Saturday 19 December 2015

Reconcile Lilith & Nahema to GOD (iii)

The Prayer of Manassa

This is a well written prayer, after all if we are seeking forgiveness and reconciliation with GOD for Lilith and Nahema shouldn't we seek it also?

Prayer of Manasseh

Thou who hast made heaven and earth with all their order;
Who hast shackled the sea by thy word of command, who hast confined the deep and sealed it with thy terrible and glorious name;
At whom all things shudder, and tremble before thy power,
For thy glorious splendor cannot be borne, and the wrath of thy threat to sinners is irresistible;
Yet immeasurable and unsearchable is thy promised mercy,
For thou art the Lord Most High, of great compassion, long-suffering, and very merciful, and repentest over the evils of men. Thou, O Lord, according to thy great goodness hast promised repentance and forgiveness to those who have sinned against thee; and in the multitude of thy mercies thou hast appointed repentance for sinners, that they may be saved.
Therefore thou, O Lord, God of the righteous, hast not appointed repentance for the righteous, for Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, who did not sin against thee, but thou hast appointed repentance for me, who am a sinner.
For the sins I have committed are more in number than the sand of the sea; my transgressions are multiplied, O Lord, they are multiplied! I am unworthy to look up and see the height of heaven because of the multitude of my iniquities.
I am weighted down with many an iron fetter, so that I am rejected because of my sins, and I have no relief; for I have provoked thy wrath and have done what is evil in thy sight, setting up abominations and multiplying offenses.
And now I bend the knee of my heart, beseeching thee for thy kindness.
I have sinned, O Lord, I have sinned, and I know my transgressions.
I earnestly beseech thee, forgive me, O Lord, forgive me! Do not destroy me with my transgressions! Do not be angry with me for ever or lay up evil for me; do not condemn me to the depths of the earth. For thou, O Lord, art the God of those who repent,
And in me thou wilt manifest thy goodness; for, unworthy as I am, thou wilt save me in thy great mercy,
And I will praise thee continually all the days of my life. For all the host of heaven sings thy praise, and thine is the glory for ever. Amen.

Reconcile Lilith & Nahema to GOD (ii)

This is a novena which I have altered as an example what one may do to get things happening. You might come up with something yourself, as long as it aims and serve to help Lilith and Nahema to reconcile with God then that it all that matters.
I would recommend that such prayers be done to the planetary hours of the Moon, but as long as they are said and declared (its not only humans who can hear you say such things) then you are helping, at least its better than nothing.

Novena for Lilith and Nahema

Day 1

O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth who is the aspect of the God of Abraham and indeed the God of All in this world of Assiah, my Saviour I have so often deserved to be cast into hell how great would be my suffering if I were now cast away and obliged to think that I myself had caused my damnation. I thank Thee for the patience with which Thou hast endured me. My God, I love Thee above all things and I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee because Thou art infinite goodness. I will rather die than offend Thee again. Grant me the grace of perseverance. Have pity on me and at the same time on those blessed souls suffering in Purgatory.
I ask that you forgive Lilith and Nahema, that you reconcile them to you. I believe that they can do good for us as they can share their experience with us so we do not have to err into wrongful choice in our existence. We could learn how not to live and how not to offend you through our ignorance, once we learn we have no excuse for evil choices.
Praise be on you Jehovah who is the aspect of God in Briah for you are our creator, you are the only God and there is no other. Praise be upon your name by all existence for all praise is owed to you, there is none who could justify higher praise than you.
I ask for favour O Lord, please reconcile Lilith and Nahema to your will, for your will rules over all. Praise be upon you O God of All in all worlds by all without exception.

Day 2

Woe to me, unhappy being, so many years have I already spent on earth and have earned naught but hell! I give Thee thanks, O Lord, for granting me time even now to atone for my sins. My good God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee. Send me Thy assistance, that I may apply the time yet remaining to me for Thy love and service; have compassion on me, and, at the same time, on the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory.
I pray for Lilith and Nahema, that they will be reconciled to you Jehovah.
O God and Creator of All existence come to their assistance with thy powerful and merciful judgment. You alone are worthy of praise, you are the only God as known and taugh by Abraham.

Day 3

My God! Because Thou art infinite goodness, I love Thee above all things, and repent with my whole heart of my offenses against Thee. Grant me the grace of holy perseverance. Have compassion on me, and, at the same, on the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory.
I pray for Lilith and Nahema that they be reconciled to you Almighty and only GOD of All without exception. I appeal to your infinite wisdom and mercy that they may be fully in your service and your grace.
Praise be upon you O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth who is the aspect of the God of Abraham and indeed the God of All in this world of Assiah for none other is worthy of worship.

Day 4

My God! because Thou art infinite goodness, I am sorry with my whole heart for having offended Thee. I promise to die rather than ever offend Thee more. Give me holy perseverance; have pity on me, and have pity on those Holy Souls that burn in the cleansing fire and love Thee with all their hearts.
O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth, I ask for your permission that I may address Lilith and Nahema.
To Lilith and Nahema I say - Seek reconciliation with our creator for his mercy is infinite, serve him for he is perfect and pure. Please renounce and correct those who perform despicable cruelty in your names, those who revel in utmost cruelty in your names are not worshippers of yours because they revel in cruelty and corruption.
Cleanse your names and your souls and reconcile with GOD - Jehovah your creator whose mercy allows you to live in this world of Assiah.

Day 5

Woe to me, unhappy being, if Thou, O Lord, hadst cast me into hell; for from that dungeon of eternal pain there is no deliverance. I love Thee above all things, O Infinite God and I am sincerely sorry for having offended Thee again. Grant me the grace of holy perseverance. Have compassion on me, and, at the same time, on the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory.
O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth, O God of All, come to their assistance. Come to the assistance of Lilith and Nahema with thy powerful love and mercy.

Day 6

My Divine Creator, Thou didst give life and animation to my existence, for I could not be here otherwise and I have repaid Thee only with ingratitude. Now, however, I love Thee above all things, O Supreme God; and I am more grieved at my offences against Thee than at any other evil. I will rather die than offend Thee again. Grant me the grace of holy perseverance. Have compassion on me, and, at the same time, on the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory.
Have mercy on the lives, animations and souls of Lilith and Nahema.
Grant mercy onto them true and only GOD, for there is none other who could grant them grace, mercy and forgiveness.
Praise be upon you O God of All by all existence, may your name and all your attributes be praised by all without exception for none other deserves such righteous praise.
Hallowed be thy name O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth.
Hallowed be thy name.

Day 7

God, Father of Mercy, satisfy this their ardent desire! Send them Thy holy Angel to announce to them that Thou, their Father, are now reconciled with them through your infinite mercy and righteousness, and that the moment of their deliverance has arrived.
Lilith and Nahema I say to you - Praise your creator and his infite mercy and love. Submit to his will of your own free choice, beg for his mercy and open your hearts.
Praise the name of Jehovah for he is our only GOD and creator in the world of Briah.
I say before us all, praise be upon you and your name Jehovah. I pray to you in good faith.

Day 8

Oh my God! I also am one of these ungrateful beings, having received so much grace, and yet despised Thy love and deserved to be cast by Thee into hell. But Thy Infinite Goodness has spared me until now. Therefore, I now love Thee above all things, and I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee. I will rather die than ever offend Thee. Grant me the grace of holy perseverance. Have compassion on me and, at the same time, on the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory.
O God the Almighty, true and only God, the one who taught Abraham, come to their aid with thy powerful love and mercy.
To Lilith and Nahema I say - Offer to our and indeed your GOD and creator to atone for your misgivings. For your errors and sins seek to reconcile with GOD by helping others to the path to GOD on this earth.
Praise be upon you O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth, praise be upon your name. May Lilith and Nahema be forgiven and uplifted from the state they are in. Allow them the chance to atone for misgivings, wrongness and sins comitted by them and in their name.
Praise the name of the God of All as known by Abraham and praise be upon his aspects in all worlds - I say to all, for none other is worthy of worship.

Day 9

My God! How was it possible that I, for so many years, have borne tranquilly the separation from Thee and Thy Holy Grace! O Infinite Goodness, how long-suffering hast Thou shown Thyself to me! Henceforth, I shall love Thee above all things. I am deeply sorry for having offended Thee; I promise rather to die than to again offend Thee. Grant me the grace of holy perseverance, and do not permit that I should ever again fall into sin. Have compassion on the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
I pray and petition you O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth the true and only aspect of GOD in this world of Assiah. I pray for Lilith and Nahema
I pray Thee, moderate their sufferings; shorten the time of their misery; call them soon unto Thee in heaven, that they may behold Thee face to face, and forever love Thee.
Jehovah, Lord GOD Almighty Creator of all that exists, has existed and will exist come to their aid with thy powerful intercession, and pray for us also who are still in danger of eternal damnation.
I appeal to your infinite mercy and will, for there is nothing higher than you. I know O Lord that nothing is impossible for you, for as you will then thus it is.
Praise be upon you O God of All, hallowed be thy being.
Praise be upon you O God of All for your mercy and love is infinite and your righteousness in perfect. None could ever hope to surpass thee, for your will and power is infinitely high above that which we could ever have a concept of.

