Wednesday 22 April 2015

This kind of reminds me of the necromancy thread I did (I suppose I should finish it....sometime.....maybe....).

Really all bonejacking is performing necromancy of sorts on the living, if they have no soul then are they not dead anyway?

Monday 20 April 2015

Although I have been using atheists as providers of meatsuits I do think that there are others who could be suitable. An example would be the hypocritical lying politicians that all nations are cursed with, the sort that will happily be photographed in front of a church during an election campaign and once in government will happily support abortion and economic creeds that push people into poverty for political gain and fun.

In that case you can simply push any demon in because there would be no contract of sorts between you and that demon, whereas if you are looking to inject a demon into an atheist so as to provide that demon a chance to seek redemption there would be some sort of agreement before the possession took place.

If there is some sort of reciprocal agreement in relation to assisting with a possession there would be a degree of understanding and indeed mutual respect. The relationship between the human and the demon sometimes was known as the witch (human) and familiar (demon), but generally such a relationship required the consent of that demons superior (sub prince) who would order a servant demon to serve the witch and assist the witch in magical matters. In this setup the demon remained a spirit and was not a physical being, but the downfall in such relationships occurred when they began sleeping with each other which just shows that the familiars did have the ability to possess humans usually with the assistance of the witch. I suppose that can be compared with a boss who fucks his secretary, sometimes it works but the relationship between the 2 no longer resembles what the original agreement was and that impacts on the business.

So looking at the atheist and the hypocritical politician you have a choice of one without a soul and one who has an utterly corrupt soul. For the utterly corrupt soul there would be a personality change of little note, an arrogant politician is an arrogant politician so there is no standard of decency expected. You could try to get a 'good' demon to bonejack them in which case they probably wouldnt be as corrupt or dishonest as they are now. Or you can get a real bad bastard to bonejack them in which case when the politician is being photographed outside the church and a journalist asks them 'do you find it contradictory that you attend church and support abortion?' And the response is 'fuck you i do what i want and i only come here to get votes and get laid, now suck my dick!'

Either way you win, people will either gain hope or gain a slap in the face to wake up. But lets say you get someone possessed and the demon wants to silence you in order to protect their identity, this is why you must do a new sigil for them on an Earth kamea. You tell them that if they cause you to be killed that the sigil and the operation that allowed them to possess someone will be passed on to the catholic church exorcists and that they will soon be toast. You should arrange such a letter to be sent when you die.

I think it was Nietzche who said 'when you look into the abyss the abyss looks at you' as well as 'when fighting monsters one must ensure one does not become a monster themself'
Myself, I prefer this lyric from a slayer song... 'raise the stake in malice, you cannot plunge it down'
If you want to travel this path you will change.....
One way to get info on any demon you are considering as an 'injection' for a meatsuit is to look up if they have any specific enemies that can match or beat them into submission. There are angels from the Kabbalah and Shem ha-Mephorash that have battled and beaten certain demons, so as these angels have either planetary or astrological attributes then it is quite reasonable to assume that the demon may be ruled by such planets and zodiac signs or else these attributes can help in binding them. But we are dealing with Malkuth/Lilith in Assiah, in other words this earth that we reside on. If we are to 'ground' a demon in a human body we can no longer allow it to be bound by planetary or astrological limitations or else all we will be doing is having a meatsuit being shared between a demon soul and an atheist 'soul'. I think such a situation could or would describe things that are commonly called mental illness such as schizophrenia, split personality, etc.

So injecting a demon soul would require a complete takeover in spirit, body and soul. So the issue of a sigil which is best drawn on a planetary magic square would have to be done on the planetary magic square (kamea) of Earth.

[I'll just add this here, for some reason most occult books that deal with kameas either cannot or will not do a kamea for Earth. I dont know why, the only time Ive seen a kamea for Earth in a book was in a book on thelema which I think was to do with Crowleys teaching.]

