Tuesday 2 December 2014

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Now you might say "Do abortionists and their supporters actually worship Moloch?”
The answer for the most part would be no, but I cannot say that 100% of those in the abortion industry do not worship Moloch. Whether these people serve Moloch out of choice or ignorance is not a mitigating factor either way but these people are certainly guilty by association and guilty of being willingly stupid.

If an abortionist was to say "I do abortions because I make money from doing it, I do not worship or serve Moloch" I would say that is just as valid as being an explosives trafficker who sells to Al-Qaeda and saying to the FBI or indeed court jury "I traffick explosives because I make money from doing it, I am not a member of Al-Qaeda nor do I serve it". If it is pointed out that the trafficked explosives were used to bomb hospitals and schools what would the trafficker say "Oh, but I didn’t light the fuse therefore it wasn’t me and not my problem".

Well once again I say the way abortions are carried out, that is to take the baby out of the womb and incinerate it. Much like in ancient times, myself I think there should be allowances for abortion in certain cases but the overwhelming bulk of abortions are carried out to save money or inconvenience.

Whatever the motivations of those involved the fact is these abortions are token sacrifices to Moloch by default and they are accepted by Moloch by default. And abortions are now run now as an industrial enterprise and sanctioned by the state by default or otherwise; this is something Lucifer has never been able to cause to happen whether by design, default and possibly desire.

So there you have it, Moloch is a joint ruler of Thaumiel with Satan (Lucifer). But how long with it be that way? Anyway let’s continue on to the next member of the DisHoly trinity; that being Bael.

The name Bael is used to describe the spiritual entity who was known as the original Baal, but as the followers of this entity began to refer to themselves as Baal the only way for them to distinguish themselves was by location or of a specific vocation. Even Moloch was known by the name Baal Hamon as though he was a servant, apprentice or even a …son. As Moloch has a high placing in the Tree of Death as the joint ruler of Thaumiel, Bael has a high placing in the Goetia. The Goetia is the ‘counter weight’ to the Shem ha-Mephorash, a counterfeit version if you like and Bael is the first demon in it.

Bael is also mentioned as an Enochian demon and is described as a king which is the power of the East. This would verify his place in the Goetia as being the first demon because his ‘direction’ that he would be called on from is not only the east, but the due east from 0 – 5 degrees. He has also been referred to as the ‘first monarch of hell’, this would be a description for humans like us as hell has not been verified to exist and Judgment Day has not occurred yet. However he may have been in such a position temporarily after the fall as no formations of counter orders would have been in place. As Lucifer was trying to organise his defeated rebels, it would be quite possible (if not likely) he would have been a ‘grandfather’ or ‘step father’ type figure amongst the fallen.

He would have a degree of celebrity and respect from that, and this is what his human imitators on Earth sought to be like. The name ‘Baal’ translates as ‘lord’ or ‘master’ if applied to humans but the name Bael is something else, it is not applied to humans or indeed anyone or anything else. He is a celebrity in his own right and a role model for narcissists, whether he likes it or not.

So far we have Bael the ‘father’ who has been superseded by Moloch the ‘son’ and the trinity is completed by Mammon the ‘disholy’ spirit. When you talk of spirit you may be talking of two things, the first being an individual non physical entity such as an angel or a demon for example. The second being a creed, belief or acceptance of an emotional devotion to a non animated third party. Examples would be the ‘spirit of summer’ or in relation to the USA you have the ‘spirit of 76’ regarding the declaration of independence.

With Mammon, I don’t believe there is an independent single entity using that name. Rather, I believe that there are numerous demons that are fulfilling that position along the lines of either planetary or astrological hours. But remember they are doing that on a global basis and across numerous time lines, so in effect it would require a multitude of demons working in unison and interacting with mortals on a nation by nation and hour by hour basis via a common creed. It is a devotion to money and the creed is greed.

Wealth-celebrity-lifestyle; the DisHoly trinity is now complete and getting down to business. As for us and the spirit, soul and individuality that makes us all unique in the eyes of God? Well, we are in business too; except we are selling ourselves to the DisHoly trinity in a fire sale. And if we are not selling ourselves then we are selling our children and anyone we can get our hands on. The human race has made two very fatal errors as a herd:
1. They believe God to be an inconvenience.
2. They believe that demons are as stupid as them or even dumber.

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