Monday 23 March 2015

New book maybe.......?

More writing for you.... maybe a new book on its own or maybe bring it in with disholy trinity....

Chapter 0
Total warfare for Tebhel and Cheled of Malkuth in Assiah

I have written this book for the believers of the one and only God, that being the God of Abraham. We may know him by his aspects as we can perceive them, namely the Holy Spirit, the Holy Creator Father Jehovah and Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth. Regardless of how you know him be and rest assured his unity is one, he is the one God for his essence has never been broken and is continuous in the aspects of him that we know. There is only one God – there is no other.
Being a believer is not just something to write on a census form, it means knowing ones place on this Earth in this world. It means accepting that you are not ‘some person’ and that your life wasn’t ‘just chance’, it also means you realise that you should aspire to be the best you can be in a spiritual sense rather than a material sense. It means you are no longer just a bystander within a herd and following without thinking.

The lives of bystanders mean nothing and every member of the herd gets killed, as can be seen in any abattoir. If you are a believer of Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth then I do not want to see your lifetime on this Earth in this world wasted. If you are an opponent of God whether by design or default, in that case I couldn’t care less what happens to you.
This isn’t going to be an ‘Oh Jesus help me!!!’ book, I don’t do manuals for fools. Jesus ain’t your butler or bodyguard; remember God helps those that help themselves. You want help from God? Then show him you are worthy of receiving it.
I will be drawing from my occult background for this book, that being my 4 years in theistic Satanism and my 20 years in practical Kabbalah. As well as a few bits and pieces from my flirtations of other occult systems.
But rest assured I am a follower of Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth.
Praise be upon him and praise be upon his name and glory!

So have a coffee, relax and then take a deep breath before you continue on, we are going to take a deep dive.
Have a tune…
“Fight fire with fire” – Metallica

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