If a demon could be bound by such a kamea and indeed prayed once for every planetary hour and did this every day, the ability to hold the body should be stable. Also it would not be limited by the planetary hour or day it was before, as for the zodiac sign? Dunno....arent we all bound by the zodiac to some degree? But it also depends if the demon willingly wishes to retain the body.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Thinking about the people who might read this I dont want to have people trying something like this if they are completely without any occult experience. This cannot be a 'colour by numbers' type application and nor can it be done just as quick. So leaving the demon selection part on hold for a while I'll look at the 'delivery' method of bonejacking.

Rules apply to demons as well as us, if a demon turns up at your house unannounced it is obligated to leave on your say so although you may have to be a bit forceful with prayer/ritual to encourage them to leave. However with an atheist as they deny themselves all use of prayer and ritual (though I believe they would use such things in private if it means preserving their body and lifestyle. Put it this way, if you go up to an atheist with a revolver, point it at their head, cock the hammer any money says theyll scream for Jesus to save them). So if demons turn up at your house and did not 'reside' in it before you moved in they are obligated to leave on your say so and will unless you give them permission to stay or refuse to boot them. Maybe you know the term 'bless this house' which you may see sometimes on a wall hanging with a reference to Jesus, apart from the cheap junk ones from china it is an asking for the house to be protected from all malevolance both human and demon (if you want to get one go to a catholic church shop, the priest will bless it if you ask).

So one turning up in your place is one thing but one being invited in is another whether deliberately or inadvertinely. And this is the key, one must be able to get a sigil within their residence and other places where an atheist may spend a considerable amount of time (workplace? nah Im thinking swingers club..), but you would have to get them to take in such a thing by their own free will. Suggestions can be something like sending a letter or card which they are most likely to keep longterm, but even better would be an item that can have a sigil either placed within it or engraved on it. This is why you should have some sort of knowledge of your target, if they like collecting figurines or something similar you could somehow place a sigil within it and on top of that you can 'charge' the item much like a battery. As demons are bound by planetary/astrological/mechanical days and hours; if you have picked a demon that say.... operates at night... then the atheist will most likely be asleep when the demon comes in. And being an atheist will have no protection if the demon attempts a bonejacking.
Now some of you might be wondering why I am writing on this subject, well the 1st and foremost reason is that I am fed up with what mindless zombies the population of this earth slips into (if only on occasion) through the herdthink of the God haters. And when you look at it the Tree of Death is the ruling tree of the earth as the vices of the Tree of Life are now the virtues of this earth and demonstrates that the Tree of Death is ruling. We no longer live in market economies but market societies where everything and everyone is for sale. Do you want to find out how much you are worth? Then you have to see how much you are worth in the social economy, rich people hangout with rich people not because they personally like those people but because they are of a similar economic status. You can see this in the way members of drug cartels rub shoulders with celebrities, not because they have similar interests and personalities but because they have similar bank accounts.

Look at it from a demon point of view, what is the incentive to try to reconcile to God even if they bonejack a body? You have this earth run by evil people and a dopey population who do nothing about it and thus serve evil by default. Malkuth in Assiah seems to be more likely to become Lilith in Assiah the way things are going at the moment. The new global religion that has adherants worldwide is simony - the belief you can buy your way into heaven when you die. But even now you have people who believe they can live up to 120 or longer because they are rich and can buy 'human spare parts' and they also believe that because of their wealth that they are entitled to do so regardless of who gets murdered in the process because the value of a human life is not based on the character of ones soul but on the amount in the bank.

The Godless like to say that if you are a Christian that you are obligated to be passive to them because of quotes in the Bible (turn the other cheek etc.) and that they have the right to enslave you because as atheists they are not bound by any text but instead only their personal desires. This is wrong, you are only obligated as a Christian to be forgiving of other Christians if they do wrong against you, but they should also seek to atone for their offence against you. As for anyone else?.... Do unto others as they have done onto you.

