Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Agenda 21 plan to eradicate 90% of the earths population suits the patricians well. In fact it is very fair to say that they are the ones behind it, the only way that a particular caste is identifiable is by physical appearance and hence their need to ensure that there can be no 'tribe' that may be in their image. The only people they want 'in their image' are their children, as for the non patrician whites... they have to be bred out or killed off and thus we see non white criminals being injected into white countries as well as the acceptance and trafficking of life shortening addictive narcotics.

These patricians are both the arsonist and the fireman, or both the spreader of HIV and peddlers of AZT. These people have no concept of consequences nor can they accept responsibility of their own actions.

Although refering to the Patrician caste and order of Ancient Rome may give us an idea of what todays neo-patricians would do to us, we need not go back so far to get a prototype or concept of what they plan. We can look at the Edwardian period in Britain that occurred after the death of Queen Victoria, the Edwardian period began in 1901 and lasted until the start of World War One. Even though Edward died in 1910 this era continued on after him and was only stopped because of 2 reasons, the first being WW1 where the elitism of the ruling class had to be tempered due to the manpower required to fight a war that had never been concieved. That also included that the children and heirs of the ruling class thought it would be a 'spiffy' idea to go and 'kick jerry up the bottom!' and instead ended up in rubbishtips of mud face down...permanently.

The second being that conditions, lifestyle and pay had improved for the female population as there was a void in the employment pool, in addition there was also the introduction of the typewriter. There was no incentive to work for the patrician families as maids on estates which had no income and were deteriorating, nor was there any incentive to lives by the rules that governed these estates as in that maids and other employees were not permitted to be seen by the family of the house or speak unless spoken to. Maids were also fucked on occassion by the 'master of the house' as this was deemed to be part of the service they were hired for. Working hours could be 18-20 hours a day and if you got sick you were dismissed. The British TV shows 'Upstairs Downstairs' and 'Downton Abbey' are examples of that time.

After the war came what is known as the 'roaring twenties' where government and gangsterism formed a symbionistic world as one could not survive without the other. Finally whatever wealth or lifestyle the 'plebs' had gained during this time was obliterated with the Wall Street crash, from rags to riches and then to death or utter docile servitude. Unless you were of the Patrician 'club' you went into a self sold slavery and the price became cheaper.

And this will happen again because people are either willingly stupid or have the memory of a goldfish, if you think it is just a white thing then you should look up and see for yourself what happened to China. China had the imperial setup with snobby royals, they had such a large population that they should have repelled any invader. But they didnt because they couldnt and paid a heavy price to the likes of Japan, then came Mao Tse Tung who abolished any royal setup there and turned China into a machine that stands over the world but he also killed more Chinese in a decade than foreign invaders did in a century and setup a pseudo nobility that lasts now.

This is what the white world faces, you may say that if todays marxist yuppies want servants they can just hire niggers, gooks etc. But they dont want them - they want you! From their point of view a farm animal is just a farm animal but a slave is mine! Non whites are just farm animals as far as they are concerned, not the sort of creatures you have serving meals or having sex with. The farm animals can sleep in the barn but you will sleep in a bed in a cellar, but if the 'master' wants to use you for sex or even your children (remember you will be owned outright and that includes everything) you cannot refuse.

You refuse? you die. Simple.
Whoever owns your dignity owns your life.
But those who have thrown away their dignity have also thrown away their lives and that includes their childrens. If you are indebt you are enslaved.

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