Wednesday, 3 December 2014

You may say atheism is just about not believing in God or Creator; but if that was only the case, the correct term to use would be ‘non-Deist’ like Buddhists and Jains are. But the type of atheism we are up against is more a case of being against God than simply believing he doesn’t exist. In that case it is more correct to call these sorts of people ‘anti-theist’ but the best word which sums them up is ‘maltheist’. You may be asking “If these people believe God exists why do they deny him?” The best answer I can give you is that they seek to kick him out and take his place. Any plan they have for this type of action could only take place on this earth in this world. In addition they would not be able to take this action as individuals but as a group enforcing their belief on the majority of people here. This would result in a caste system where this so called ‘human god collective’ would function as an inner herd and everyone else would be outer herd.

While these self proclaimed plural ‘god’ herd may think that if they eradicate belief in God among everyone that they will have everything on Earth for themselves and will be worshiped etc. They fail to factor in the likes of the disholy trinity or even acknowledge them for that matter; Moloch, Baal and Mammon will be quite content to let these types of fools pitch themselves against God of their own volition. When I was a theistic Satanist, I came across boastful atheists who would brag how they were in the war against God. Sure I did nothing to dissuade them but never at any stage did I feel any obligation or kinship to them, they were just disposable stooges.

For arguments sake, if these clowns were ever to force God to abandon this earth in this world their joy would be short lived. The reason being is that these clowns would have to use tactics which would put things that the disholy trinity and its’ followers need into place. While the Godless think they will be putting a new order into place, the disholy trinity will simply move in, overthrow them and subjugate them. The new order will be hell on this earth in this world and it will be eternal, and it is easy to see who will be getting tortured.

Let’s continue talking about the fools, a caste system has to have something to decide the castes. The position of everyone within a caste will depend on either a lack of or an excess of a particular commodity. The commodity is either money, celebrity or lifestyle however these can be fluid. A millionaire can lose their wealth within a day due to bad investments for example, yet a street bum might be given a lotto ticket and win a million dollars. In either example their celebrity and lifestyle is affected by their financial status; what is not fluid is the biological race of every person. It doesn’t matter what your financial status is, fact is you cannot change your colour and you will be subject to caste placement whether you like it or not.

For a caste system to be successful it requires an unquestioning devotion to it, both from the perspective of the members of the inner herd and the outer herd. It also needs a creed as a type of glue between the herds and while the disholy trinity is the glue between the inner and outer herds, this can only apply on a global basis because the wealth-celebrity-lifestyle demand crosses borders and races, however the need for sub-herds is due to the fact that there is no single global government, race or language which the disholy trinity needs in order to propagate itself via communication and violence.

We do see the results of globalism; we see the inner herd demand world government and global citizenship for all, we see a push for a global language (especially Esperanto) and we see the word ‘race’ being redefined from a biological term to a socio-political term. We also see calls for the living standard of the outer herd to be of a uniform standard worldwide. Most notable is the call for a global religion and this is being put into play by ‘interfaith’ groups who seek to negotiate various beliefs in order to end up with a religion that tries to be everything to everybody and means nothing to nobody. The end result will be a creed that nobody could truly have faith in or subscribe to and will be atheist by default.

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