So can you say that Im any worse than anyone else into the 'secular' lifestyle or the willing servants of mammon who would pimp their children for a dollar? Look at marriage these days, based on lifestyle rather than love and the result is obvious with obnoxious kids raising themselves because the parents dont believe being a parent is worthwhile on a dollar per hour basis. And thus they get nannies and housekeepers to raise them because it is of less cost to them and would rather get a mega salary in some corporate junket job. I have no obligation to help such people and quite frankly no desire to either, they think hell on earth is if their favourite soap opera or american idol type show is taken off air. People these days are more likely to commit suicide if they wind up bankrupt rather than losing a child - this is the market society.

Can you say that im any worse?
So lets say youve done your spiritual strengthening and got some protective magic squares in reserve, you are now prepared to do some matchmaking. You will have to pick a demon and this will be quite a hard decision because once you have and decide to make contact you will have to go through with contact and not shit your pants. If you bail out halfway through an operation then whatever goodwill you had will turn very bad very quick. Remember you are the one making the approach and thus the onus is on you, if you bail then no one will take you seriously again. This is why I recommend that you consult and have a good guy on your side, now you may be asking 'how do I talk or communicate with these entities?'

With angels etc. it can be done via physical actions. Eg. You have 5 demons in mind, you write their names on 5 separate slips of paper which you leave on a table and you might go out for a while and return and find that only one is left on the table and the others are on the floor (I also recommend that you have a slip of paper which says 'none'). Or else you might have to go pathworking and hope to get an answer from a God aspect in a sephira, but it is not 'something instant' it may take you a good deal of praying to get an 'audience' just to get a name. If you are an absolute amateur in relation to occult matters I would strongly advise that you not do this solo, seeing as the catholic church is now looking to get more exoricists it is most likely a place where you will find someone with a serious interest in these sort of things.

But how do you communicate with a demon? Believe it or not...... the ouija board! Not one of those cheap made in china joke boards, you will have to make one yourself and this is preferable. All you need is a sheet of white card/board like you get in a stationary shop, a black texta and a moccona coffee lid (with the plastic seal removed). So you do the alphabet, yes/no, things on the board written, but for the important part is that you will have a circle in the centre of the board and that is where you draw the sigil of the demon (do it in pencil if you want to reuse it for others). When you use you will face west and call upon the demon according to any planetary/astrological/mechanical aspects it might operate to.

While Im at it I suggest you keep a bottle of holy water nearby just in case. So how do you know if the demon is ready to communicate? Usually the glass lid that is in your centrepiece with the sigil will turn ice cold, think of it as a jail visit, 2 people can see each other but are separated by the see through partition. But until they both pick up their phones then there can be no communication.

So what happens if the demon comes and the glass lid becomes ice cold? How does it 'talk' to me?
Well........... I'll leave it to you to find out...... heh heh heh......
It s not that simple is it?
Lets look at the factors involved if we are to try this...

World: We would have to operate in this world (Assiah) because it is the only known world they reside in. By that I do not mean that it is just this Earth, demons have no physical boundaries so it is quite possible to use other planets as a crash pad where there is nothing and no one (human) to verify or monitor them. Practical Kabbalah in Assiah still functions as in the other worlds but is more 'quick and dirty' in comparison to the others. The applicable sephira is Malkuth in Assiah.

Demon: We would have to find a more than willing participant, certainly possible but there is an 'order of things' even in the demonic realm. Trying to get a 'left hand man' on Belial to jump ship may not be all that practical, it is certainly possible but will take time and quite a level of difficulty and indeed risk - not only to you but also the people you hold dear. Much like a criminal with a personal beef against you, if they cant get directly at you theyll go for your kids.

Atheist: Though one may be tempted to go after say.... Dawkins or Frank, we would have to be in physical proximity to their residence and maybe even them. We have to know everything possible about them such as birthday etc. There can be no randomness in selecting a target, randomness in application of such an operation will result in randomness of results.

