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Goetia..... just a bit.....

Chapter 3
Continuing on

The Goetia is an imitation of the Shem ha-Mephorash, as the Shem ha-Mephorash is an order of angels which can be accessed through performing rituals during certain astrological/planetary hours and the use of sigils. The same applies to the Goetia; and as there are 72 angels in the Shem ha-Mephorash the same number of demons can be accessed by the Goetia.

Magic using the Shem ha-Mephorash can be accessed through all four worlds (Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah) but the demons of the Goetia and thus their ‘magic’ can only be accessed in the world of Assiah. So the Goetia does not and cannot exist in Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah and thus the Shem ha-Mephorash operating in those worlds is not ‘counter balanced’. But the Shem ha-Mephorash is balanced in any event as each angel by default can produce a virtue and a vice, it is what the magician or operator does in ritual that decides the overall result of any ritual petitioning an angel.
In Assiah the Shem ha-Mephorash still operates in the same manner as in the other worlds, the Goetia does operate in a similar manner but there are differences. Let me give an example by comparing the first angel of the Shem ha-Mephorash (Vehuiah) and the first demon of the Goetia (Bael).

Positive aspect – Subtle spirit. Endowed with great wisdom, enthusiastic for science and the arts, capable of undertaking and accomplishing the most difficult things.
Negative aspect – Unquiet man, anger.

‘Positive’ aspect – Imparts invisibility and ‘wisdom’.
Negative aspect – None is mentioned.

It seems that the angels of the Shem ha-Mephorash are more inclined to do something for you, while the demons of the Goetia are inclined to ‘give’ you something. With the Shem ha-Mephorash it is more a case of them getting you to help yourself, you do a ritual but you also have to make an effort to do something in order to receive the help you are seeking. On the other hand the demons of the Goetia just seem to do a simple exchange much like a transaction, but if you are buying goods from the demons then what are you using as currency?

So we see that in actions with angels that they are balanced with both a virtue and vice within themselves. But with demons they need us to interact with them to get a ‘taste’ of a type of balance and that is why they will offer us a measure of what we desire in Assiah. And in return we will allow them to access our soul, from which they take pieces of our soul ‘essence’, the more they give us then the more they will take away. When they have your soul then your body will follow, if a demon wants a soulless body it is no big deal to take it. This might explain some mental illnesses where people change personality overnight.

Another difference between the angels and demons in these opposing systems is the order of their astrological influence. I‘ll explain it to you, so just bear with me. In both the Shem ha-Mephorash and the Goetia there are 72 individual beings, in the Shem ha-Mephorash there are 72 angels and in the Goetia there are 72 demons. Each angel/demon is accessed by facing a certain direction, so starting due East with the first angel/demon and going clockwise 5 degrees for every angel/demon a complete circle is made (72 x 5 degrees=360 degrees).

As to the astrological influences, these come into it in regards to planetary hours for performing ritual. With the Shem ha-Mephorash the angels are divided into blocks of six in sequence (12 x 6=72), both the Shem ha-Mephorash and Goetia start of with the star sign Aries. In the Shem ha-Mephorash the first six angels are under Aries, the next six are under Taurus and so on. With the Goetia it differs; the first, second and third demons are under the Aries sign but also the demons on the ‘opposite’ side of the circle (37th, 38th and 39th). I can only take this as it is the only way that the circle can keep a balance as it seems to be disruptive if there are ‘opposing’ star signs. Whereas the circle of the Shem ha-Mephorash is continually in balance regardless of which star sign faces the other in the circle.

More charm than Abra-Melin?

Chapter 2
Know your enemy

You might be of the opinion that it’s just demons who are your enemy, this is not strictly true as they have ‘fellow travellers’ in the likes of atheists, sociopaths and psychopaths as well as theistic Satanists (the other types of Satanists are actually atheist). They are not so much deliberate allies by choice in serving Satan but rather default allies by choice in opposing God. But that doesn’t mean they actually like or respect each other, a common saying is “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” but in most cases the enemy of your enemy is just another enemy. It really comes down to your priority of hating someone, theistic Satanists hate atheists but they see God as a more pressing threat to them.