Praise be upon you O Holy Spirit of Atziluth

Praise be upon you O Holy Father the Creator Jehovah of Briah

Praise be upon you O Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth of Yetzirah and Assiah

Praise be upon you O God of All, the God of Abraham for you are the only God ever - and ever will be.

Praise be upon you for your unity is one

Lilith and Nahema blessed Souls, I have prayed for thee; I entreat thee, who are so dear to God, and who are secure of never losing Him, to pray for me a miserable sinner, who is in danger of being damned, and of losing God forever.

Reconcile Lilith & Nahema to GOD (i)

Some Q&A about this writing and its purpose.

Q: What is this writing about?
A: This writing is to encourage and lead others into its purpose, that being the reconciliation of Lilith and Nahema with Jehovah or GOD or even the God of Abraham if you wish. Regardless of the names you know the above 3 by, it is their reconciliation with each other that is the purpose.

Q: If this happens what will happen?
A: To be totally honest I don't really know, but if this does happen it would be fair to say that they (Lilith and Nahema) would no longer be figureheads or excuses for the corrupt and perverted who use them to justify their acts of cruelty, corruption and self worship. I do believe if Lilith and Nahema are reconciled with GOD then it would be a great step to Tiqqun Olam or restoration of the world, the world as GOD meant it to be.
A world without evil or malice and with a great improvement to all animated beings.

Q: But what's in it for me?
A: It can cost you nothing, after all what does it cost you to pray? You will be contributing to the greater good of this world and in turn to yourself. You will be forcing honesty to society which to be honest seems quite corrupt. You will feel good because you know you are doing good.

Q: Are we praying to these 2 with the shrines and stuff? Should we be?
A: Absolutely not! You are praying for them not to them, you must never pray to anyone but GOD.

Q: Will you succeed?
A: I certainly hope to, but the more that know means that more can help. We have to start somewhere.

Q: But how is this going to suceed?
A: If Lilith can 'jailbreak' out of the sephira of Gomaliel on the Tree of Death then the tree will be out of balance. It certainly would have a much lesser impact on this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah... or Malkuth on the Tree of Life)

Reconcile Lilith & Nahema to GOD

I hope to explain and enlist your help to bring back Lilith and Nahema into the service of GOD.

If we can we will help restoration of all into the world GOD planned for us all, we can change the world for the better. Certainly better than it is now.

My motive and my aim

I believe that at this current time the world has become so infinitely and absolutely corrupt in its current status. All of our religions have been perverted to the extent that it is impossible to seperate them from being political movements rather than spiritual beliefs. The teachings of the prophets have been twisted and repeatedly reinterpreted to mean everything to everyone at any given time and now mean nothing to no-one at every given time.

God is still God, I know him as the Creator - Jehovah of Briah, I also know him as Holy Spirit of Atziluth and Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth. I believe in my Creator as nothing would exist without his design and action. There is no other entity that has been shown to create, not Satan and certainly not man. All secondary creation by these two is by using what had already existed before their thought, can either of them create dirt or life from nothing? All creation has ultimately one point of origin, there never was multiple creators. There could not be, looking at the variations of life forms it is obvious that everything is not directly equal but rather complementary which indicates that this is the design and will of an intellect of one who could never be surpassed in any manner.

Today on this earth we have "equality" enforced by those who claim God does not exist and yet hate him so much. These people are maltheists, they believe in the existence of God but regard him as "evil". In this day good has become bad, to be called wicked means you are of a higher rank than your peers. Did not George Orwell predict such things? There is an order to things and this means our entire existence both the physical and spiritual, the seen and unseen as well as the known and unknown.

The maltheists seek to overthrow all order, you might be tempted to call it nihilism but that indicates that they wish to overthrow all order and make no plans to replace it or you could call it a belief in nothing. But look at what is happening and being accepted by the population of the world, people who call themselves the "faithful" pervert the words and roles of the various prophets of various religions. The prophets told people to worship God but now their words have been re-interpreted to mean to worship them as gods. The God of the Heavens has given way to the gods on earth and even then their "deity" passes into insignificance every day. Even the majority of Satanists don't actually believe in Satan, they just use his name in order to look "wicked".
The only god the maltheist has is himself and his worshippers are the willingly stupid and the morally bankrupt. Spiritualism has given way to money as "anything for a dollar" is the new idiom for life. It is of no consequence how you get rich, you can be a drug dealer and you would be wicked in deed and "wicked" in social standing with no moral judgment passed on you as you have risen in earthly "deity" status by acolytes whose only mantra is "anything for a dollar".

I remember a saying that was associated with the hashashin of Persia... "Nothing is true, All is permitted". And indeed this seems to be the case today, natural order is ignored, good and bad are man made political definitions instead of absolute moral judgments and even then it depends for whose financial benefit they will be made.
That being the case we can apply that to matters not of this world in relation to those of this world. We who are faithful to God both in spirit and in physical being should not only seek to awaken the physical beings of this earth but the non physical as well. We have more in common with the spiritual beings that have traditionly regarded as evil rather than the earthly maltheists.
God does not need our help but I think he likes to see what we will do to impress and please him. People can be content by praying in religious services like parrots repeating the same words week in and week out, but anyone can do that - it does not really convey sincerity. We can do better.
Could we do any worse?

So what do I propose?
We should pray for those spiritual entities that are regarded as evil, if each one of us were to "adopt" one and pray for their reconciliation with God think of the difference it would make to the current man made order that we tolerate on this earth. We would truly rise above the maltheist flotsam and jetsum who for all intents and purposes interfere in our relationship with our Creator. If people are willing to pray for us in our time of trouble and times were we have drifted from God, shouldn't we do the same for others whether they are human or not?

Myself I have adopted two entities, the first being Lilith and the second being Nahema.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam, she rebelled against the natural order established by God. She was the first earthly woman not created from Adams' body (rib), she fled the Garden of Eden rather than being expelled and found company in the likes of the fallen Angels lead by the Satan (Lucifer). She is not like us as she is not under the same judgment of Adam and Eve regarding the expulsion from Eden.

Nahema is a demoness much in the way of Lilith and indeed Abyzou, but all 3 have lost any semblance of guiding mortals to serve evil. Whatever they originally had been set out to do has been hijacked by atheists/maltheists/nihiltheists and have been made redundant.

Were both women inheritantly evil? Most unlikely, but the actions of those who are supposedly acolytes of them certainly are and this has stained their reputations.
Let me put this to you, if you didn't like the actions of the government you live under you might decide to run for office in an election or become an activist. What if you won some sort of office but later discover that those who voted for you and supported you were the absolute scum of society? Would you still take office? Would you quit? Would you simply see it as its better to have someone on your side than no-one?
If enough good people can outnumber and outdo the bad then these two would have no interest in keeping their association with the scum using their names and may even rebuke them in front of the world.
This is what I am seeking to achieve, if this happened then what would the maltheists say or do? What could they do?

Look at it this way, your computer has an operating system and as you add third party programs to it the libraries and registry has to make adjustments to accommodate this software. Eventually the system becomes corrupted by conflicting functions and not to mention malware such as viruses and trojans. The hard drive has to be reformatted and operating system reinstalled for things to function as intended.
I believe we as those of this earth and existence have reached that stage.
There seems to be two types of people on this earth - the corrupted and corruptors, its time to make things right.
Or at least certainly try.

Praise the God of All and praise his aspects and name.

Praise God for his unity is one

Friday 6 November 2015

The cancer of the earth.... sabbateanism (Part 3)

Though Sabbatai Tzevi could be said to be the centrepiece of this maltheist gnosticism, I do believe it is Simon Magus who is the corner stone of it. It continues because of the world obsession with political correctness which has led to a defacto implementation of talmud based 'Noahide' laws which are nothing to do with any Abrahamic faith or even Noah. The only thing worse than calling a black guy a nigger is to insult a jew, whether directly or indirectly. To question the judgment of a jew in relation to anything that concerns the goyim (whether it be an issue of importance or whether it be trivial) by the goyim is now deemed to be blasphemous.

In some countries to deny or question the holocaust is a criminal offence, and if it is a jew making a complaint against you then you will be found guilty. Even if the complaint is vexatious and has no foundation, this sort of action can be found in the talmud and indeed in Saudi Arabia by wahhabis (wahhabism is said to be a crypto jew cult like donmeh, and if one has to decide whether this is true then the actions of the saudi royals would seem to confirm this).