Assistance: It is always good to have assistance from the good guys, although it might be possible to do this by yourself you will have to seriously look at doing magic ritual and by default will be dealing with an angel somewhere along the line. If you are looking at doing practical Kabbalah in this you will be dealing with Adonai Ha-Aretz in Malkuth but this is interchangable with Christ Jesus. But you can opt to consult angels and saints or even the Virgin Mary, but until you get a demon and atheist you really cannot come up with a hardcore game plan.

Courage: Very important! You will be going on a journey better than crank and sex, you are basically betting everything on a turn of a card. But if you have a good game plan and win youll be going "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH! WHAAAAAT A RUSHHHHHHH!" (from the Road Warriors wrestling intro)

So where do you get a demon from? Well in your case I would recommend a rather low ranking one, such servant demons can be found in books such as Abramelin and indeed there are 'demon dictionaries' from earlier years and not the new age fluff that passes as occult knowledge these days. It is said that every nation has a demon assigned to them, if you can find out which one you have then you can try and get a list of servants. But are you planning to do this solo or with others? If it is with others do you all live in the same country? And even then what level of occult knowledge do you all have and who has the most experience and what country do they live in and are they willing to take a lead role? You could just decide to pick a demon at random from a dictionary but you must be able to research everything about them.

You need to know.....
All the names they are known by and especially unique names by which no other demons are known.
Their title (if they are known to have one)
If they are used directly in any magical operation, if so what branch of magic it is.
Who is their supervisor and who is the supervisors supervisor.
Their sigil.
What their responsibilities and abilities are.
Are they under any planetary constraints.
Do they have a zodiac sign.
Are they able to function to mechanical hours rather than planetary ones.

From this you are definitely identifying a single entity, you are taking an interest in them and they will most likely take an interest in you and this is why you need courage and not shit your pants if they show up at your place. However you cant go abracadabra at the moment, you need an indirect form of movement and this is done by performing a system of prayer for the redemption of the demon. This can be done in a novena schedule or something along those lines, but remember you are not only asking for the demon to repent and seek forgiveness. You are also asking God to be forgiving and accept the repentness and both items must be dealt with in any prayer that you put forward. Until you have set this into motion then selecting an atheist (though you should have a list of candidates) or putting any occult acts into motion will be pointless.

But also take note, you must reconcile to God yourself and seek to spiritually strengthen yourself through prayer/spiritual exercise. Much like a boxer will throw hundreds of punches during sparring so it will be effortless to throw the punch he needs in a match.

Bonejacking for dummies

Had a dybbuk annoying me recently (if you dont know what that is then look it up)

Just thinking about 'my' dybbuk (I think I got rid of it, you want me to tell you what I did? OK, before I went to bed at night I did the following. First I made a sign of the Cross facing west, I did it by going vertical with my right hand top to bottom [like a karate chop] and then horizontal right to left. Then I would 'push' with my right hand where the vertical and horizontal lines crossed each other [like the 'stop' gesture]. The Cross symbol went outside the house, turned gold and expanded, the other night it became diamond [didnt expect that] and since then nothings happened.)

Anyway I was thinking about the exorcism part of the book I am sorta writing and I was looking it from the dybbuks point of view. What is the thing that is needed for a demon to try and find atonement and redemption? Answer.....a body! No doubt some demons have managed to possess humans but they have mostly been expelled or else ended up in mental institutions, that is because they have done it to humans with souls and thus face resistance. But these days with an increased global population of God haters and the willingly stupid who by their own words renounce their own souls and indeed these halfwits are reproducing, then it does seem legit to 'bonejack' these meatsuits. Replacing the souls of halfwits with demons will do 2 things, first rid humanity of the chronically narcissistic who seek to be a god or else drag the rest of us down. Second give demons the ability to redeem themselves and seek atonement with God, the bad guys who want to hang tough will be corralled on the fallen tree of death (if Lilith jumps ship then Gomaliel most likely will be blocked up preventing the bad guys from willingly being able to move back and forth between the remenants of the tree of death and this earth in this world (Malkuth in Assiah). Tiqqun Olam would or could come about and we all live happily ever after.

