Monday 1 December 2014

How many politico-social causes are there? Fads for the moment until a new TV show comes on or until some celebrity comes out with a cookbook or whatever? Every one of the inner herd will encourage the use of the victim card, if the victims are professionally pathetic enough it gets them and their celebrity saviour TV time. It’s a win/win situation for both, the ‘victim’ gets publicity with ‘donations’ and will live a better lifestyle than they are now. The celebrity also gets publicity but it leads to a higher value of status, they may even get international awards and a junket job with the United Nations. Indeed you will see celebrities engaging in trivial contests involving peoples’ lives…no I take that back because people who truly do need help and charity such as the types who live on rubbish tips get no help whatsoever. After all, they have no wealth, no celebrity, no lifestyle and no dignity. Why should any of the inner herd help them? Why bother if their lives ain’t worth shit? No one will give a fuck if they die as long as they die in the rubbish tip so as not to aesthetically offend any member of the inner herd.

So you have a heap of hustlers and spivs peddling their sob stories and making a career out of it, in the grand scheme of things there aren’t that many but the publicity they get smothers those people who do genuinely seek to help others and denies them the publicity they and the people who need help should be entitled to. What of the adopted causes of the week? What happens to them? I have to wonder how some female celebrities think that ‘adopting’ young black boys will help the world. If they are so worried about the poverty of the parents why not give them money? American dollars would have more purchasing power in a third world country than in America. But it’s not about improving the world; it’s about improving their sex lives. Look at it; a single white woman in her 40s gets a young black boy. What do you think will happen in 15-20 years time? How do you think this ‘liberated progressive mummy’ will expect her ‘boy’ to show appreciation? She will be in her 60s and I suppose having a young black buck shaking your sheets gives you a certain degree of lifestyle.

Much in the same way that middle aged inner herd men have affairs or ‘employ’ young women and girls in non existent jobs. The inner herd both male and female regard the sex partners they draw in from the inner herd as nothing more than sex toys. Sex toys have no dignity, they become used and boring, they have no value in themselves but are used for convenience. And just like any other convenience item they are disposable; they are either given away or thrown in the street or onto a rubbish tip. You may be reading this and think that I am having a racist cheapshot at some people of the inner herd and indeed I am. But I suspect you know that I am correct to a certain degree, get this through your head – these people are NOT like you and I.

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