Monday 8 December 2014

2. If the above happens, then the Tree of Life in Assiah would be missing a sephira. In that case the Tree of Life in Assiah would not be able to stand unless a new earth was created for it, or else another earth was relegated to its place (there are seven earths).

But a fake god and a fake messiah won’t be strong enough on their own to bring about a new earth. And thus this is why the disholy trinity are content to let atheists serve them by default, all the disholy trinity need do is introduce realms of battle and the atheists will do the rest unthinkingly because they have absolute zeal in hating God.

A new Tikkun Olam: Tikkun Olam means to restore the world, or more specifically this world and indeed all creation in this world (Assiah). The need for this came after the ‘breaking of the vessels’. Although this is a term that is referred to in Kabbalistic/Judaist works, the same principle can apply across all religions to do good and moral works. However with the large rate of atheism in Judaism especially in white countries and an inability or unwillingness by Judaist communities to expel them. Whatever bona fide Tikkun Olam works the faithful may do are poisoned by the atheists within the synagogue because of their moral relativism. The only thing that atheist askhenazi jews work for is to implement a caste system to preserve and improve their bloodline, and thus they can be found at the forefront of left wing anti-white causes.

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