Saturday 19 December 2015

Reconcile Lilith & Nahema to GOD

I hope to explain and enlist your help to bring back Lilith and Nahema into the service of GOD.

If we can we will help restoration of all into the world GOD planned for us all, we can change the world for the better. Certainly better than it is now.

My motive and my aim

I believe that at this current time the world has become so infinitely and absolutely corrupt in its current status. All of our religions have been perverted to the extent that it is impossible to seperate them from being political movements rather than spiritual beliefs. The teachings of the prophets have been twisted and repeatedly reinterpreted to mean everything to everyone at any given time and now mean nothing to no-one at every given time.

God is still God, I know him as the Creator - Jehovah of Briah, I also know him as Holy Spirit of Atziluth and Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth. I believe in my Creator as nothing would exist without his design and action. There is no other entity that has been shown to create, not Satan and certainly not man. All secondary creation by these two is by using what had already existed before their thought, can either of them create dirt or life from nothing? All creation has ultimately one point of origin, there never was multiple creators. There could not be, looking at the variations of life forms it is obvious that everything is not directly equal but rather complementary which indicates that this is the design and will of an intellect of one who could never be surpassed in any manner.

Today on this earth we have "equality" enforced by those who claim God does not exist and yet hate him so much. These people are maltheists, they believe in the existence of God but regard him as "evil". In this day good has become bad, to be called wicked means you are of a higher rank than your peers. Did not George Orwell predict such things? There is an order to things and this means our entire existence both the physical and spiritual, the seen and unseen as well as the known and unknown.

The maltheists seek to overthrow all order, you might be tempted to call it nihilism but that indicates that they wish to overthrow all order and make no plans to replace it or you could call it a belief in nothing. But look at what is happening and being accepted by the population of the world, people who call themselves the "faithful" pervert the words and roles of the various prophets of various religions. The prophets told people to worship God but now their words have been re-interpreted to mean to worship them as gods. The God of the Heavens has given way to the gods on earth and even then their "deity" passes into insignificance every day. Even the majority of Satanists don't actually believe in Satan, they just use his name in order to look "wicked".
The only god the maltheist has is himself and his worshippers are the willingly stupid and the morally bankrupt. Spiritualism has given way to money as "anything for a dollar" is the new idiom for life. It is of no consequence how you get rich, you can be a drug dealer and you would be wicked in deed and "wicked" in social standing with no moral judgment passed on you as you have risen in earthly "deity" status by acolytes whose only mantra is "anything for a dollar".

I remember a saying that was associated with the hashashin of Persia... "Nothing is true, All is permitted". And indeed this seems to be the case today, natural order is ignored, good and bad are man made political definitions instead of absolute moral judgments and even then it depends for whose financial benefit they will be made.
That being the case we can apply that to matters not of this world in relation to those of this world. We who are faithful to God both in spirit and in physical being should not only seek to awaken the physical beings of this earth but the non physical as well. We have more in common with the spiritual beings that have traditionly regarded as evil rather than the earthly maltheists.
God does not need our help but I think he likes to see what we will do to impress and please him. People can be content by praying in religious services like parrots repeating the same words week in and week out, but anyone can do that - it does not really convey sincerity. We can do better.
Could we do any worse?

So what do I propose?
We should pray for those spiritual entities that are regarded as evil, if each one of us were to "adopt" one and pray for their reconciliation with God think of the difference it would make to the current man made order that we tolerate on this earth. We would truly rise above the maltheist flotsam and jetsum who for all intents and purposes interfere in our relationship with our Creator. If people are willing to pray for us in our time of trouble and times were we have drifted from God, shouldn't we do the same for others whether they are human or not?

Myself I have adopted two entities, the first being Lilith and the second being Nahema.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam, she rebelled against the natural order established by God. She was the first earthly woman not created from Adams' body (rib), she fled the Garden of Eden rather than being expelled and found company in the likes of the fallen Angels lead by the Satan (Lucifer). She is not like us as she is not under the same judgment of Adam and Eve regarding the expulsion from Eden.

Nahema is a demoness much in the way of Lilith and indeed Abyzou, but all 3 have lost any semblance of guiding mortals to serve evil. Whatever they originally had been set out to do has been hijacked by atheists/maltheists/nihiltheists and have been made redundant.

Were both women inheritantly evil? Most unlikely, but the actions of those who are supposedly acolytes of them certainly are and this has stained their reputations.
Let me put this to you, if you didn't like the actions of the government you live under you might decide to run for office in an election or become an activist. What if you won some sort of office but later discover that those who voted for you and supported you were the absolute scum of society? Would you still take office? Would you quit? Would you simply see it as its better to have someone on your side than no-one?
If enough good people can outnumber and outdo the bad then these two would have no interest in keeping their association with the scum using their names and may even rebuke them in front of the world.
This is what I am seeking to achieve, if this happened then what would the maltheists say or do? What could they do?

Look at it this way, your computer has an operating system and as you add third party programs to it the libraries and registry has to make adjustments to accommodate this software. Eventually the system becomes corrupted by conflicting functions and not to mention malware such as viruses and trojans. The hard drive has to be reformatted and operating system reinstalled for things to function as intended.
I believe we as those of this earth and existence have reached that stage.
There seems to be two types of people on this earth - the corrupted and corruptors, its time to make things right.
Or at least certainly try.

Praise the God of All and praise his aspects and name.

Praise God for his unity is one

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