We have this....
'christian zionism' which is contradictory in name alone, it might as well be called christian atheism. They tithe an atheist state, the existance of which opposes Abrahamic beliefs concerning the endtimes. More concerning is the view of God concerning Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they see it like this....
Jews worship God
Christians worship Jesus
Muslims worship the Moon

Jews worship God - This is an interesting point, as far as xtian zionists (I'm just going to call them xtian as they are not vaguely Christian) no jew can be exempt from 'Gods' blessings and favouritism because they are jewish. Unless a jew renounces judaism then they will be blessed and favoured, it doesnt matter whether or not they are a full blown atheist. To xtian zionists it seems not to be a matter of jews worshipping 'God'(regardless of the definition of God) but rather of God worshipping jews.
The xtian zionist view seems to be the same as the black American 'Nation of Islam' in which all black people collectively are 'Allah'. Whites are all the devil on a collective basis, and looking at the jewish propagation of non white immigration into Europe could we not say that it is the same creed being upheld by different people?

But we are dealing with the xtian zionist belief in which the acolytes of this belief, if successful will lead themselves into servitude to people who are only jewish by their maternal bloodline. Whether or not they have any spiritual beliefs (which could be anything) they are deemed 'the chosen'. Xtian Zionism by default propagates the 'tebhel jew' caste system, which is to be a royal caste system on a global basis.

Indeed.... it seems like a ripoff concerning ancient Egyptian society.

Christians worship Jesus - You can read different things into this xtian zionist version of this belief. If xtian zionists believe that only jews worship 'God' then what is Jesus? Is he deemed a lesser god for a lesser caste? Either he is a lesser god or xtian zionists believe in duo/heno theism which implies that the God of the Jews and Jesus Christ are completely unrelated entities and are not of the same essence. Well maybe they are, if the beliefs of xtian zionists are to bless the jewish people and Israel before praising Jesus then they would be. And thus it is, because observing the actions of xtian zionists would certainly indicate this. They see jews collectively as 'god' because they see every individual jew as being a higher being regardless of spiritual belief. They probably only see Jesus in a godlike role because he was born of a israelite/jewish mother but went against the established judaism of the time, thus he is just a 'tebhel jew' and because of that he failed in the Cheled department and this failure was passed on to the goyim.

Thus the xtian zionists see their purpose is to make up for the disruption Jesus caused by becoming 'spiritual jews' where the bloodline is not a matter of importance. Actually when looking upon it, this is sort of a 'Lucifer turned bad and hopes for redemption with the other demons' type story. Xtian zionism is a creed of gnosticism and chiliasm, it is in no way an Abrahamic faith but rather a willing slave servant to Sabbateanism.

Muslims worship the Moon - I dont think xtian zionists ever question this belief, really all they do is go off what is said by Israel which a stooge like John Hagee will reinterpret and issue as an order for his stooges. I doubt very much that the likes of Darby and Scofield really had a longterm plan for this. This indicates that they were more interested in propagating a gnostic belief rather than a Christian one. Either way they scored a victory for zionism but enticing people in and corrupting (if not reversing) their ideal of Christianity, Jesus and indeed the God of Abraham.

Just for the record I dont believe Muslims worship the Moon.

Thursday 5 November 2015

The cancer of the earth.... sabbateanism (Part 2)

From wikipedia......
In Jewish history during the two centuries after Zevi's death in 1676, many Jews (including some Jewish scholars) who were horrified by Zevi's personal conversion to Islam nevertheless clung to the belief that Zevi was still the true Jewish Messiah. They constituted the largest number of Sabbateans during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They were vigorously opposed and were eventually forced into hiding their beliefs by the methodical opposition of almost all the leading rabbis who were determined to root out Zevi's kabbalistically derived anti-traditional teachings and his influence upon the Jewish masses.
By the nineteenth century Jewish Sabbateans had been reduced to small groups of hidden followers who feared being discovered for their beliefs that were deemed to be entirely heretical and antithetical to classical Judaism (particularly since the head of the movement, Zevi, had become an openly practicing Muslim for the last ten years of his life until the time of his mysterious and premature death at the age of fifty.)

Unlike most cults which die out when their leader dies, Sabbateanism continued on. What happened next proved that Sabbateanism was not an Abrahamic faith nor was it even vaguely Mosaic..... Lo and behold! Sabbatai Tzevi was reborn! And he was back with a vengance...

From wikipedia......
Frankism, a Jewish religious movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, centered on the leadership of the Jewish Messiah claimant Jacob Frank, who lived from 1726 to 1791. At its height it claimed perhaps 50,000 followers, primarily Jews living in Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe. Unlike traditional Judaism, which provides a set of detailed guidelines called halakha that are scrupulously followed by observant Jews and regulate many aspects of life, Frank claimed that "all laws and teachings will fall" and following antinomianism asserted that one's most important personal obligation of every person was the transgression of every boundary.

So somehow Sabbatai Tzevi managed to reincarnate himself as Jacob Frank with basically the same pitch aimed at the same audience. It could no longer be said that this was just a sect of Judaism or even an Abrahamic faith, it was quite the opposite. What Frank was doing was ramping up a reversal of order within Judaism as set up by Sabbatai Tzevi and indeed Nathan of Gaza and even before them. It is quite obvious to all that this is full blown gnostic maltheism, as for Jacob Frank he went on spreading his apostasy and when he died his daughter Eva Frank tried to keep up the cult posing as a Virgin Mary type impersonator. She lived a lush life and died owing 3 million guilders.
Tzevi and Frank are dead but the well was fatally poisoned.

So we have the following- gnosticism, Tree of Death kabbalah, maltheism, sorcery, a 'god' which nobody will name, and reincarnation. Whatever these people were following it definitely was not an Abrahamic faith. It also had a hate/envy/imitating for Jesus Christ, this goes wayback to when Jesus was on earth.

Enter Simon Magus - a Samaritan sorceror who was peddling his services for money when Jesus was preaching. Indeed after Jesus was crucified he was baptised because he wanted to be able to perform the miracles that Jesus did, he even offered money to the apostles and their assistants for the 'secrets' of the 'magic'. Hence the word 'simony' for such an act.

Nevertheless Magus was able to impress all with his sorcery, but could not do his stuff against Christians and failed to get anywhere near the level of Jesus. He still managed to get himself labelled as a god by the Romans, so one cannot say he was a rank amateur.
More telling is that he is counted among the ranks of the Gnostics and it can be assumed that his 'magic power' came from an unnamed god.

So with gnosticism (which is a knowledge pool if anything) there is an undefined set or even lack of beliefs in which anything goes (Hasan of Alamut said "Nothing is true, all is permitted"). So we can have reincarnation, messiahship, magic, sorcery, etc. but if it is based on kabbalah using the Tree of Death then it can only be applicable in Assiah.

The cancer of the earth.... sabbateanism (Part 1)

As this world goes into freefall with the stupid directing the flow of traffic in society, we have to examine how this came about and why the Tree of Death is now the tree of the kabbalah in Assiah instead of the Tree of Life. With the Tree of Death the virtues and vices of the Tree of Life are reversed and as we are in Assiah (the world of action) they are being applied in realtime.

We can see this everyday, your right to discriminate about the company you keep is outlawed by 'anti discrimination' laws, you have the catchcry of 'antisemitism' concerning any dispute between a 'jew' and a gentile even though 99.9% of jews are not semites. Queers getting married even though marriage was never meant to be applied to them, pedophiles now being renamed as 'minor attracted adults' and so on.

We are seeing a reversal of order in realtime, a lot of people blame the jews but todays' jews are not descendants of Moses and 95% of these people do not practice any faith resembling that of ancient Judaism (Mosaic faith) but are divided between atheists, pantheists and tribal bloodline 'christians' (as well as other religions). Ultra orthodox judaists should be the only ones who can call themselves jews, the others should just call themselves tribal gypsies because apart from being of a 'jewish' mother they have no real connection to anything remotely semitic.

But I cannot just say that Judaism has this problem, apostasy has spread to Christianity and Islam. In Christianity we have 'christian zionism' where the fools who follow it believe in blessing jews and israel (even though they hate Jesus) as a priority over worshipping Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth. And in Islam we have the wahhabi apostasy where abandoning wahhabism is worthy of losing your head (but being atheist is neither here or there, as long as you identify as a wahhabi then its OK).

So we have the 3 primary Abrahamic faiths are under attack from within, you may be wondering how all this came about? Well.... I'm not 2K years old and havent seen everything thats happened, I can only give you my deduction and opinion so here it is.

What is commonly known as Sabbateanism is a maltheist gnostic creed, it is a mish mash of religious history from Judaism and Christianity and indeed as well as Islam.

