Saturday 14 March 2015

Ponerology - the study of evil

This is something worth looking at....


The Science of Evil

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root.”
– Henry David Thoreau in Walden

Militant aggression, conquest and colonialism. Oppression. Genocide. Ecological destruction. Economic depredation. Domestic conflict. Child abuse. Bullying. Waste. Neglect.

These and other related pernicious phenomena have perpetually persisted for millennia, assuming various forms in each generation to thwart anew the dream for a sustainably healthy world. A diverse range of people, motivated by a combination of principled conscience, self-interest and concern for those that they care about, have taken an interest in, investigated or worked to help resolve these issues. This range includes experts in a variety of fields who have carried out, to the best of their abilities, scientific studies focused on understanding and discovering solutions to each of these challenges. Yet, despite the investment of all of this energy by so many, humanity has been unable to reduce their impact significantly enough to achieve the type of lasting peace, harmony and justice that we assume all of us desire.

Why is this?

Just googling ponerology gives heaps of decent websites concerning this, usually bringing up sociopaths, psychopaths and a scientific-psychological angle. The stuff they say is quite accurate and some describe government as a pathocracy, that being that these shitbags have sewn up the political openings in government and its a case of bastards helping bastards.

On another site (davidicke) I had posted some writings and another poster added that one can see the same pattern of behaviour occuring worldwide. The gods/demons/spirits etc may have different names to different cultures but they all act in the same manner.

Myself I would answer this from my experience, Lucifer(Satan) and Moloch are joint rulers of Thaumiel (the Kether of the Tree of Death) whoever manages to boot the other one out gets to rule Thaumiel (and indeed the rest of the Tree) as ha-Shaitan in their own right. Moloch is psychotic and unpredictable, has people sacrificing to him by default (abortion). And yet at the same time you have the Quimbanda sect (brazilian type voodoo) who believe and indeed seek to have Lucifer reconcile with God. If this happens this will make Moloch the new Satan.... hell on earth will come

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