Wednesday 3 June 2015

New Patricians

But now let us look at the 'new patricians' and how they intend to implement their new order. Seeing as there is no natural spiritual impetus behind it, this new order can only expand by physical enticements and physical force. Although this could be read to be a purely physical coercion and which it is, it would be physical use of physical assets but this would be a use of Tebhel and in the view of those who partake in this usage it would be a 'subtraction' from Tebhel or at least to that part they percieve as being 'theirs' or under their control. So they would have to improvise from their understanding of Cheled, as the current majority of the so-called patrician wannabes have no concept of any spirituality but rather see anything relating to it as hypothetical or symbolic then it would be easy for the established patricians to make up things on the fly. And it is accepted and parroted by the wannabes because it is a directive from the 'established' or 'the top' and is gospel if said by a celebrity.

This is how the new ice age/global warming/climate change cult has infected humanity, again like HIV it infects healthy cells, turns them rogue and seeks to kill the host. If you ask any of these average joe hijacked beings what evidence there is for climate change and the need to de-industrialise you will be told that 'the science is settled'. The Tebhel and atheist 'scientist' will give the excuse that it is only possible to 'oppose climate change' by political actions and initiatives and lastly the politician will say it is being done to satisfy the concerns of the average joe. This is an example of the industrialised mechanics of herdthink, not only is it a willing stupidity but it is a stupidity that seeks to forcibly inject itself into and infect others. This willingly suicidal stupidity will kill its hosts and indeed infects others in a pseudo spiritual sense by turning worthless and souless corpses into martyrs and possibly memes. And the cost to Tebhel from all of this? Nothing.

In political terms we have quite atheist or apostate ideologies such as The Greens, in economic terms we have the 'green economy' and in spiritual terms we have gaia worship and corruptions of established religions which are repackaged minus God. The only people who follow these creeds are the willingly stupid and the utterly corrupt, either way they are the HIV that will seek to kill you by the same injected nature that infects them. As of this current time there is no cure.

So if you want to look at it then Malkuth is infected by HIV, humanity is the blood supply that keeps it alive both in Tebhel and Cheled terms but we are dealing with a fake sense of balance. You have the 'save the earth at all costs' environmentalists and then you have the 'anything for a dollar' business hustlers.

Both sides see each other as direct opposites and thus view their presence on this earth in this world as 'balanced' and therefore see themselves as the life - if now actual gods over anyone who is not of them.

Greenies see themselves as gods and businessmen as satan and vice versa. They see themselves as heroes in mythologies and prophets of the Bible, but nowhere in their lifeview of existence does any spirituality come into their groupthink equation. As they have no spirituality nor can they bestow anything of that nature onto the 'lesser' beings, then they can only reward them by 'physical rewards' as can be seen now.

Now take into fact that the physical rewards are actually for the most part symbolic. For example, a bank can claim to have a billion dollars because it says so on their ledger and thus it is accepted as such by the herd via herdthink. But if you were to ask that the bank show the actual cash then they could not, it doesnt exist within their bank and possibly has never been printed by the government of the country in whose name it was printed. The 'money' is generated and transfered by a few keystrokes on a computer, it is make believe adhered to by the herd and thus has by default become a godless religion. Much like Buddhism but without monks and instead infected with marxists in which Marx has replaced Buddha, on top of that it has become a political religion where it is the ultimate aim to get as much money and power while at the same time proclaiming to oppose it.

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