So from that we have the following groups of enemies, that being;
Miscellaneous: This could include nonsensical nutjobs, spiteful haters of everything and those of the above groups who might change their circumstance and indeed being at any given time. However we have to look at the real possibility that we may be up against people seeking to introduce a ‘new god’ and without God or Satan in the scheme.

They are too numerous to name individually and the variations of their individual names between language groups can cause error and confusion. What people may believe to be an individual demon may actually be two but with similar names and what you may perceive as two individual demons may actually be one. The mispronunciation of a single letter may make all the difference; it can make any prayer or magic spell against a demon worthless if it is personally aimed at them. And to spend, if not dedicate ones’ time to fighting against a single demon would be wasteful unless there were a multitude of others personally fighting the individual others on a ‘one on one’ basis.

But we know that would never be the case, if it was there would be multitudes of others all doing this. There would be so many that it would be impossible for any person not to know anyone engaged in fighting demons. Maybe this quote will sum it up….

“If the eye could perceive the demons that people the universe, existence would be impossible. The demons are more numerous than we are.” – Talmud

Even though this was written some time ago and the human population has continually increased, the fact is that demons are still punching to at least equal to their weight. For as much as the human population has increased so too has atheism, apostasy, ‘mental illness’ which now covers a variety of man made soul/spiritual conditions such as sociopaths and psychopaths, and in addition to that you have increases in people with occult and satanic practices (either by design or default). These people will find that ignorance isn’t bliss.
But for the purpose of this text I will name the demons of importance and where they come into things.

I will be drawing on the following;
The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin
The ‘Tree of Death’ in Assiah (Kabbalah)
The Goetia

We’ll start with Abra-Melin; I do recommend that you get the book “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage”. The book I am referencing from is by S. L. Mac Gregor-Mathers and printed by The Aquarian Press of Wellingborough, Northhamptonshire.

The demons here are in an order (as they are elsewhere), at the top you have the four princes and below them are eight sub-princes and beneath them are their servants. So there is a ‘bureaucracy’ in this setup and things can only be allowed to happen or not to happen because of this order. The demonic realm is not some $2 setup unlike…I dare say…some ’christian groups/faiths’.

The four princes are;

The eight sub-princes are;

And there are a total of 316 demons which are servants to the sub-princes, who in turn serve the four princes. That doesn’t mean that there are only a total of 328 demons of various ratings but rather it is the number of known demons that can be accessed by this particular magic system. What I will do now is go through the names of the princes and sub-princes and explain a few things about them.

This is actually a title and not a name, think of it in the same way you have a titular head of state. Much like you have the Queen of England, who is at the current time Elizabeth Windsor. The title ‘Satan’ is being currently held by Lucifer who could be compared to a ‘president’ of a government in exile. And in the same way that the Queen of England may behave in a certain manner in public because of protocol, you have Elizabeth Windsor who may behave differently in private. The same applies to Lucifer and Satan which may lead people to believe they are two individual beings when it is just one individual being with two personas.
The proper name for the position of Satan is ‘Adam Satan’ meaning adversary or accuser of man. Otherwise he is commonly referred to as ‘Ha Shaitan’ which simply means ‘The Satan’.

He is the first angel (if not the first being) created by God, but as we all know he thought he should be the boss and he doesn’t like mankind for that matter.

Often described as a sea monster he is actually more of a lord of the abstract in ‘spiritual’ thinking.

Even though described as a prince here, Belial is a major player and was apparently created next after Lucifer. He also appears in the ‘Tree of Death’ and the Goetia. The name Belial can be interpreted as ‘wicked one’ but is generally known to mean ‘without God’.
And then you have the eight sub-princes, but I have decided to do a final list of the major demons operating within the occult rather than unnecessarily repeating myself as some do appear in the other occult references such as Belial. So I will name the demons in the other occult systems and give a final overview for your reference.

