Monday 1 December 2014

But it’s not just the showbiz world that produces celebrities, politics and science does the same things as long as the TV pulpit is their stage. Regardless of how inept and corrupt a politician may be or how flawed and illogical the information a scientist may teach, if they can get a repeating spot on TV and have a good hair stylist as well as nice clothes then how can they ever be wrong? Or as the herd will say “Don’t be so judgmental!” You also have ‘social media’ hysteria which is also a tool for the inner herd to issue orders to the dumbass stooges who call themselves fans and acolytes. And for some reason that I cannot fathom, they obey without question and the reason they do not question is because there is no way for them to do so. They are inner herd, you are outer herd; your life means nothing and if you die tomorrow there are plenty of stooges to replace you.

And this is where schadenfreude comes into it, a shameful glee where people celebrate the misery of others. A good place to see this is on ‘reality TV’ shows of various sorts even though they are not truly reality because they are scripted to an extent because of viewer enticements to watch and time constraints. Viewers will pick a favourite contestant and hope for the others to fail, they will enforce their opinions on others whether they watch a particular show or not. So they have in effect become a volunteer spruiker for a particular show and by default for a particular TV channel. Advertisers on that show will play on the fanaticism of the viewers to get them to buy particular merchandise supposedly to improve their lifestyle and be in the ‘cool’ crowd just like the contestants on the show.

Again we see the wealth-celebrity-lifestyle triangle that separates the inner herd from the outer and those in the outer herd are merely imitating the inner herd by participating in this. If you will not or cannot participate as an imitator in the triangle, then you become a social pariah and exiled to the edges of the outer herd until you adjust your ‘mindset’ and become a willing participant devoting your entire life to that TV show until it ends (at least for the ratings season anyway…). Still, if you do not run with the herd then they will take every chance possible to laugh at any misfortune you might have. As far as they are concerned the cause of any misfortune you have is that you have not dedicated your life to a TV show, doesn’t matter what it is or who was responsible – it’s your fault! Get hit by a drunken driver while crossing the road? Well if you were devoting your time to the show you would not have been crossing the road at that particular time and if the drunk driver is a fan of that show? Well what’s wrong with having a few drinks with other show fans? If you were drinking with him then none of this would have happened!

You can say that I’m over exaggerating this example but if you go into any courtroom you will see defence lawyers coming up with all sorts of excuses and justifications for the actions of a defendant, regardless if they are obviously guilty. Again we can look at courtroom dramas where this sort of behaviour is acceptable; people take such things as real life and unfortunately cause it to be enacted in real life because it has to be true because it was on TV.

You can also see it in many workplaces where instead of helping their fellow employees, some employees will hope for others to fail in their duties or else sabotage them to ensure they do. These sorts of employees have no exceptional skills of their own to be promoted within a business and so seek the ruination or dismissal of others they see as competition in order to go up in that business. If they are successful in this then they will get a better position, more money and more control over the rest of the employees. We can see this in companies which are flooded by non English speaking foreigners in white countries, these rogue employees are controlling any potential opposition to their self indulgent narcissism by ensuring the employment of those who may be on visas or else cannot voice their concerns about the behaviour of such supervisors because of their language skills.

Back to the contestants of the so called reality shows, people seek to get on these shows to gain the wealth-celebrity-lifestyle triangle because they are ‘entitled’. So you have those who attempted and failed to get on the show, those who got on the show and were booted leaving a single winner. The winner is now in the triangle until the next season thinking they are in the inner herd. As for those who helped them win by txt messaging polls etc? Well… who gives a shit? That’s what outer herd stooges are for, and as for those who failed on the show or even to get on? They played the entitlement card this time and lost, they can’t play it again until a new fashionable game comes along onto the screens. So they have to be content to play the victim card.

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