Considering that the jews of that time (1600s and indeed onwards to today) are the descendants of converts from Europe, the Caucasus and Nth Africa there is no doubt that local practices to the people from those areas became absorbed into their version/sect of Judaism (Askhenazi, Sephardic, etc.) Everything from the opinions of rabbis in the Babylonian Talmud, to bits and pieces of both the Old and New Testaments and probably the Koran as well, to rumours and old wives tales were brought together. And it still happens and this can be seen with splits within judaism, with maternal bloodline deciding on who can enter the synagogue rather than spiritual belief (as evident with the refusal of most synagogues to expel atheists who are open and public of their belief or lack of)

Lets deal with Sabbateanism, I'll use this from Wikipedia.
Sabbateans (Sabbatians) is a complex general term that refers to a variety of followers of, disciples and believers in Sabbatai Zevi (1626–1676), a Jewish rabbi who was proclaimed to be the Jewish Messiah in 1665 by Nathan of Gaza. Vast numbers of Jews in the Jewish diaspora accepted his claims, even after he became a Jewish apostate with his conversion to Islam in 1666. Sabbatai Zevi's followers, both during his "Messiahship" and after his conversion to Islam, are known as Sabbateans. They can be grouped into three: "Maaminim" (believers), "Haberim" (associates), and "Ba'ale Milhamah" (warriors).

Actually it was Nathan of Gaza who proclaimed him to be the 'jewish messiah' (non jews need not apply for salvation). Sabbatai Tzevi reportedly knew he was the messiah but 'waited' for Nathan to proclaim him as such. Nathan reportedly was told that Tzevi was the messiah in a vision, by who? I dont think it was ever said, but apparantely neither knew each other before all this came about. This gives me 2 questions...
1. How did Nathan have this vision?
2. Why didnt Tzevi seek to be the saviour of all?

Possible answers I have...
1. Unless both Nathan and Tzevi did actually know each other but kept it all secret in order to pull a cult scam on other jews, then it could be that Nathan was a practitioner of kabbalah. In fact they would both need to be practitioners and indeed kabbalah did/does play a significant part in Sabbateanism, and if they were into kabbalah one has to ask were they using the Tree of Life or the Tree of Death?
The only world where both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death exist is in Assiah (world of action or material world) and I strongly suspect it was the Tree of Death which is a demonic imitation of the Tree of Life. This would explain the base behaviour of the Sabbatean adherants, their atheism and lack of spirituality (as is evident in synagogues today) and their materialistic driven lusts.
Could Nathan have 'encountered' Tzevi during pathworking on the Tree of Death before actually meeting him physically? is quite possible....

2. Tzevi and Nathan didnt try to push themselves onto Christians and Muslims because they couldnt. Their act was just a ripoff of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist, it would have failed and authorities would have begun an investigation into their practices and methods.

They were not ordained by God.

Tzevi renounced his messiahship under the threat of death from the Turkish sultan, now if he was really the messiah wouldnt he have been prepared to face death than renounce his God ordained mission? Didnt Jesus Christ face a similar situation?
But then again who was Tzevis' 'god'?
So Tzevi became a muslim and took his followers to 'convert' as well, they became what are known as Donmeh Muslims. They were/are muslims in name only and only worship among themselves.

However this is not without precedent, jews in Spain 'converted' to Christianity in order to not be expelled with the Moors. These jews were really 'crypto-jews' and are known as

Marranos and like the Donmeh are seeking to be officially recognised as Judaists... even though they are not.
NB: The ultra orthodox judaists opposes their recognition and they consider both to be practising a perverted form of Christianity. Marranos and Donmeh are also known for their 'atheism' but consider themselves jews because of maternal bloodline.

Sunday 11 October 2015

The pedophile Brysing

I went to to post about magic to show what its really about instead of worshipping pixies and elves and expecting to get everything they want.
Needless to say I wasnt appreciated by the moderators, I especially got hassled by a moderator named Brysing.

Now if you havent been to that site, well to sum it up it is overrun by dumbass kids and the mentally ill. So this moderator called Brysing starts hassling me and trying to bait me to have me violate the forum rules. He states he is an atheist but yet somehow believes in magic and this struck me as rather strange. Brysing doesnt actually write magic spells but just comments on what others write.

The most telling thing is that this guy is about 80 years old and you have to ask 'why is he here?' So I did some cyber sleuthing and discovered to my surprise (actually it wasnt I suspected this guy from day 1).... hes a convicted pedophile.

So it goes like this.....
Brysing was an entertainer in Britain who went under the stagename 'Paul Morrell' which led to a newsite which gives this...

As well as this.....

So lets look at Brysings' profile on SoM

And from his profile we look at his photo album which gives us

So have I done enough to make a case that Brysing the moderator from is actually Brian Uttley the pedophile?


It seems that child molesters and rapists have become so common in England that no one gives a shit anymore.
I have emailed people in Leeds (where he is) about him hanging out on the spellsofmagic site but no one has bothered to email me back as to whether Im right or wrong.

I even PMed some members on the spellsofmagic site about what I wrote here, I picked them from a thread which complained about perverts on the site trying to arrange hookups with them.
I got a reply from the biggest bellyacher on that thread with a 'how dare you say that!'
But I also note that people have complained on the thread very recently that the mods do nothing about complaints about perverts.

So Im wondering........
1. Is this site setup as a tinder for pedos?
2. Is it a honeytrap to catch them?
3. Or is the owner so morally bankrupt that he will allow pedos to trawl it, he has an online store that has 9K different trinkets to sell to kids. So he wont do anything because it is bad for business.

Some more links on Brian Uttley

.................................................. ...
This is the crap I get for warning people

Re: Pedophile moderator from H2OfanRikki

Do not spread rumors like this.
The person who wrote this knows nothing of the website or magick.

I make nothing of this, especially from someone with no photo or bio.

Good Day..

In reply to:
Brysing the moderator is actually a convicted pedophile

Links in the blog confirm this

His actual name is Brian Uttley and he was a stage performer under the name Paul Morrell



Brian Uttley the pedophile is said to have died approximately a month ago. The scumbags at posted tributes to him, but I have yet to find any funeral notice or obiturary concerning him.
He might not be dead after all.....

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Dajjal is a collective humanist thing?

It was narrated that Abu Bakr Siddiq said: "The Messenger of Allah told us: 'Dajjal will emerge in a land in the east called Khorasan, and will be followed by people with faces like hammered shields.'" and will travel the whole world preaching his falsehood, but will be unable to enter Mecca or Medina. Isa (Jesus) will return and the Dajjal will gather an army of 70,000 Jews from Isfahan, of those he has deceived and lead them in a war against Jesus who shall be accompanied by an army of the righteous, along with Imam Mahdi.
^^^ Again this points to Iran/Iraq and thus Al-Baghdadi

Ahmadiyya beliefs

The Ahmadiyya teachings interpret the prophecies regarding the appearance of the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and Gog and Magog in Islamic eschatology as foretelling the emergence of two branches or aspects of the same turmoil and trial that was to be faced by Islam in the latter days and that both emerged from Christianity or Christian nations.
^^^ Why do Ahmadiyya seem to know this and say it? Why does sunnism/wahhabism seek to utterly wipe them out and why do Christians, Xtians and atheists (all flavours) have no opinion on this and pretend that everythings OK?

Its Dajjal aspect relates to deception and perversion of religious belief while its aspect to do with disturbance in the realm of politics and the shattering of world peace has been called Gog and Magog. Thus Ahmadis consider the widespread Christian missionary activity that was 'aggressively' active in the 18th and 19th centuries as being part of the prophesied Dajjal (Antichrist) and Gog and Magog emerging in modern times out of Christian nations. Accordingly, the emergence of the Soviet Union and the USA as superpowers and the conflict between the two nations (i.e., the rivalry between communism and capitalism) are seen as having occurred in accordance with certain prophecies regarding Gog and Magog. Thus, Ahmadis believe that prophecies and sayings about the Antichrist are not to be interpreted literally. They have deeper meanings. Masih ad-Dajjal is then a name given to latter day Christianity and the west.
^^^ Its an opinion but I cant really dispute it - nor care to.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gives a more direct definition of the meaning of Dajjal:
"As to the Antichrist, now listen, I will explain to you the reality on the basis of the clear and pure revelation that I have received. Then understand, my dear ones, that it has been disclosed to me that the reference to the Antichrist as one individual is not designed to indicate his personal individuality, but his unity as a class, meaning thereby that in that class there will be a unity of ideas as is, indeed, indicated by the word Dajjal itself and in this name there are many Signs for those who reflect. The meaning of the word Dajjal is a chain of deceptive ideas, the links of which are so attached to each other as if it was a structure of equal-sized bricks of the same colour, quality and strength, some of them firmly overlapping others and further strengthened by being plastered from outside."

^^^ Im not saying that this guys beliefs are absolutely the cure all for the world but again I think his opinion is quite good. Also take note of how the dajjal is not a single person but a collective humanist class aka herd

So you can look it up for yourselves, in addition there is a jewish version of dajjal...

