Sunday 29 March 2020

Welcome to WOKEbodia! Capital is Corona

The "Corona virus" is the greatest con job this world has seen, though to be fair it can't really be an exceptional con job when it is done over idiots and used as a vehicle for global and personal means by the narcissistic and solipsistic. The actual use of the term 'corona virus' is really just a bucket term which can be adjustable at any time according to circumstances. A disease that cannot be defined cannot be cured and a virus that cannot be singularly identified by its symptoms is not a singular virus. Symptoms for this alleged 'virus' include runny noses, coughs, aches and pains, high temperatures and even a lack of symptoms. There are people who appear on TV and the internet proclaiming that they have the corona virus and yet proclaim they have no symptoms. As though this virus does not need physical effects to be considered a detriment to bodily health and functions. And upon examination this corona virus is not really a physical virus but a mental condition.

You might point to people dying all over the world and say this is proof that it is real, if you are using Italy as an example then you have to consider that Italys' population has 50% of its population over the age of 60. Any so called 'new' virus killing them is really just piggybacking on pre existing conditions that they have. Myself, I believe what is causing the deaths is a form of pneumonia. And pneumonia is hardly a 'new' virus, it is treatable and does not require martial law in order to stop it. Looking at the 'measures' to combat this 'corona virus' we see the actions taken are less and increasingly less about health and are in fact centred around power and money. If you put the population aged, let's say 40+ in a position where they will be killed off or at least die off at a greater rate then the remaining population can be coralled and controlled because they no other authority figures to turn to. Consider the HIV/AIDS virus, it in itself does not kill but weakens the immune system to the point where other virus/germ/infection conditions can. In fact most AIDS patients die from pneumonia.

No doubt there have been lead up measures to this all over the world, I live in Sydney, Australia and we have seen what is maybe not in name but certainly in practice martial law. It is the same methods as used by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge when they took over Cambodia and turned it into Kampuchea. In fact the government is seeking to improve on them.
Let's go through them;
1. Shut down religious institutions. As far as I am concerned this is utter cowardice by the churches and indeed other religions if they comply. Sadly the people who might have said "Praise Jesus" in public are being replaced and out numbered by those saying 'f*#k jesus'. Atheism is now the number 1 religion in Australia.
2. Enforce unemployment and dependency on the state.
3. Outlaw gatherings of more than 10 people (though it is said the govt plans to reduce it to 2).
4. Enforce a personal separation space between people. In Australia it is a 1.5 metre separation gap, if you do not comply you will be hit with a $1000 dollar on the spot fine or 6 months imprisonment. These are called "social exclusion" laws.
5. Random demands (and very aggressive) for identification by police officers, this was occurring in the lead up to the current measures. Indeed I was approached 6 times in 2 weeks, twice I was approached within the vicinity of churches. One time I had just left the church and the other while standing out the front of it. One time I was just entering the gates of a train station when a police officer swung his arm at me (I believe he was aiming to grab my coat collar before I went through the gates, he didn't get me and walked off as though nothing had happened).
6. Now in Sydney CBD you have completely automated pedestrian crossings. So there is no need to press a button, you just stand and wait. Why? Because the Corona virus jumps off your hands and onto the traffic light buttons and supposedly vice versa. Sydney is now like those clips you see on North Korea, except Sydney now has less pedestrian traffic and North Korea is now the bastion of liberal democracy in the world.
7. As unemployment increases so has poverty and homelessness due to people being unable to afford rent and mortgage repayments. Rumours of cities being depopulated by the government are increasing, in fact many rumours from the ridiculous, to the plausible, to the true are increasing. There is no government response to these only further legal threats, both real and implied.
8. The only employment growth there seems to be is in building/construction, roadworks, security guards and street cleaning. These are in the hands of private contractors and even then the multiple contractors may be employed for the same contracts. The employees wear either fluoro green or orange uniforms, much like armies and uniforms.
9. It is said that some "homeless" are in fact undercover police officers seeking to gauge social discontent and possibly incite it, they wear cheap clothing but have fabulous complexions and hairstyles. Whether they are police or not I cannot definitely say.

In all honesty Australia should change its name to WOKEbodia or WOKEuchea, money does mean nothing considering all the billions the government is magically pulling out in "fiscal incentives". But the question has to be asked, where is this coming from? In fact let us ask these:
*What is money
*Where does it come from
*How is it valued

And you can put in...
*What percentage of a nations economy is actual cash and not 'keyboard money'?
*How is all this expendeture to be recovered? (I'll give you a clue...inheritance will be abolished, much like religion basically has. Because all glory is to be held by the state. I assume you have heard of Karl Marx? Right?...?

Maybe you have heard of "fractional reserve lending" but do you know what it is?
Have you read the book or investigated "The Creature from Jekyll Island"? Where the likes of the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Morgans and Stanleys engineered the collapse of the stock market in 1929 which then brought on the great depression. As stock prices collapsed shares were bought up for pennies on the dollar. Is this not happening now under the guise of the "Corona 0virus"? And it is happening under a conservative government with the likes of Scott Morrison (who should be called Pol Scot), Gladys Berejiklian and the United Nations WHO (world health organisation) appointed Brendan Murphy who is the Australian "Chief Medical Officer".

In fact it is fair to say that a new Nazi order has taken over Australia. You have a uniformed workforce in pointless employment, restrictive association laws, a target class (homeless, poor, unemployed), travel restrictions (between states), continuous propaganda on TV, radio, newspapers and internet, increasingly paranoid actions - such as all public toilets in Sydney being locked down. In fact the govt is likely to introduce further lock down laws and curfews, and has sort to impose lock down laws regarding exclusive suburbs to keep non residents out. On top of that the health department and police department seem to have a free hand in shutting businesses and streets down. Now they are seeking to shutdown soup kitchens that cater to the poor that they themselves have created. Churches, libraries (actually the libraries were targetted because of their free and anonymous internet connections) and schools shut down without a peep, welcome to the Republic of WOKE (and here I wonder about the health of the royals, especially the Queen. If she were to die and Charles was really sick then who would be the safeguard of the various constitutions?). This is the disease of wetiko.