So when you think about it...... a world without atheists would be a good start.
Imagine richard dawkins hold a press conference telling everyone hes found Jesus or Barney Frank denouncing his Godless poofter life. It is certainly possible but we will never know untill we try. So lets look at how we would go about it, maybe we should revisit this thread and rework the application.

But we will have to find demons willing to take part and will basically have to have a 'contract' of sorts as to their behaviour if we were to get them a meatsuit. Scary you say? Well think about the perverts and narcissists roaming our earth these days, demons couldnt be any worse.

Wednesday 8 April 2015

The Tree of Death

The Tree of Death
This tree only exists in Assiah and not the other three known worlds in the Kabbalah. Much like the Goetia is an imitation of the Shem ha-Mephorash, the Tree of Death is an imitation of the Tree of Life in Assiah. No... let me rephrase that, in Assiah the tree is correctly called the 'Tree of Life and Death of the Knowledge of Good and Evil'. Imitation or not it exists in our world and it is connected to the Tree of Life through this earth in this world. What is called Malkuth on the Tree of Life is called Lilith on the Tree of Death, they are joined whether we like it or not. Let's go through the sephira on the Tree of Death, starting with the lowest sephira I'll number them with a minus (-) before their number and give alternative names they are known by..
-10 Lilith
-9 Gomaliel/Gamaliel
-8 Samael
-7 Gharab/Oreb Zaraq
-6 Tagimron/Tageriron
-5 Golohab/Golachab
-4 Gha Agsheblah/Gasheklah
-3 Satoriel/Satariel
-2 Ghogiel/Ogiel
-1 Thaumiel

In addition to that there is the equivalent 'three veils of negative existance' with the Tree of Death, continuing on from Thaumiel we have...

Looking at the Tree of Death only the sephira in the middle pillar have definite rulers, those being -10 Lilith, -9 Gomaliel and -1 Thaumiel. So the ruler of Lilith is Nahema, the ruler of Gomaliel is Lilith but the sephira of Thaumiel is jointly ruled by Satan and Moloch. We have Nahema also known as Naamah who is said to be the sister of Tubal-Cain, we also have Lilith who is said to be the first wife of Adam. With these two it is evident that they were 'human' to a reasonable extent. And with Thaumiel we have Satan and Moloch, they are the highest of demons and yet have had (and continue to do so) interaction with human beings. But it seems that only the middle pillar has definite rulers, although there are demons who are said to rule the other sephira but this is not definitely set. I believe this to be the case and that the Tree of Death cannot be stable or made to be balanced by individual rulers within the sephira of the left and right pillars. In that case only the middle pillar could be functional, much like the Goetia it can only function with 'homemade' adaptions and thus is not nor can be a mirror image of the Tree of Life - it can only be an imitation. Further more it is said that God only permitted four of those sephira to exist, whether that means that those sephira would actually be allowed to exist or accessible to human beings is unknown.

I believe that Qemetiel, Belial and Athiel at this time are only concepts, the reason being is that our earth in this world which is called Malkuth by us and Lilith by the demons is still in an uncertain rulership. The demons need this earth in this world to have a definite end or indeed root for their tree, they seem to have their Kether which is called Thaumiel but unless they take their Lilith then their tree will not be complete. So their priority for now is to take this earth in this world, once that is done then they could become the very thing that they could never do. And that is to become human in their own right, which is certainly possible because by default they will hijack and own Assiah. If that happens then they could live as humans but they would also be subject to the laws of thermodynamics and therefore death and in that instance, what happens to their souls? Unless they implement their own negative veils; Qemetiel, Belial and Athiel, then their other need will never be fulfilled and that need is reincarnation. If they win they will get their own and seperate plane of existence without the need for the God of Abraham, and for the non demon souls that are trapped here if that happens? It will truly be hell on earth and there would be no escape, the demons have a lot to fight for.