Next stop…… Goetia

Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 1

I suppose I should explain about the title I have chosen for this book and thus I will. It is from my Kabbalah knowledge and while I do not claim to be an utter expert in all facets of Kabbalah I will explain that which I know. The word Tebhel is used to describe the purely physical aspect of this Earth in this world; it is another word to describe the immanent aspect. The word Cheled describes the spiritual aspect or the transcendent. This Earth in this world (Assiah) is composed of the immanent Tebhel and the transcendent Cheled, if both of these were not present then the Earth would be just a lump of rock without life (or at least intelligent self aware life) or else Earth would be just a symbolic location without physical limitations and without physical life but rather spiritual beings.

So for this Earth to be a physical realm it is placed in Assiah (the world of action or physical world) but for our souls to relate and live within it we must have physical bodies. Tebhel and Cheled make a balance for us to live as physical, spiritual and soul beings. Angels can visit our world (if they have permission to do so) but do not reside in it because they can reside in other worlds (Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah).
Demons on the other hand are bound to Assiah but cannot ‘live’ within it as we do because they do not have physical bodies which they were born with. And this is why they seek our bodies to inhabit, but to do that they first must get us to relinquish our souls by our own doing.

And indeed this they are doing, as we see now how atheism is being propagated by so called ‘celebrities’ who make denying God to be hip and cool. If people willingly choose not to believe in God then they certainly will not deal with the issue of demons, they will just go into a state of willing denial. It is not a problem as far as they are concerned because the TV said so! And if it is someone elses problem then it is their own fault because they are bigots (and not accepting of others and other politically correct claptrap musings inserted here).
But you didn’t want a speech from me so let’s continue on and I’ll explain what I will write about within the book.

Ch 2: Know your enemy
Demons are not just some monolithic bloc, they are individuals and they are arranged in orders. If you can identify one you’re up against, then you will know what he can or cannot do. Also take into consideration that there are just as many human opponents that have to be dealt with.

Ch 3: Continuing on

Ch 3: Know your weapons
You don’t show up with a knife to a gun fight, you must know all your options. There are no ‘Queensbury’ rules or a referee to intervene if you are losing.

Ch 4: Preparation
Just like in a street fight you have to know what you can and cannot do, with what you can do you must practice and be better at it than your enemies. You also have to be able to defend yourself and indeed others.

Ch 5: Know your battleground
It is not only a ‘spiritual’ battle; you will find yourself fighting physical opponents. You will be fighting on physical and spiritual turfs and even on both at the same time.

Ch 6: Strategies
You have to have a good game plan just like in any competitive sport, if you don’t have one whether in a solo or team sport you will lose.

I will make my references known at the end of the book
Now let’s proceed…

New book maybe.......?

More writing for you.... maybe a new book on its own or maybe bring it in with disholy trinity....

Chapter 0
Total warfare for Tebhel and Cheled of Malkuth in Assiah

I have written this book for the believers of the one and only God, that being the God of Abraham. We may know him by his aspects as we can perceive them, namely the Holy Spirit, the Holy Creator Father Jehovah and Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth. Regardless of how you know him be and rest assured his unity is one, he is the one God for his essence has never been broken and is continuous in the aspects of him that we know. There is only one God – there is no other.
Being a believer is not just something to write on a census form, it means knowing ones place on this Earth in this world. It means accepting that you are not ‘some person’ and that your life wasn’t ‘just chance’, it also means you realise that you should aspire to be the best you can be in a spiritual sense rather than a material sense. It means you are no longer just a bystander within a herd and following without thinking.

The lives of bystanders mean nothing and every member of the herd gets killed, as can be seen in any abattoir. If you are a believer of Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth then I do not want to see your lifetime on this Earth in this world wasted. If you are an opponent of God whether by design or default, in that case I couldn’t care less what happens to you.
This isn’t going to be an ‘Oh Jesus help me!!!’ book, I don’t do manuals for fools. Jesus ain’t your butler or bodyguard; remember God helps those that help themselves. You want help from God? Then show him you are worthy of receiving it.
I will be drawing from my occult background for this book, that being my 4 years in theistic Satanism and my 20 years in practical Kabbalah. As well as a few bits and pieces from my flirtations of other occult systems.
But rest assured I am a follower of Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth.
Praise be upon him and praise be upon his name and glory!

