Friday, 6 November 2015

The cancer of the earth.... sabbateanism (Part 3)

Though Sabbatai Tzevi could be said to be the centrepiece of this maltheist gnosticism, I do believe it is Simon Magus who is the corner stone of it. It continues because of the world obsession with political correctness which has led to a defacto implementation of talmud based 'Noahide' laws which are nothing to do with any Abrahamic faith or even Noah. The only thing worse than calling a black guy a nigger is to insult a jew, whether directly or indirectly. To question the judgment of a jew in relation to anything that concerns the goyim (whether it be an issue of importance or whether it be trivial) by the goyim is now deemed to be blasphemous.

In some countries to deny or question the holocaust is a criminal offence, and if it is a jew making a complaint against you then you will be found guilty. Even if the complaint is vexatious and has no foundation, this sort of action can be found in the talmud and indeed in Saudi Arabia by wahhabis (wahhabism is said to be a crypto jew cult like donmeh, and if one has to decide whether this is true then the actions of the saudi royals would seem to confirm this).

We have this....
'christian zionism' which is contradictory in name alone, it might as well be called christian atheism. They tithe an atheist state, the existance of which opposes Abrahamic beliefs concerning the endtimes. More concerning is the view of God concerning Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they see it like this....
Jews worship God
Christians worship Jesus
Muslims worship the Moon

Jews worship God - This is an interesting point, as far as xtian zionists (I'm just going to call them xtian as they are not vaguely Christian) no jew can be exempt from 'Gods' blessings and favouritism because they are jewish. Unless a jew renounces judaism then they will be blessed and favoured, it doesnt matter whether or not they are a full blown atheist. To xtian zionists it seems not to be a matter of jews worshipping 'God'(regardless of the definition of God) but rather of God worshipping jews.
The xtian zionist view seems to be the same as the black American 'Nation of Islam' in which all black people collectively are 'Allah'. Whites are all the devil on a collective basis, and looking at the jewish propagation of non white immigration into Europe could we not say that it is the same creed being upheld by different people?

But we are dealing with the xtian zionist belief in which the acolytes of this belief, if successful will lead themselves into servitude to people who are only jewish by their maternal bloodline. Whether or not they have any spiritual beliefs (which could be anything) they are deemed 'the chosen'. Xtian Zionism by default propagates the 'tebhel jew' caste system, which is to be a royal caste system on a global basis.

Indeed.... it seems like a ripoff concerning ancient Egyptian society.

Christians worship Jesus - You can read different things into this xtian zionist version of this belief. If xtian zionists believe that only jews worship 'God' then what is Jesus? Is he deemed a lesser god for a lesser caste? Either he is a lesser god or xtian zionists believe in duo/heno theism which implies that the God of the Jews and Jesus Christ are completely unrelated entities and are not of the same essence. Well maybe they are, if the beliefs of xtian zionists are to bless the jewish people and Israel before praising Jesus then they would be. And thus it is, because observing the actions of xtian zionists would certainly indicate this. They see jews collectively as 'god' because they see every individual jew as being a higher being regardless of spiritual belief. They probably only see Jesus in a godlike role because he was born of a israelite/jewish mother but went against the established judaism of the time, thus he is just a 'tebhel jew' and because of that he failed in the Cheled department and this failure was passed on to the goyim.

Thus the xtian zionists see their purpose is to make up for the disruption Jesus caused by becoming 'spiritual jews' where the bloodline is not a matter of importance. Actually when looking upon it, this is sort of a 'Lucifer turned bad and hopes for redemption with the other demons' type story. Xtian zionism is a creed of gnosticism and chiliasm, it is in no way an Abrahamic faith but rather a willing slave servant to Sabbateanism.

Muslims worship the Moon - I dont think xtian zionists ever question this belief, really all they do is go off what is said by Israel which a stooge like John Hagee will reinterpret and issue as an order for his stooges. I doubt very much that the likes of Darby and Scofield really had a longterm plan for this. This indicates that they were more interested in propagating a gnostic belief rather than a Christian one. Either way they scored a victory for zionism but enticing people in and corrupting (if not reversing) their ideal of Christianity, Jesus and indeed the God of Abraham.

Just for the record I dont believe Muslims worship the Moon.

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