Dajjal continued

Although most people just prefer to have a guess at the AntiChrist or when they will appear (even though this cannot be known by any man at any given time), all they do is cough up celebrity 'anti Christs' depending on political interpretations and leanings. But what about the Dajjal? Well that depends on what you believe, do you believe they are one and the same or do you believe they are two separate entities? And could your belief change at any given time? Remember one of the aims of theistic satanism is to pre-empt prophecy and would not rely on a one shot solution.
Instead of trying to interpret certain types of people (very unreliable due to having to accept most information from media sources which could be falsified), it would be much better to interpret observable actions and mindsets within ones' society.

Using this site.....
I will use quotes from that site and add commentary.

Signs of coming of Al-Masih ad-Dajjal
Hadith attributed to Muhammad give many signs of the appearance of the Dajjal, and exhorted his followers to recite the first and last ten verses of Sura Al-Kahf (chapter 18 in the Qur'an), as protection from the trials and mischief of the Dajjal.

The following signs are ascribed to Ali in the coming of Dajjal:

People will stop offering the prayers
Dishonesty will be the way of life
Falsehood will become a virtue
People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain
Usury and bribery will become legitimate
There will be acute famine at the time
There will be no shame amongst people
Many people would worship Satan
There would be no respect for elderly people

^^^Is this not the case now?

Other Traits of Dajjal

He will be a man with powerful built, curly hair and only a true believer can recognize him.
He (Dajjal) will be followed by seventy thousand Jews wearing black shawls from Isfahan.
He will claim to be Creator/God and will challenge major religious institutions of the world.
He will traverse all the cities of the world, except Mecca and Medina (as they are guarded by angels).
He shall not have any children.
He shall be a Jew.

He would possibly be considered as Jesus (with powers of God) by Christians and Messiah by Jews.[unreliable source?]

^^^The only person who I can think of that fits that description at this current time is Al-Baghdadi - the leader of ISIS
As for being considered as Jesus by Christians and Jews when you consider that Christianity and Judaism have been overrun by atheists (more like nihiltheists) and apostates (more like maltheists). Indeed we could also throw in new age perversions such as 'ascended masters' of which 'lord jesus' is an ace card, looking at it... the [unreliable source?] could have been passed through by occult means and actually might be the most telling.
Nihiltheists, perverts and other liberal types support ISIS by default

Signs of emergence

Drying up of Sea of Galilee.
When date-palm trees of Baisan stop bearing fruit (Sahih Muslim English reference : Book 41, Hadith 7028; Arabic
reference : Book 55, Hadith 7573)[10]
Worship of satan becomes common.

^^^ speaks for itself

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Jesus vs Mahdi or Anti-Christ vs Dajjal?

With the way this world (Assiah) is going down the toilet, I thought I might throw this out...
Both Islam and Christianity have endtime scenarios, with Islam you have the appearance of the Dajjal and with Christianity you have the anti-Christ. Both are anti God and both will attempt to enslave the world, both will eventually meet a demise and end up in Hell. But the question to ask is 'Are they both the same being?'

Well, I look at it this way... If they are both the same being then they would be serving the same demon, but is this true? Seeing as Thaumiel has joint rulership between Lucifer (ha-Shaitan) and Moloch I would think that there can only be one ultimate ruler if Assiah was taken away from God and the Tree of Death was firmly established in its own right. So how would it be decided who was the sole god? Maybe in the same manner as a war game, or game of chess. No one player gets hurt in a game of chess, after all the pieces in the game only have a symbolic value and even if they were animated what do their lives matter anyway?

So if the bad guys of any revelation/doomsday scenario were to play their version of chess in order to decide the title of the Satan, then it would be a case of Anti-Christ vs Dajjal.
But such a game might not be compelling enough to enthrall the bystanders into being a compelled audience in the same manner as TV soaps, nor would it convince them to try and 'make it' into the game. So using some slick marketing much in the same way that occurs in soaps and say... professional wrestling the bad guys are now good and people will have favourites which they cheer and indeed devote their lives to for something to do.

So the producers turn the Anti-Christ into 'Jesus' returned and the Dajjal into 'Mahdi' and using some self projection propaganda have them accuse each other as being each other. Their supporter base would be:
Xtian Zionism (Jesus) vs Wahhabism (Mahdi)

So Lucifer and Moloch would pick a side and proceed to battle with the tite of Ha-Shaitan/Adam Satan as the prize.... actually that would only be a provisional prize because if Assiah is taken to the Tree of Death then the ultimate title would be 'god'.

Now this may seem a simple scenario but take into consideration that Abrahamic based faiths take in only about half of the worlds population. The rest are atheist/nontheist so what happens to them? What if there is third factor in all of this? I have previously written about a trinity situation (DisHoly trinity).
So maybe we could be looking at a scenario such as:

Bael as the father - because he is the father of the various baals

Moloch as the son - because he has done the 'return trip' as seen by his legion of abortion fanatics

Mammon as the spirit - this is a collective that causes monetary greed and would unite atheists to the cause because atheists are motivated by money above all things (it is the only thing they can hold as true)

As for Lucifer? He could be known as 'god' (which caused the rebellion in the first place) but it would only titular (in name only) much like most modern monarchs.

What would be the result of such a scenario?

Monday 14 September 2015

Antitheism is solipsism

Being spending some time on youtube making clips, did this one where I point out that antitheism is solipsism.
Solipsism is the belief that you alone exist and everything else is a dream inside your head - an extreme form of narcissism. Looking at the celebrity atheists doing the rounds we can see that they are basically solipsists.
Solipsists basically rip off Christianity, Buddhism, Panentheism and Deism to justify to themselves that they are God.

Their 'holy trinity' is 'Me, Myself, I' and see themselves as Jesus... which in their mind explains why they are here on earth. And as we can see these psychos all claim to be our saviours.

Nihiltheism aka Western Atheism

Nihiltheism aka Western Atheism

Nihiltheism is the 'anti religion' of the west, to sum it up it is a belief in nothing, opposition to all established (natural) order and it is practiced as a religion (usually in a political and social context)

Nihiltheism consists of 3 parts which complement and supplement each other, these are:
1. Antitheism
2. Maltheism
3. Misotheism

Antitheism is the opposition to all religion and any practices that give praise or worship to God. It is specifically aimed at/against the God of Abraham, it aims at abolishing such worship or else rendering it void and invalid by corrupting it. This is being done by making religion to be political or social creeds instead of a spiritual faith.

Attacks against religion are not only external attacks but also internal, this can be seen in the way queers or their enablers use a religion to propagate things which are against the teachings of the prophets of that religion. In fact it is fair to say that religions splinter because of this, for example liberal churches will portray Jesus as a pro gay liberal or even claim that he is gay in order to push an agenda such as gay marriage. As for atheists? Well in regards to the non liberal churches atheists will scream that Jesus is a homophobic racist, imperialist etc. But the fact is that liberal churches are filled with the very same atheists and an example of this is the Unitarians, which should be registered as a political party or social club instead of a faith.

These xtians will call for unlimited immigration by muslims, in that regard they mean wahhabis. Now when you hear this sort of wailing you may ask yourself 'but wont these muslims kill the poofters the xtians want marriage for?'

However wahhabism is the islamic equivalent of liberal churches, the psychoticness of these two fronts actually drive people out of religion. Wahhabism is in the same manner as liberal churches and askhenazi judaism in that they will not expel their atheists as long as they do not renounce their faith in a formal manner. Looking at these three fronts they have caused the breakage of any common link between judaism, christianity and islam because they have propagated the God of Abraham as 3 different unrelated gods instead of one God.


Maltheism is the belief in God but God is percieved as a malevolent entity/being. Maltheism holds that known existence is held captive by a demiurge or lesser God - that lesser God being the God of Abraham. A maltheist has to hold a belief in panentheism because that could be the only way that the God of Abraham could hold us captive and prevent the 'real god' from 'liberating' us.

Maltheism is a branch of gnosticism so it comes with all manner of beliefs and rites which in occult terms are pretty watered down and worthless. In fact it is quite fair to say that the occult wisdom relating to maltheism is of no value whatsoever.

So what sort of people 'hold' the belief in maltheism? Actually it is western atheists (nihiltheists) who are the vast overwhelming majority of maltheists, sure there may possibly be a handful of people who subscribe to the ancient greek texts and see their opposition to God as a purely spiritual battle. But as for the rest it is a political/social/economic jihad against the world of the Abrahamic faiths, but it is not a jihad under the name of another god instead it is done under the name of no god.

Nihiltheists will adamantly declare there is no god and yet will fanatically vomit all sorts of venom about the God of Abraham, stupid crap like how he is a racist, homophobic, misogynist, neo nazi war criminal. In fact it is a psychotic hatred allegedly on behalf of nothing, hindus and non theist creeds such as Buddhism and Taoism do not scream hatred against the God of Abraham. You do not become a personal enemy to God and declare it so if you donot believe in the existence of God, the hatred shown by nihiltheists cannot be done on behalf of 'nothing'. However lets go back to gnostic maltheism, the question to ask is 'if the God of Abraham is a lesser god then who is the real god?'

