Wednesday 3 June 2015

So looking at these wannabe superior caste patricians we should look at what these people hold dear.
An overview of their beliefs show them to hold opposing views as being simultaneously true such as...

* Holding that there should be a classless multiracial society while feeling they are entitled to live in all white, rich, gated communities in prime real estate.

* Stating that Christianity should be banned in all schools but that gaia worship and other forms of enviromental belief should be compulsory. Other religions should be tolerated if they are overwhelmingly non-white so as to preserve ethnic human rights.

* Expounding that everyone is obliged to perform manual tasks in order to maintain the global society while they are adhering to non manual positions within national governments.

* Propagating there should be no class ranks within ethnic communities and yet propagating there should be class ranks within white societies.

For all the yelling and screaming they do about white people being nazis, racists, snobs etc, they are in fact the vary people they describe and insult. They all have cognative dissonance which they can recognise in everyone else except themselves, they are so removed from themselves because they have no souls. These people have no concept of dignity or the ability to gain such because they have renounced God and their souls and thus seek to get others to renounce God and their souls and if they can achieve that then to take their dignity and ultimately their lives will be an easy matter.

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