So have a coffee, relax and then take a deep breath before you continue on, we are going to take a deep dive.
Have a tune…
“Fight fire with fire” – Metallica

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Ponerology - the study of evil

This is something worth looking at....


The Science of Evil

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root.”
– Henry David Thoreau in Walden

Militant aggression, conquest and colonialism. Oppression. Genocide. Ecological destruction. Economic depredation. Domestic conflict. Child abuse. Bullying. Waste. Neglect.

These and other related pernicious phenomena have perpetually persisted for millennia, assuming various forms in each generation to thwart anew the dream for a sustainably healthy world. A diverse range of people, motivated by a combination of principled conscience, self-interest and concern for those that they care about, have taken an interest in, investigated or worked to help resolve these issues. This range includes experts in a variety of fields who have carried out, to the best of their abilities, scientific studies focused on understanding and discovering solutions to each of these challenges. Yet, despite the investment of all of this energy by so many, humanity has been unable to reduce their impact significantly enough to achieve the type of lasting peace, harmony and justice that we assume all of us desire.

Why is this?

Just googling ponerology gives heaps of decent websites concerning this, usually bringing up sociopaths, psychopaths and a scientific-psychological angle. The stuff they say is quite accurate and some describe government as a pathocracy, that being that these shitbags have sewn up the political openings in government and its a case of bastards helping bastards.

On another site (davidicke) I had posted some writings and another poster added that one can see the same pattern of behaviour occuring worldwide. The gods/demons/spirits etc may have different names to different cultures but they all act in the same manner.

Myself I would answer this from my experience, Lucifer(Satan) and Moloch are joint rulers of Thaumiel (the Kether of the Tree of Death) whoever manages to boot the other one out gets to rule Thaumiel (and indeed the rest of the Tree) as ha-Shaitan in their own right. Moloch is psychotic and unpredictable, has people sacrificing to him by default (abortion). And yet at the same time you have the Quimbanda sect (brazilian type voodoo) who believe and indeed seek to have Lucifer reconcile with God. If this happens this will make Moloch the new Satan.... hell on earth will come

interesting site,,,

The cancer of 'christian zionism'

The cancer of 'christian zionism'

This is an ideology not a spiritual faith or religious belief, 'christian zionism' is a creed with its own Bible and that being the scofield bible. The inventor of christian zionism was john darby of the plymouth brethren who went on to found the 'exclusive brethren'. The main proponent of christian zionism today is john hagee who calls on christians to bless jews as their first priority.

(Im just going to refer to 'christian zionists'as 'xtian zionists' because there is nothing remotely Christian about them),

The main thrust at the moment is a 'pre-tribulation rapture' in which the xtian zionist faithful are brought to heaven leaving the jews and non believers who will then battle it out amongst themselves and the end result will be Jesus (sananda?) coming to the rescue and the jews live happily ever after etc.
Myself...I dont go for much on doomsday scenarios, no man will know when such a thing will happen and a trail of failed prophets proves that. All I can do for you is offer my opinion and perspective on the xtian zionist senario of the moment....

First of all, zionism is an atheist movement. It was based on a bloodline need for a jewish state not a religious one, after all in religious (judaist) terms the restoration of Israel is only supposed to occur with the appearance of the moshiach (messiah) but the issue of the restoration of Israel brings up whether it is supposed to be a slither of land in the middle east or the entire world, if it is the entire earth/world the issues of tiqqun olam, bloodline jews, 'spiritual jews' and indeed Assiah also come into play.

Zionism is a creed for a physical homeland for a people who are defined physically solely on the basis of the bloodline. There is nothing spiritual about it and it is said 50% of jews in Israel are indeed atheist or do not subscribe to judaism in a spiritual sense or application. The anti zionist jewish population of Israel is said to be less than 10%, as for the other 40%? Well this is where it gets interesting as for all intents and purposes they seem to subscribe to pantheist type belief which can vary in people and change at any given time.