The identity of this 'real god' is never revealed, it cannot be revealed by maltheists aka gnostic atheists because they do not understand what cause they serve. They are so fanatically consumed by hatred of God and embracing the dialectic of their cause that they cannot see any longterm end or consequences of their 'faith'. That is because they adhere to a faith which does not adhere to them, and as for the 'god' of maltheism?
Well.... give Lucifer (Ha-Shaitan) his due.....


Misotheism is just the outright hatred of God, it doesnt require a creed such as antitheism or maltheism as such but it is the glue that combines them to form nihiltheism. With misotheism nihiltheists can move effortlessly between antitheism and maltheism in order to justify whatever hatred they wish to indulge in.
For example... a maltheist should only be concerned with opposing the God of Abraham but they can use their misotheism to indulge in antitheism so as to oppose not only any Abrahamic religion but also to oppose rival religions such as Buddhism.

So misotheism is the hatred of God for the sake of hating God, some may say that it is just a satanic creed... but then again who is the satan of choice?

Karl Marx is the prophet of Lucifer as the Satan and the saint of antitheism as can be shown by his life which does imitate Lucifer with a shared level of vanity and self importance. The prophet of Moloch is Margaret Sanger and this is shown by the shared level of psychotic behaviour and bloodlust.

A question to ask is 'which black prophet has the biggest kill rate? Marx or Sanger?'

Marxisms murder rate has really gone down to a trickle compared to its heyday while Sangers continually increases with its army of fanatical abortionists. It is fair to say that there is a cold war rivalry between Lucifer and Moloch because they are joint rulers in Thaumiel, but if Assiah is taken by Ha-Shaitan (whoever holds that title) then there can only be one god in this scheme - not two.

Looking at the current situation it would seem that Moloch has the upper hand in this rivalry, not only does the abortion rate remain consistant and indeed increases but also the disposal of the fetus is done in a way to worship Moloch. The fetuses are incinerated just like children were incinerated in Moloch worship in ancient times, on top of that you have those who advocate for post birth abortion. Lucifer was never worshipped on earth or sacrificed to on such a massive scale as Moloch was and indeed still is. So what difference would we see if we were in the unfortunate position of being here if either Lucifer or Moloch became the 'god'?

In the case of Lucifer there initially would be little difference, the earth would be run like a fiefdom or an estate with a dictator or absolute monarch. It would not be pleasant but there would be order, but with Moloch it would be an absolute dystopia with no logic or reasoning. And do we not see this happening now? We have people going against the laws of nature, logic and reason because it is 'hip','gnarly' and 'cool'. People now take pride in their willing stupidity of which any consequences are seen to be 'funny'. People dont worry about consequences because they have no concept of them.

Margaret Sanger died a psychotic drunken junkie, she is not a hero and yet it is fashionable to portray her as one. If that is the case then why not put Pol Pot on $100 notes?

Sunday 5 July 2015

Questions for atheists

Care to answer these?......

#1 - If no supernatural Creator exists, how did the universe originate?
What was the nature of the enviroment that the 'big bang' emanated from?

#2 - If no supernatural universal Designer exists, why is the earth suitable for the existence of life? Why isnt there life on other planets?

#3 - If no supernatural universal Designer exists, how did life originate? Did life come from inanimate objects?

#4 - If no supernatural universal Designer exists, what caused the repeated disappearance of more primitive forms of life and the appearance of new more advanced forms of life?
[For example, at the beginning of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.]

#5 - If no God exists who can work miracles and communicate with men, how did the ancient Israelites come to believe that their ancestors experienced the Exodus and the Revelation at Mt. Sinai?

#6 - If God did not give the 10 commandments at Mt. Sinai, why is it that societies that have adhered to them have been relatively stable and why is it that the judges, magistrates and politicians of the new self appointed patrician caste have sabotaged them? Is this not an act of war against God?

#7 - If we have no soul, why do we feel conscious of ourselves?

#8 - If we have no free will, why do we feel that we are making free choices?

#9 - If no God exists, why are we obligated to be nice other people? Why do we feel the need to? Is it that we are mere animals who just seek material gain from others?

#10 – If we live in a purely material world then how do we account for the many supernatural experiences that people have, such as encounters with God, ghosts, spirits, etc (obviously, exactly what all of these encounters actually are are all interpreted by different people in different ways but the fact remains that people encounter things that do not fit a purely naturalistic world view). Are we really to conclude that all of these people are delusional, deceptive, or mad? Or could it be that people are having real encounters with real supernatural beings not explainable through purely scientific mediums?

#11 - Where does all of the incredibly complex information come from that is stored within DNA? Information doesn’t just appear by itself. Someone has to put it there.

#12 - Atheists are mostly found to be employed in the academic/government fields. What is it about the atheist personality that attracts them to these fields? And why have these fields been overrun by political correctness?

#13 - Where does all the matter in the universe come from?

#14 - What is the source of math and logic? The existence of this remarkably fine-tuned universe aside, how is it that we have these "languages of reality" to so elegantly describe and interact with it?

#15 - What type of government does atheistic philosophy translate into?
How does it understand the relationship between man and government?
What type of government structures flow from an atheistic world view?
Does it merely rely on someone else's system of thought, like the assumptions of naturalistic science?

#16 - Believers are often accused of being simple-minded,superstitious, or irrational.
Why is it so irrational for us to believe that the universe had a beginning because it actually was created; the laws of physics are so fine-tuned because it had a designer; people are preoccupied with good and evil because they are real things; we long for purpose and meaning because they exist to be had; life from non-life really is miraculous; consciousness and freewill seem real because they are; people are incurably religious because there is actually something real in religion.
If there really is no meaning or purpose to life, no objective good or evil, and the existence of "truth" itself is open to debate, by what standard will you condemn the beliefs of believers?

#17 - How does an atheist assign meaning to human activity? Is all meaning subjective, or do some activities have self-evident and objective worth and meaning. If so, what are these activities, and how to you arrive at their value?

#18 - Are humans of more intrinsic value than animals? Why or why not?

#19 - How does an atheist determine what is moral or immoral, right or wrong. Is there any objective standard or principles?

#20 - If you claim that Jesus was a myth then what alternative explanation do you offer to the New Testament documentation and the tradition of the church, and what support do you have for your theory? Is it because of the miracles that you doubt the Scriptures?

#21 - Why is it that despite all the lauded scientific 'achievements' that there is an interest in the occult and magic which is increasing?

#22 - Many people believe that the moon and other planets have an effect on the psyche. Although this may be called astrology the fact is that the moon has effects on the likes of ocean tides. Do you call this a superstition under the name of astrology or a scientific fact?

#23 - The problem of abiogenesis (the origin of the first lifeform) is one of the thorniest and most intractable issues in chemistry. Our increasing knowledge of microbiology and earth history has only added to the complexity of what needs to be explained. The simplest life is equivalent to modern bacteria, which is loaded with complex activity, information, and molecular "machines." The fossil record does not give evidence that there was a "prebiotic soup," or that there were any biological precursors to the first organisms, or that the atmosphere was the ideal mix to yield the necessary molecules, or that there was the expected long period of time between when the Earth could support life and when it actually appeared.

Evolutionists regularly segregate the abiogenesis problem from the issue of evolution because (1) it is a challenge they'd rather not be saddled with, or (2) it is the most logical point for possible divine intervention.
However, for the atheist there is no escaping this issue; they are obliged to seek out some purely natural explanation.

a). What hope for an explanation do you have? Are you satisfied to have problems like this that are unanswered, or even unanswerable?

b). In telling the tale of life on earth science writers often unconsciously use the word "miracle" for the appearance of the first organisms. Is this doubt on their behalf as to what they would like to prove as to the creation of existance?

c). What kind of evidence is needed before we are to actually accept that something like this really is a miracle?

#24 - The past several decades have added profoundly to our knowledge of chemistry, physics, and cosmology.

It has become increasingly clear that we live in a universe finely tuned for the support of complex life.

This fact is so universally acknowledged that even secular scientists have coined the term "Anthropic Principle" to describe it.
How is it that we live in such an exquisitely fine-tuned universe?
Even assuming that the universe could have popped out of nothingness, why should it have been such an orderly and hospitable one? Is there a scientific, testable answer for this question that does not simply appeal to imagination?

