Wednesday 13 June 2018

Virgin Mary 4 all

I decided to make this clip to dispel the incorrect belief that the Virgin Mary is 'just a Catholic thing'. This is quite wrong and she is mentioned 34 times by name in the Koran, is the only woman mentioned by name in the Koran and on top of that has the 19th chapter of the Koran named after her (Maryam).
So it is not just a Catholic thing.
Praise Jehovah.

Monday 4 June 2018

YouTube restrictions?

Put up this clip of mine yesterday only to find out that there is restrictions placed on it. What I put up is fact and not terrorist propaganda in the slightest.
Judge for yourself (its 3mins long)

Another clip restricted

This clip was restricted after an instant crowd rush and done within an hour of posting 18/10/2018

I take aim at Antifa and its minions for using porn sites to push interracial sex and transgenderism regardless of any consequences.