Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The outer herd are just chattel to these people, no matter what your colour, your language, your culture or even your politics you are just a toy or just a pet. They are superior to you as far as they are concerned and the rules they make only apply to you. As for your religion? If you are not devoted to them and see them as saints then it is you who are the maltheist, apostate etc. The inner herd believe there is no higher power than themselves on this earth in this world, at least which is what they nominally say and believe. They like to proudly say they are atheist but their idea of atheism and your idea of atheism are different.

If your idea of atheism is that there is no creator God and that all things have scientific explanations, well as a member of the outer herd that may be a start but it ain’t good enough for their standards. It is only when you have shown complete devotion to the inner herd and actively propagates that belief that you might be found acceptable. If you look at the likes of China where people engage in ancestor worship or Buddhism and Taoism, then as far as the inner herd are concerned that’s what you should and indeed must do for them individually. There is no deism in this, it is a case of the Buddha did or Confucius say… Now it is a case of Brad Pitt did… or Sarah Silverman say … If you don’t believe that celebrities can be so arrogant then I will tell you that Morgan Freeman said on Australian TV that he is god.

Just a joke? Maybe but then again maybe not, the world of the inner herd is a sacred world as far as the inner herd and their outer herd stooges are concerned. The world of the outer herd is just like a cheap supermarket cafeteria as far as they are concerned; you can do whatever you want because everything and everyone is for sale.

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