#25 - Atheism, by definition, holds that there is no God and nothing beyond this world of matter, space, time, and energy. Consistent with this viewpoint come a large number of necessary truths and the problems relating to them. Atheism is not made rational merely by the rejection of the evidences for God; it has its own wares to sell and difficulties to overcome.

a.) What Is the Evidence Against the Existence of God?

b.) If everyone on earth became an atheist how would the world be better off?

c.) Does not atheism have to rely on a system of coercion to enforce non belief?

d.) Most nations that have a system of government under a monarchy do so because of strong religious connection. The USA is referred to as 'One nation under God'. Is it a atheist aim to abolish royal families and the sovereignty of nations like the Maoists have achieved in Nepal and replace all sovereign nations with a world government?

e.) Why are atheists always at the forefront of marxist tainted 'causes' such as global warming, unrestricted immigration, gay marriage and other latte type neo-liberal causes?

f.) Why have atheists, pagans and satanists been infiltrating 'white supremacist' organisations and attempting to turn racial issues into solely religious issues? Examples being the anti-3rd world immigration issue is now an anti-muslim issue. The same could be said for leftist 'anti-zionist' causes that attack Jews solely on the basis of their religious beliefs and nothing else.

#26 - Why is it that atheists only target their approach to the young (20 and under) instead of those of their own age? Is it because people who are 40+ are not worth 'educating'? Or is it that gullible teenagers have bodies worth 'indoctrinating'?

#27 - If evolution is true, why is everything so determined that we can study it?

#28 - Is it possible to study something that is always changing, like evolution?

#29 - If you believe that there is no god, how do you explain the concept of synchronicity. Do you dispute it because of the law of large numbers says otherwise? Maybe you just have faith in this axiom and it is really not an accurate description of reality.

Saturday 4 July 2015

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Ponerology: The Science of Evil
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On July 11, 1883 a dinner honoring the first graduating class of Hebrew Union College (the rabbinical seminary of Reform Judaism), was held in Cincinnati. Several of the invited Rabbis, who were of a much more traditional bent, stormed out of the banquet in outrage when shrimp – a non-kosher seafood – was served as the first course. As it turned out the entire menu consisted of treife [non-kosher] food. One of the generally accepted theories is that this was [...]

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Jonathan Leblanc, the California-based company’s top developer, said that the devices could be injectable too and include mini computers.

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Child protection boss Sue Berelowitz paid off with £134k is rehired on £1k a DAY | Daily Mail Online
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A Modern Manifestation of Absolute Evil

New Scientist magazine - I highly recommend this issue in relation to bonejacking

Links from Pedofilth - 4

Tuesday 9 June 2015

The Agenda 21 plan to eradicate 90% of the earths population suits the patricians well. In fact it is very fair to say that they are the ones behind it, the only way that a particular caste is identifiable is by physical appearance and hence their need to ensure that there can be no 'tribe' that may be in their image. The only people they want 'in their image' are their children, as for the non patrician whites... they have to be bred out or killed off and thus we see non white criminals being injected into white countries as well as the acceptance and trafficking of life shortening addictive narcotics.

These patricians are both the arsonist and the fireman, or both the spreader of HIV and peddlers of AZT. These people have no concept of consequences nor can they accept responsibility of their own actions.

Although refering to the Patrician caste and order of Ancient Rome may give us an idea of what todays neo-patricians would do to us, we need not go back so far to get a prototype or concept of what they plan. We can look at the Edwardian period in Britain that occurred after the death of Queen Victoria, the Edwardian period began in 1901 and lasted until the start of World War One. Even though Edward died in 1910 this era continued on after him and was only stopped because of 2 reasons, the first being WW1 where the elitism of the ruling class had to be tempered due to the manpower required to fight a war that had never been concieved. That also included that the children and heirs of the ruling class thought it would be a 'spiffy' idea to go and 'kick jerry up the bottom!' and instead ended up in rubbishtips of mud face down...permanently.

The second being that conditions, lifestyle and pay had improved for the female population as there was a void in the employment pool, in addition there was also the introduction of the typewriter. There was no incentive to work for the patrician families as maids on estates which had no income and were deteriorating, nor was there any incentive to lives by the rules that governed these estates as in that maids and other employees were not permitted to be seen by the family of the house or speak unless spoken to. Maids were also fucked on occassion by the 'master of the house' as this was deemed to be part of the service they were hired for. Working hours could be 18-20 hours a day and if you got sick you were dismissed. The British TV shows 'Upstairs Downstairs' and 'Downton Abbey' are examples of that time.

After the war came what is known as the 'roaring twenties' where government and gangsterism formed a symbionistic world as one could not survive without the other. Finally whatever wealth or lifestyle the 'plebs' had gained during this time was obliterated with the Wall Street crash, from rags to riches and then to death or utter docile servitude. Unless you were of the Patrician 'club' you went into a self sold slavery and the price became cheaper.

And this will happen again because people are either willingly stupid or have the memory of a goldfish, if you think it is just a white thing then you should look up and see for yourself what happened to China. China had the imperial setup with snobby royals, they had such a large population that they should have repelled any invader. But they didnt because they couldnt and paid a heavy price to the likes of Japan, then came Mao Tse Tung who abolished any royal setup there and turned China into a machine that stands over the world but he also killed more Chinese in a decade than foreign invaders did in a century and setup a pseudo nobility that lasts now.

This is what the white world faces, you may say that if todays marxist yuppies want servants they can just hire niggers, gooks etc. But they dont want them - they want you! From their point of view a farm animal is just a farm animal but a slave is mine! Non whites are just farm animals as far as they are concerned, not the sort of creatures you have serving meals or having sex with. The farm animals can sleep in the barn but you will sleep in a bed in a cellar, but if the 'master' wants to use you for sex or even your children (remember you will be owned outright and that includes everything) you cannot refuse.

You refuse? you die. Simple.
Whoever owns your dignity owns your life.
But those who have thrown away their dignity have also thrown away their lives and that includes their childrens. If you are indebt you are enslaved.

Wednesday 3 June 2015

So looking at these wannabe superior caste patricians we should look at what these people hold dear.
An overview of their beliefs show them to hold opposing views as being simultaneously true such as...

* Holding that there should be a classless multiracial society while feeling they are entitled to live in all white, rich, gated communities in prime real estate.

* Stating that Christianity should be banned in all schools but that gaia worship and other forms of enviromental belief should be compulsory. Other religions should be tolerated if they are overwhelmingly non-white so as to preserve ethnic human rights.

* Expounding that everyone is obliged to perform manual tasks in order to maintain the global society while they are adhering to non manual positions within national governments.

* Propagating there should be no class ranks within ethnic communities and yet propagating there should be class ranks within white societies.

For all the yelling and screaming they do about white people being nazis, racists, snobs etc, they are in fact the vary people they describe and insult. They all have cognative dissonance which they can recognise in everyone else except themselves, they are so removed from themselves because they have no souls. These people have no concept of dignity or the ability to gain such because they have renounced God and their souls and thus seek to get others to renounce God and their souls and if they can achieve that then to take their dignity and ultimately their lives will be an easy matter.

New Patricians

But now let us look at the 'new patricians' and how they intend to implement their new order. Seeing as there is no natural spiritual impetus behind it, this new order can only expand by physical enticements and physical force. Although this could be read to be a purely physical coercion and which it is, it would be physical use of physical assets but this would be a use of Tebhel and in the view of those who partake in this usage it would be a 'subtraction' from Tebhel or at least to that part they percieve as being 'theirs' or under their control. So they would have to improvise from their understanding of Cheled, as the current majority of the so-called patrician wannabes have no concept of any spirituality but rather see anything relating to it as hypothetical or symbolic then it would be easy for the established patricians to make up things on the fly. And it is accepted and parroted by the wannabes because it is a directive from the 'established' or 'the top' and is gospel if said by a celebrity.

This is how the new ice age/global warming/climate change cult has infected humanity, again like HIV it infects healthy cells, turns them rogue and seeks to kill the host. If you ask any of these average joe hijacked beings what evidence there is for climate change and the need to de-industrialise you will be told that 'the science is settled'. The Tebhel and atheist 'scientist' will give the excuse that it is only possible to 'oppose climate change' by political actions and initiatives and lastly the politician will say it is being done to satisfy the concerns of the average joe. This is an example of the industrialised mechanics of herdthink, not only is it a willing stupidity but it is a stupidity that seeks to forcibly inject itself into and infect others. This willingly suicidal stupidity will kill its hosts and indeed infects others in a pseudo spiritual sense by turning worthless and souless corpses into martyrs and possibly memes. And the cost to Tebhel from all of this? Nothing.

In political terms we have quite atheist or apostate ideologies such as The Greens, in economic terms we have the 'green economy' and in spiritual terms we have gaia worship and corruptions of established religions which are repackaged minus God. The only people who follow these creeds are the willingly stupid and the utterly corrupt, either way they are the HIV that will seek to kill you by the same injected nature that infects them. As of this current time there is no cure.

So if you want to look at it then Malkuth is infected by HIV, humanity is the blood supply that keeps it alive both in Tebhel and Cheled terms but we are dealing with a fake sense of balance. You have the 'save the earth at all costs' environmentalists and then you have the 'anything for a dollar' business hustlers.

Both sides see each other as direct opposites and thus view their presence on this earth in this world as 'balanced' and therefore see themselves as the life - if now actual gods over anyone who is not of them.

