Saturday 19 December 2015

Reconcile Lilith & Nahema to GOD (i)

Some Q&A about this writing and its purpose.

Q: What is this writing about?
A: This writing is to encourage and lead others into its purpose, that being the reconciliation of Lilith and Nahema with Jehovah or GOD or even the God of Abraham if you wish. Regardless of the names you know the above 3 by, it is their reconciliation with each other that is the purpose.

Q: If this happens what will happen?
A: To be totally honest I don't really know, but if this does happen it would be fair to say that they (Lilith and Nahema) would no longer be figureheads or excuses for the corrupt and perverted who use them to justify their acts of cruelty, corruption and self worship. I do believe if Lilith and Nahema are reconciled with GOD then it would be a great step to Tiqqun Olam or restoration of the world, the world as GOD meant it to be.
A world without evil or malice and with a great improvement to all animated beings.

Q: But what's in it for me?
A: It can cost you nothing, after all what does it cost you to pray? You will be contributing to the greater good of this world and in turn to yourself. You will be forcing honesty to society which to be honest seems quite corrupt. You will feel good because you know you are doing good.

Q: Are we praying to these 2 with the shrines and stuff? Should we be?
A: Absolutely not! You are praying for them not to them, you must never pray to anyone but GOD.

Q: Will you succeed?
A: I certainly hope to, but the more that know means that more can help. We have to start somewhere.

Q: But how is this going to suceed?
A: If Lilith can 'jailbreak' out of the sephira of Gomaliel on the Tree of Death then the tree will be out of balance. It certainly would have a much lesser impact on this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah... or Malkuth on the Tree of Life)

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