Saturday 6 July 2024

Kakistocracy - a religious - spiritual viewpoint

 The world has been thoroughly infected by kakistocracies. There is not one nation that is free of it, crooked governments, crooked bureaucracies, crooked civil servants and so on. And these criminal entities work hand in hand with global corporations, and the results of which infest every aspect of our lives. People seem to mistakenly believe that kakistocracies only occur in places like Africa, but the fact is that they are everywhere.

The United Nations is really no more than a confederacy of kakistocracies, and that alone brings up the issue of Revelations from the Bible. And we can see the anti-Christian fanaticism around the world today, we see governments willing to tolerate, encourage and embrace the likes of atheism, apostasy, and even satanism.

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As I have written in my previous eBooks I am a former theistic Satanist (two time actually), and I actually see atheism and especially apostasy as a hijacked method of ideology and government that is leading its minions and victims into serving the cause of the Satan. It isn't just about "not believing in, or doubting the existence of God" anymore, but then again it never was.

Thursday 14 March 2024

My new eBook - Atheism is filth

This is my latest eBook and I don't care who gets offended.

Atheism is filth

And unlike sanctimonious atheist authors I don't milk my brethren and everyone else for a dollar.

My eBook is free....

In this eBook I explain how atheism is currently the biggest problem for the believers in the one and only God. It is spreading among all aspects in our life, everything from government and the public service, to entertainment and family life. The various perversions associated with atheism in society are being accepted, legally protected and enforced. This is because of "popularity", well that's what the media would enforce on you.

The end result is that the world has become nothing more than a confederation of kakistocracies, where the worst low life people of all societies have greased their way to the top of all the upper eschelons of our societies.

But all confederations have to have a leader, and this is where the issue of the Anti-Christ fits in. A confederation of utterly corrupt nations can only be headed by an utterly evil, ruthless, and corrupt leader. We are seeing a final chance for the Satan to play a winning hand in this "all or worse than nothing" poker tournament and the stakes are the highest ever known.

As a former theistic Satanist I can tell you we regarded atheists as "disposable idiots" and nothing but fools and tools. There is no love lost between theistic Satanists and atheists (or anyone else for that matter).

Unless all believers in God unite (regardless of theological differences) and resist the army of garbage, scum, and filth that wants to take this earth in this world, then all could be truly lost.