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Nihiltheism aka Western Atheism

Nihiltheism aka Western Atheism

Nihiltheism is the 'anti religion' of the west, to sum it up it is a belief in nothing, opposition to all established (natural) order and it is practiced as a religion (usually in a political and social context)

Nihiltheism consists of 3 parts which complement and supplement each other, these are:
1. Antitheism
2. Maltheism
3. Misotheism

Antitheism is the opposition to all religion and any practices that give praise or worship to God. It is specifically aimed at/against the God of Abraham, it aims at abolishing such worship or else rendering it void and invalid by corrupting it. This is being done by making religion to be political or social creeds instead of a spiritual faith.

Attacks against religion are not only external attacks but also internal, this can be seen in the way queers or their enablers use a religion to propagate things which are against the teachings of the prophets of that religion. In fact it is fair to say that religions splinter because of this, for example liberal churches will portray Jesus as a pro gay liberal or even claim that he is gay in order to push an agenda such as gay marriage. As for atheists? Well in regards to the non liberal churches atheists will scream that Jesus is a homophobic racist, imperialist etc. But the fact is that liberal churches are filled with the very same atheists and an example of this is the Unitarians, which should be registered as a political party or social club instead of a faith.

These xtians will call for unlimited immigration by muslims, in that regard they mean wahhabis. Now when you hear this sort of wailing you may ask yourself 'but wont these muslims kill the poofters the xtians want marriage for?'

However wahhabism is the islamic equivalent of liberal churches, the psychoticness of these two fronts actually drive people out of religion. Wahhabism is in the same manner as liberal churches and askhenazi judaism in that they will not expel their atheists as long as they do not renounce their faith in a formal manner. Looking at these three fronts they have caused the breakage of any common link between judaism, christianity and islam because they have propagated the God of Abraham as 3 different unrelated gods instead of one God.


Maltheism is the belief in God but God is percieved as a malevolent entity/being. Maltheism holds that known existence is held captive by a demiurge or lesser God - that lesser God being the God of Abraham. A maltheist has to hold a belief in panentheism because that could be the only way that the God of Abraham could hold us captive and prevent the 'real god' from 'liberating' us.

Maltheism is a branch of gnosticism so it comes with all manner of beliefs and rites which in occult terms are pretty watered down and worthless. In fact it is quite fair to say that the occult wisdom relating to maltheism is of no value whatsoever.

So what sort of people 'hold' the belief in maltheism? Actually it is western atheists (nihiltheists) who are the vast overwhelming majority of maltheists, sure there may possibly be a handful of people who subscribe to the ancient greek texts and see their opposition to God as a purely spiritual battle. But as for the rest it is a political/social/economic jihad against the world of the Abrahamic faiths, but it is not a jihad under the name of another god instead it is done under the name of no god.

Nihiltheists will adamantly declare there is no god and yet will fanatically vomit all sorts of venom about the God of Abraham, stupid crap like how he is a racist, homophobic, misogynist, neo nazi war criminal. In fact it is a psychotic hatred allegedly on behalf of nothing, hindus and non theist creeds such as Buddhism and Taoism do not scream hatred against the God of Abraham. You do not become a personal enemy to God and declare it so if you donot believe in the existence of God, the hatred shown by nihiltheists cannot be done on behalf of 'nothing'. However lets go back to gnostic maltheism, the question to ask is 'if the God of Abraham is a lesser god then who is the real god?'

The identity of this 'real god' is never revealed, it cannot be revealed by maltheists aka gnostic atheists because they do not understand what cause they serve. They are so fanatically consumed by hatred of God and embracing the dialectic of their cause that they cannot see any longterm end or consequences of their 'faith'. That is because they adhere to a faith which does not adhere to them, and as for the 'god' of maltheism?
Well.... give Lucifer (Ha-Shaitan) his due.....


Misotheism is just the outright hatred of God, it doesnt require a creed such as antitheism or maltheism as such but it is the glue that combines them to form nihiltheism. With misotheism nihiltheists can move effortlessly between antitheism and maltheism in order to justify whatever hatred they wish to indulge in.
For example... a maltheist should only be concerned with opposing the God of Abraham but they can use their misotheism to indulge in antitheism so as to oppose not only any Abrahamic religion but also to oppose rival religions such as Buddhism.

So misotheism is the hatred of God for the sake of hating God, some may say that it is just a satanic creed... but then again who is the satan of choice?

Karl Marx is the prophet of Lucifer as the Satan and the saint of antitheism as can be shown by his life which does imitate Lucifer with a shared level of vanity and self importance. The prophet of Moloch is Margaret Sanger and this is shown by the shared level of psychotic behaviour and bloodlust.

A question to ask is 'which black prophet has the biggest kill rate? Marx or Sanger?'

Marxisms murder rate has really gone down to a trickle compared to its heyday while Sangers continually increases with its army of fanatical abortionists. It is fair to say that there is a cold war rivalry between Lucifer and Moloch because they are joint rulers in Thaumiel, but if Assiah is taken by Ha-Shaitan (whoever holds that title) then there can only be one god in this scheme - not two.

Looking at the current situation it would seem that Moloch has the upper hand in this rivalry, not only does the abortion rate remain consistant and indeed increases but also the disposal of the fetus is done in a way to worship Moloch. The fetuses are incinerated just like children were incinerated in Moloch worship in ancient times, on top of that you have those who advocate for post birth abortion. Lucifer was never worshipped on earth or sacrificed to on such a massive scale as Moloch was and indeed still is. So what difference would we see if we were in the unfortunate position of being here if either Lucifer or Moloch became the 'god'?

In the case of Lucifer there initially would be little difference, the earth would be run like a fiefdom or an estate with a dictator or absolute monarch. It would not be pleasant but there would be order, but with Moloch it would be an absolute dystopia with no logic or reasoning. And do we not see this happening now? We have people going against the laws of nature, logic and reason because it is 'hip','gnarly' and 'cool'. People now take pride in their willing stupidity of which any consequences are seen to be 'funny'. People dont worry about consequences because they have no concept of them.

Margaret Sanger died a psychotic drunken junkie, she is not a hero and yet it is fashionable to portray her as one. If that is the case then why not put Pol Pot on $100 notes?

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