Sunday 28 October 2018

Twitter snowflakes

Sometimes I like to burn CDs with clips from YouTube (mine and others) and place them in public areas where people can either take them or ignore them, pretty simple really. A day or 3 afterwards I check my YouTube views and see if there is extra traffic resulting from the clips on the CDs. Well I kicked over a snowflake nest about a week ago...
So I did some checking on who had 'thegreenrat' account and what I found was the worst stereotype snowflake.
She is...
A lesbian
Studying law at UNSW and seems to be planning to be a 'refugee lawyer'
All for open borders
Has a heap of little dogs
Is a karate fanatic
Is aged 30-35 (just a guess based on her pics, if she is younger then I suspect meth)
Lives with her parents
A compulsive picture taker, usually to do with rubbish at public bins
Comes from the inner city

She lives up to every stereotype of a snowflake, anyway I did a clip concerning her and indeed twitter censorship (I was 'temporarily suspended' or something like that about 24 hours of getting a twitter account - my 1st one...whoohoo!). They want my phone number and I aint giving it to them.
Anyway a pic of her is in the clip and I have a bit of a laugh at her, actually before my account was suspended I tweeted her direct and asked if she was triggered... got no response.