As to where xtian zionism comes into it? Well... it takes a decidedly blasphemous and apostate turn here... They are very big on the physical jews are given rights to overlord spiritual jews and this is the way it will be when the 'earth' is conquered by 'jesus' and everybody else goes to hell. Problem here for them is that jews dont believe in hell, especially those who are either atheist or pantheist. In this instance they are holding true 2 utterly opposed alien concepts as a religious belief. Does this make any logical sense as a religious faith? No.
Would it make sense or be applicable in a caste system in a purely physical realm? Well... maybe it might be workable in a sense if the jews were running a concentration camp and the likes of hagee was a kapo and everyone else were just run of the mill inmates who were denied privilages because they were not fervent enough.

Another thing that xtian zionists seem to adhere to is that anything before the birth of Jesus Christ is off limits to them, as far as they are concerned jews are more qualified to comment on the Old Testament than they are. As far as they are concerned the only time they are qualified to comment on the Old Testament is when they are trying to indoctrinate everyone else into blessing the jews.

One must ask how zionism is to applied, it seems it depends on who you are physically or spiritually. If one is of a jewish mother then it is through physical bloodline that makes you jewish and there is no need for a spiritual belief and certainly not one in a metaphysical and transcendant God. It is a purely physical qualification that makes you a 'chosen person' as opposed to conversion which makes you an 'adopted person' and therefore not as 'chosen'. As for hagee and his stooges, they willingly accept a part in a lesser caste and are for practical purposes an 'indoctrinated person'. So within bloodline jews you have the askhenazi, sephardic, mizrahi, cochini, etc. The converts are deemed less than them and the xtian zionists are deemed even lower, so for all intents and purposes we have a caste system in concept which could be aligned up to the Adam Kadmon concept. As for everyone else, they are only good for landfill or spare parts. You might be asking how could such a system operate? On what blueprint could it be planned and function?

Lets go back into kabbalah for a possible answer, we have the Adam Kadmon concept which is a body of God based on the Tree of Life. If Adam Kadmon is to be displayed as standing on something he is usually displayed as standing on this earth in this world. The sephiroth are the most spiritual in aim and application starting from the crown of the head and as they descend downwards they become less spiritual and more physical in application. So we have a very basic 'spirit to physical' blueprint and method.

But if the spirit/physical blueprint is reversed we would not have Adam Kadmon standing on this earth in this world. Rather we would have Adam Belial standing on his head with the earth on his feet. Assuming that the 'higher' sephiroth would be physical and the lower being spiritual then anything spiritual would be contained between the now physical 'kether'(or rather Thaumiel) and the now purely physical earth which would be Tebhel in 'essence' and Arqa in application.

......a reversal of order.....

Replacing the spiritual for the physical.... a reversal of order
I wonder what their version of Jesus Christ is?
Most probably a new age 'jesus' or cosmic 'christ', the new age has coughed up a new age 'abraham' and all these concepts are sold with the same spruiking that one associates with hagee.

I would love to know if hagee is a sociopath, it would explain a lot.....

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Been transferred to Christ

This is something I never thought was likely or even possible.
But I have become a defacto Christian, it was while praying to Jehovah and somewhat concerned how I would appear to him by my hanging around Christians. I said "I will not practice Christianity or call myself one until every spiv, hustler and conman has been driven out of it."

This was followed by a silence I felt inside and outside of me, I then went "no no no no!" I had been punk'd by Jehovah using my own words and now I have this 'job' to serve what Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth sought to teach people.

I suppose I was not enthusiastic about it initially but I do realise that Christianity (along with other faiths) have been corrupted by opportunists seeking money, celebrity and lifestyle (sounds familiar doesnt it?). But through this job I have learned about God in a metaphysical way, which I will tell to others when appropriate.

Oh....guess who taught me to refer to Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth rather than just Jesus?

Its a big workload but I think I will become a better person for it.
So for your dubious pleasure here is my youtube channel.....
Leons' YouTube Channel