Tuesday 2 January 2018

Urantia Book - a guide for elitism

My investigations into the Urantia Book (UB) actually reveals what seems to be the planned mindset for the future, when I first encountered the UB I thought it to be just another new thought fad. However this is not the case, what I found was a 'spiritual' system that caters to a society that is beyond gnostic or even neo-gnostic and infact aims itself to the 'post-gnostic'. I had previously stated that the UB is no less valid than the 38+ versions of the Bible and indeed this is true, because in this UB we actually have the plans for a future society which is more along the lines of setting up a new and retro 'ancient egypt'. Have I read the UB in its entirety? No and do not especially intend to. Although the book is supposedly of a spiritual basis it has pretty much gone into a psychological indoctrination manual, the book is subjective in its writing but each paragraph has a 'hook' to keep you on to read the next paragraph.
The UB is 2097 pages long, so during the time you are reading it (which can be a year or longer) your personal circumstances can change. So what seemed nonsensical at the time of reading may suddenly seem logical later on as your circumstance changes; and what seemed logical at the time of reading may come across as nonsensical later on as your circumstance changes. The purpose of this is to keep you in a sense of confusion and lack of faith in your decisions and judgment, what you are meant to do is read the book in its entirety and once that is done begin it all over again. This is the same method used to indoctrinate fools into marxism, the same application that involves psychology along with a mythology that can change at anytime depending on your circumstance.

I will give you the information I got from UB forums from general adherants of those sites, there is no lies or propaganda I am putting forward - this is what these people genuinely believe. So I will state what they believe (*) and state the evil that can result from this belief (#).

*. They believe that children are born without souls, infact they believe that a child does not get a soul until the ages of 5-6.
#. This opens the door to 'post birth abortion' aka infanticide, it also gives a tacit approval for pedophilia.

*. They believe that marriage is exclusively for a man and a woman in order to reproduce and that fidelity must be kept in this union, however they believe that homosexual activity is permissible for recreational sexual activity. So apart from producing children those in a marriage can only be gay.
#. This is truly a controlled society and against the laws of nature if it ever comes to pass, such a setup can only be meant to control population. The author of the UB (William Samuel Sadler) was an eugenics proponent and indeed fanatic, as were those associated with the writing, publication and propagation of the UB.

to be continued.....................