Monday, 1 December 2014

Let’s list some of the toxins poisoning our society…

The television pulpit
Spin doctors
Wealth – celebrity – lifestyle triangle
Base denominator
Intensity of style over substance
Celebrating stupidity
Alpha people
Generated hysteria
Dysfunctional societies

TV shows:
Entertainment these days continuously lowers itself in standards and talent. Who gets on TV shows these days really depends on physical attractiveness or personal relationships within the TV industry. Sure there are some people who are talented who earn a spot on TV but the numbers of these people diminishes every day and every year. Unless these people can bring in advertising income then regardless of how talented they are, then they will not last. In return those who can bring in this income will either remain or be placed on TV regardless of how base or talentless they are.

So just in that paragraph we see that celebrity status requires money which in turn provides celebrity status to those with the money. To sum up this part we can say that celebrity status will get you money and that money status will get you celebrity. And to have both provides you with lifestyle, and to have all three puts you within the “wealth – celebrity – lifestyle triangle” I will show you why this is important to know but there are some other points I want to cover first.

Continuing with TV and the shows they air, we continually see rehashed shows now with some adjustments. Shows that were aired in say… the 60s, 70s and even 80s are being remade and are better to new shows aired now but are not up to scratch with the originals. Why? Because of the talentless hacks who are placed in positions to ‘write’ this ‘new’ material because of their relationships with others in the wealth – celebrity – lifestyle triangle or ‘inner herd’ who decide what goes on TV and what you will watch.

As the standards of what can be shown on TV are continuously and deliberately lowered, we see that no talent is necessary. And it shows in the violence and what can be basically described as pornography that is now called ‘entertainment’ for TV. As the script writers have no talent, then it follows that the actors have no talent. But both are still celebrities.

And as garbage spewed on the airwaves becomes known as ‘talent’, ‘a reflection of real life’, ‘the idea for all people’ and even ‘soulful’ then it has now come to the stage where people do not know and cannot recognise the difference between this illusionary fantasy world they see on TV and actual reality. This is the sort of stuff that alcoholic street bums sank into, they would wake up every morning and spend the rest of the day begging or stealing in order to buy some cheap nasty booze. Then they would drink it down, become drunk and slip into a fantasy land where everything and anything could happen. An escape world until they woke up the next morning.

And people will call them bums, losers, alkies and so on. But their imaginary escape world comes from a bottle and the people who insult them over that see no problem in falling into an escape world by staring into a TV. But a drunk may have a distorted view of reality due to the effects of alcohol; TV addicts are fully sober but willingly fall into fantasy land because they are drunk on stupidity. And theirs is a stupidity that is celebrated and on supposed ‘reality TV’ shows it is seen as an ideal that one should strive for. You have people doing all sorts of stupid self debasing things just to get on TV and get the 15 minutes of fame. But for the most part they don’t get on TV, if they do they don’t get 15 minutes and they certainly don’t get any celebrity. Depending on how addicted they are to this ‘ideal’ they might end up as the nutjobs you see hanging around shopping malls and supermarkets annoying everyone because they are desperate for attention.

Does TV reflect real life? That depends on the individual you ask, while most people will say it doesn’t reflect their life it does reflect that of others. I think that most people cannot examine their life objectively, if something good happens to them it’s a case of “oh well, I’m entitled!” and if something bad happens to them it is a case of “I’m a victim!” But yet at the same time they are comparing their life and circumstances to people they believe to be living their life according to TV. The fact is wherever TV is a mainstay diet in any society then most people who live by that diet do not and will not know how to tell the difference between the TV world and real life. I suppose the difference is that one is observed and the other is experienced.

But we now see a state where real life reflects TV, where people expect their lives to play out in a certain fashion because that’s how it goes on TV. They think that just because they have seen a lot of shows then they would know what happens next. And thus it becomes apparent when they act in certain situations; they imitate others just like in a herd. If they can’t get on TV to perform their act in front of an audience then they will seek out that audience in public and perform their entitlement act, victimhood act or a schadenfreude act regardless if the ‘audience’ wants it or not. Much like nutjobs in shopping malls and supermarkets.

So TV addicts have selected acts for entitlement, victimhood, schadenfreude and also celebrating stupidity. If a celebrity is caught doing something stupid then for some reason people deem it acceptable to do the same stupid thing. In fact they see it as an ideal to strive for and thus we can see this in the likes of copycat crimes. ‘Stupid is what stupid does’ is a saying for nonsensical behaviour that defies logic and insanity does describe doing the nonsensical behaviour repeatedly and expecting a different result each time. The end result is always ‘fail’ and now is used to describe a result that actually isn’t deemed failure but is somewhat acceptable. But then again it depends on your ‘status’, if you are in the inner herd you can do no wrong. But if you are in the outer herd then the levels of ‘fail’ is judged depending on how close you are to the inner herd.

Now let’s deal with the herd and the wealth-celebrity-lifestyle triangle.

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