Monday, 1 December 2014

I have nothing against charity, some people get dealt a bad hand during life and sometimes unfortunately from the day they are born. People generally are charitable by nature; however the inner herd are only charitable by design and see themselves as entitled to your charity by default. If you look at them as a god and the TV as a temple, has the routine not been put in place that they should expect a donation from you regardless of the circumstance of both you and them? Some of you may say ‘oh… they are people just like us’. If that is the case why do you regard them as being better than you?

When (or if) they were members of the outer herd, then yes they were people like you. Now that they are entrenched in the inner herd they are not, yet they are subject to the same flaws you are. However they will not and cannot fall from the inner herd because of the trinity triangle which holds them in by an unending supply of wealth, celebrity and lifestyle. More importantly in addition to that is the fact that the outer herd will not allow them to fail and fall back into it. Why? The only thing that I think that mindset can be compared to is a type of Stockholm Syndrome. The outer herd will not get any reward for their servitude, certainly not in actual real life. Maybe a resaved celebrity might thank his ‘friends and supporters’ for keeping them among the ‘elite’, but the average outer herd sap will take this as referring to themselves. It’s a type of psychosis much like those who stalk celebrities or believe that the way a celebrity acts on TV is a message specifically for them and confirms that the celebrity is in love with them. Why does this happen? It is because people can no longer tell the difference between real life and TV.

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