Greenies see themselves as gods and businessmen as satan and vice versa. They see themselves as heroes in mythologies and prophets of the Bible, but nowhere in their lifeview of existence does any spirituality come into their groupthink equation. As they have no spirituality nor can they bestow anything of that nature onto the 'lesser' beings, then they can only reward them by 'physical rewards' as can be seen now.

Now take into fact that the physical rewards are actually for the most part symbolic. For example, a bank can claim to have a billion dollars because it says so on their ledger and thus it is accepted as such by the herd via herdthink. But if you were to ask that the bank show the actual cash then they could not, it doesnt exist within their bank and possibly has never been printed by the government of the country in whose name it was printed. The 'money' is generated and transfered by a few keystrokes on a computer, it is make believe adhered to by the herd and thus has by default become a godless religion. Much like Buddhism but without monks and instead infected with marxists in which Marx has replaced Buddha, on top of that it has become a political religion where it is the ultimate aim to get as much money and power while at the same time proclaiming to oppose it.

Monday 1 June 2015

Beyond race - a resurrected global class.

Ive talked to a few Christians who do believe that this earth in this world is entering an endtime. Not that they claim to be prophets but just absolutely devout. I do not claim to be a prophet, really all that I am is a repenter as I have done wrong and seek to atone with God (the God of Abraham) for what I have done. But increasingly I do find that the jigsaw puzzle is slowly but surely being completed, and the picture it is making does resemble what can be considered the endtime.

One only has to turn on the TV to see 'celebrities' being touted as experts in any position they may have.

I turn on the TV and see a 'weathergirl' who consistently stuffs up beyond the average miscall, predicting rain for a week and not a drop falls. On top of that has no meteorological qualifications but rather studied a university course on political events, but all is deemed OK because she is married to a footballer. Stupidity is no longer deemed to be a bad judgment in bad circumstances but rather a form of entertainment. We see 'schadenfreud' or 'shameful glee' not just a case of laughing at an enemies or a random persons misfortunes, but instead see it as 'shameful pride' in that one can make an error and be proud in any misery it creates as long as it doesnt affect oneself. It is fashionable to be stupid and considered rational to be stupid as long as you can make money from it. Emotions and morals have a dollar value these days and most people who stand out in societies in a celebrity type mode can be called 'economic narcissists', they all see themselves as 'gods over lesser beings' and consider the lesser beings to have no dignity or at least not deserving of any. Their mantra is 'anything for a dollar' and they get this not only by what they know or who they know, but also what they refuse to learn.

As we see learning turned into indoctrination and aspiration turned into repeating, the only way that this can be termed 'progress' is by having everyone choosing to have amnesia, or else get paid off not to object or just becoming willingly stupid. From those 3 options you have those who choose amnesia, they become nutjobs because they override their natural thought processes so as to believe in something they cannot 'remember'. Then you have the mercenaries/prostitutes who choose to be that way because of the percieved financial gain and are best described as 'sociopaths for rent'. The last are the willingly stupid who are accurately described by that term. While the above 2 will try and justify the positions they take, the willingly stupid will simply go along with stupidity. As there is the 'art for arts sake' term these same people will peddle 'stupidity for stupiditys sake' as an excuse for what they do. No.... I take that back, they will say that 'stupidity for stupiditys sake' applies to everyone of their fellow travellers....except them.

If that isnt bad enough where stupidity becomes a viable lifestyle, you have to remember such people reproduce. Not only in biological terms (though this is being reduced to such people adopting homosexual lifestyles) but also in 'conversion' terms as the willingly stupid are absolutely fanatical in infecting others with this 'rational voidness'. This is what Native Americans call 'wetiko' and Christian Science calls 'animal magnetism', a psychological illness spread by psychological means. It functions in the same way as HIV in that it hijacks healthy blood cells, injects its DNA and then uses the hijacked cell to infect others. The end result is that the body that hosts these blood cells will lose all immunity and die as a result of foreign invasions of other transmittable diseases. The souls of the dead bodies will be named on an AIDS quilt as martyrs for filth and used by the fellow followers of the cult of stupidity as role models. I wonder why people who follow such suicidal lifestyles just dont kill themselves (it is not only just a 'gay thing', to be fair most gays who are gay because of biological disposition are not as reckless as those who become gay as a lifestyle choice or else 'want to relate to their feminine side').

Although this maybe observed by those who might take an interest in 'gay society' and seen openly by those within 'gay society it will not be obvious to all who are in a greater national society. Just like if you are in another country to me, you will be aware of things that I may have only heard of and vice versa. So allow me to tell you some things that I have seen in my country (Australia) which give me some concern about the mindset of the few who are now touted as 'celebrities' because they get media coverage and are deemed to be 'the standard' and are now 'role models' (at least for the time being).

Well I see Australian society seemingly containing a cancer, much like a racial HIV which seeks to hijack white Australians and take away their identity, dignity and ultimately their lives. However it is white Australians who seek to do this to other white Australians, heres an example...
In Melbourne there was an anti-Islam demonstration which did become violent at times, but the counter demonstrators were not Muslim but were whites claiming to oppose racism. Seeing as Islam is not a race how could it be deemed to be racist. Another example was in Sydney where a demonstration against Chinese investors buying and driving up house prices was countered by white demonstrators who continually yelled out 'racists!' Despite the fact that it is all racial groups in Sydney who are being pushed out of the housing market due to the speculation in the housing market by foreign Chinese 'investors' who simply outbid locals at auctions.

So one must ask why 'progressive' white Australians would help out people who would gladly kill them when given the chance. Why would they seek to impose destitution, misery and indeed take away the dignity of people who (at least physically) are more or less the same of them? And do these things on behalf of those who hate them because of their physical attributes... why? What possible greater purpose can there be in racial suicide? Is it a type of self loathing? Or is it an extreme form of narcissism?

Either way it requires a caste system in order to maintain itself, it is about bloodlines with a race without competition. A type of tribalism much like 'jewishness' that can mean anything at anytime but not to just anyone but within the tribe. Marx said 'in order to save a race one must first destroy it', considering Marx was a Satanist the question should be asked whether he was actually planing for a Satanic caste to rule this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah) which by default would turn Malkuth into Lilith. The issue of Tebhel and Cheled is also of importance, if Malkuth in Assiah is comprised of Tebhel and Cheled in balance and remains so, then even allowing for fluctuations all is fine. But the reason that Tebhel and Cheled are balanced is because of the order in which they came.

Looking back on the 4 worlds were have Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah or Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action (physical). The spiritual and non physical aspects came before the final physical product, but now the physical takes precedance over the non physical which can be seen by the mercenary and willingly stupid in which they will only reclaim their inherant morals and principals if the price is right. As they have disowned and renounced their souls, morals and principles then they really have nothing to sell and can be bought quite cheaply. Physical priorities are given in relation to spiritual affairs and pseudo spiritual/'intellectual' priorities are given in relation to the physical.
We are seeing a reversal of order, the souless and the corrupt of soul are attempting that which demons know they cannot oppose.

So who are these people who see themselves so great and progressive? I always thought that to progress you would have a definite solid foundation from which to expand and indeed progress.

However as history is being forgotten, discarded and rewritten or else having its rights sold to the highest bidder, the end result is a type of necrohistory being indoctrinated to the stupid who do not understand or care to beyond their own personal comfort zone. As the population becomes increasingly narcissistic under the guise of progress in which all supposedly become equals there will be by the 'spirit' of this nature the need for the ultra narcissistic or 'alpha people' to corral all others so that they will be the 'first among equals'. In white society we see these alpha people enforcing marxism on others via money and celebrity which are both symbolic by-products of Tebhel worship or worship of the physical.

So the 'first among equals' narcissists are now reforming and bonding together under the membership of an ancient and long forgotten caste... and that being the 'Patricians'. In ancient Rome they were the 'born to rule' class who considered themselves blessed by the gods or even children of god. And thus we see their fanaticism in opposing Christianity and infact their fanatical anti Christian jihad is not something new, it is a continuance of the war against the God of Abraham. This is a blood feud type war that started from the expulsion of Lucifer and his followers from heaven, it manifested among humans with Sodom and Gomorrah and now has resurrected itself via the prophet of hell on earth who went by the name Karl Marx.

When Marx said that races and cultures must be destroyed in order to be saved he didnt define what was meant by saved or who was going to do the saving. Although he was an apostate jew and renounced Christianity he sought to make all jews apostate and all Christians to renounce Christ and as it stands it does seem he was somewhat successful in that the wetiko HIV injection he put into the world continues to turn healthy blood cell into rogue aggressive cancer cells which despite various forms of medicine and chemotherapy continues to spread. As a result the body will die, but that doesnt really matter anymore because nutjobs, mercenaries and the stupid of any value? After all... they have either sold or thrown away their dignity...