Tuesday 2 December 2014

I’ll just delve into the metaphysical for a moment because I want to explain to you about how things are and what’s looking to move into its’ place. We are in the physical realm as we commonly understand it; there are four worlds as in rates of vibration and being. We are in Assiah – the world of action, this is the place where the other three non physical worlds finalise ‘thoughts’ or ‘mental actions’ as material products. The actual planet which we live on or ‘Earth’ in the kabbalah ‘Tree of Life’ is represented as the sephira Malkuth, it is at the bottom of the Tree of Life and it is where the actions of the above sephira ‘ground’ their energies because it is us who have called for these energies from the above sephira. So in other words we have called on a particular sephira and the sephira has answered us (if we have been correct in doing so) in Malkuth because that is where we are. We are conscious of this as physical and spiritual beings as this is the world of action. Our planet Earth in this world is comprised of two ‘earths’ and they are Tebhel and Cheled, one is immanent and the other is transcendent.

If Earth had no animated life then it would be just a clump of dirt and if it had no spiritual realm attached to it via the animated life then we at best would be golems, zombies or just like single cell bacteria. We wouldn’t seek to adjust the Earth for ourselves whether with good or bad intent, but would be passive bits of meat allowing conditions to mold us. We would have no aspirations or even a sense of community, and quite possibly we would have no sense of right or wrong.

I tend to think that Tebhel is the immanent part and Cheled is transcendent and that they operate together as a molecule. Neither is more important than the other, both are needed for things to be as they are naturally and it is only corruption put into physical practice that has been inspired by spiritual corruption that is what we know to be ‘bad’. In terms of the Tree of Life you could say that the physical Earth is represented by Malkuth and that Cheled is represented by Yesod.

Yesod is represented by the Moon; I still hold that Tebhel and Cheled are a molecule type formation because a moon without a planet to orbit becomes an asteroid of sorts. And a planet without a moon loses the ability for the inhabitants of that planet (if there are any) to measure time (as we physically measure it) or even have a concept of it. Things such as planetary hours, astrological hours or even the beginning of new days could not be measured and only would be a guess at best.

So if we lived on Tebhel and were purely physical beings without a soul (much like sociopaths) we would have no concept of God or the ability to comprehend anything relating to him. You can say we are living on Tebhel because the physical is valued over the spiritual and belief in God is discouraged or else the concept of God is being redefined to Morgan Freeman type narcissists like the Kim family in North Korea. This type of mindset will say… “You are a physical being on a physical world with a physical order and therefore must have a physical god; Morgan Freeman has more money than you physically, has more celebrity than you physically and lives a better lifestyle than you physically. That makes him a higher being on the order of life, he says he is god. Who are you to dispute that?!”

And indeed there are enough stooges to parrot that. Why they would do that? I don’t know. If you challenge the stooges as to why they hold such a belief or why they would parrot such a line whether in all seriousness or not you will receive a diatribe of mentally disturbed nonsense rant. If you are not white you will be abused for your perceived jealousy of his wealth-celebrity-lifestyle membership of the inner herd. If you are white you will get the same abuse plus further abuse of your ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege’. You are up against people who think in slogans and live in the entitlement/victimhood mindset; theirs is a world of having constant aggrievement and constantly having the right to be compensated for it by being paid in wealth, celebrity or lifestyle.

Of course you will be wondering where this corruption and corrosion of the intellect and indeed of the spirit comes from. Where does the origin of the order of the near purely physical originate from? What we call Malkuth on the Tree of Life is also called Lilith on the Tree of Death; it is the same planet in the same world that we reside on. An example would be what some people call Israel is called Palestine by others, different names but still the same geographical land. Different cultures of different races with different religions, different societies and different politics and yet both claim the land as their own and their home. It is time to deal with the Tree of Death and the qlippoth (demons) because whether you like it or not this is also their world and not just ours.

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