Friday 5 December 2014

Although there may be atheist groups within nations that will reflect the general population of that nation on a racial or ethnic basis, we see especially in white western nations that atheist groups are generally left wing and anti white despite the majority of the members of these groups are white. Indeed it seems groups like these are full of self hating and suicidal people, the truth is that it is the exact opposite. What you are actually seeing with these groups is a self religion of sorts. Do you ever notice these sorts of groups peddle the ‘united collective humanity’ mantra?

“Humanity is one! There are no races! We are the world community!” Only the gullible believe this to be actually true; there are biological races, the inner herd view the outer herd as sub humans until their wealth-celebrity-lifestyle status improves dramatically and unless that happens for every member of the outer herd then there will be no ‘world community’. In fact there could never be as there would be no-one to provide services such as farming food etc. because anyone who did the actual physical work in farming would automatically be expelled from the ‘united herd’ realm and the inner/outer divide would return again. The only viable system for a ‘united global consciousness of humanity’ would be a caste system of sorts, but it would be of the humans and their slaves. The slaves would not be regarded as human but as some sort of toy or pet. A type of ape or chimp, but I think this will be explained in another way. Remember those who are pushing these agendas are atheists, certainly atheists in the political sense publicly and it is through politics they seek to make their herdthink compulsory on everyone in theology and application. They may actually believe that they themselves are the originators of a ‘new world’ to come or at least they will try to propagate that illusion. But such narcissistic hallucinations have been tried before and they have failed, Marxism being one of them. The ambitions of atheists will always fail and the reason for that is they refuse to recognise what is the originating pinnacle for their ‘united humanity revolution’.

Let’s go to the flipside of the coin for a moment, although atheists like to portray themselves as humanitarian progressives shouting slogans such as ‘unite the world!’, ‘stop racism!’ and ‘no more religious dogma!’ They either do not, cannot or will not tell you that those who play a role in stirring up their ‘actions’ are just as atheist. The ideologues of the atheist movement do not see communal violence as a form of separation but rather integration; it forces communities who would otherwise have no problems with another to engage head on with others in a battle of life and death. Regardless of how long and widespread such violence is, one side will always be dominative and the other subjugated. The sides may change positions before a final conclusion is settled to end the violence but for those two communities and others involved that section of the caste making is settled.

And as we always see it is the left wing atheists who actually keep such violence spreading by interfering with any government attempts to end it by using the courts (whether they be local, state, national and international) to tie up any action via the constitution for example. They will also scream and shout to all press agencies and social media outlets; they will state the same message that government action to stop violence is violence. Their fellow travellers and stooges will parrot the words and actions of their equals, for the fellow travellers their equals are in the inner herd. As for the stooges it is the scum and filth of the outer herd.

As for the ‘right wing atheists’? They will be ‘leading’ the rival communities exhorting violence and planning strategies from locations hundreds if not thousands of miles away from the front lines. Now let us look at some examples of these ‘righteous proud people’.

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