which gives this...

As well as this.....

So lets look at Brysings' profile on SoM

And from his profile we look at his photo album which gives us

So have I done enough to make a case that Brysing the moderator from is actually Brian Uttley the pedophile?


It seems that child molesters and rapists have become so common in England that no one gives a shit anymore.
I have emailed people in Leeds (where he is) about him hanging out on the spellsofmagic site but no one has bothered to email me back as to whether Im right or wrong.

I even PMed some members on the spellsofmagic site about what I wrote here, I picked them from a thread which complained about perverts on the site trying to arrange hookups with them.
I got a reply from the biggest bellyacher on that thread with a 'how dare you say that!'
But I also note that people have complained on the thread very recently that the mods do nothing about complaints about perverts.

So Im wondering........
1. Is this site setup as a tinder for pedos?
2. Is it a honeytrap to catch them?
3. Or is the owner so morally bankrupt that he will allow pedos to trawl it, he has an online store that has 9K different trinkets to sell to kids. So he wont do anything because it is bad for business.

Some more links on Brian Uttley

.................................................. ...
This is the crap I get for warning people

Re: Pedophile moderator from H2OfanRikki

Do not spread rumors like this.
The person who wrote this knows nothing of the website or magick.

I make nothing of this, especially from someone with no photo or bio.

Good Day..

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Brysing the moderator is actually a convicted pedophile

Links in the blog confirm this

His actual name is Brian Uttley and he was a stage performer under the name Paul Morrell



Brian Uttley the pedophile is said to have died approximately a month ago. The scumbags at posted tributes to him, but I have yet to find any funeral notice or obiturary concerning him.
He might not be dead after all.....