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More charm than Abra-Melin?

Chapter 2
Know your enemy

You might be of the opinion that it’s just demons who are your enemy, this is not strictly true as they have ‘fellow travellers’ in the likes of atheists, sociopaths and psychopaths as well as theistic Satanists (the other types of Satanists are actually atheist). They are not so much deliberate allies by choice in serving Satan but rather default allies by choice in opposing God. But that doesn’t mean they actually like or respect each other, a common saying is “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” but in most cases the enemy of your enemy is just another enemy. It really comes down to your priority of hating someone, theistic Satanists hate atheists but they see God as a more pressing threat to them.

So from that we have the following groups of enemies, that being;
Miscellaneous: This could include nonsensical nutjobs, spiteful haters of everything and those of the above groups who might change their circumstance and indeed being at any given time. However we have to look at the real possibility that we may be up against people seeking to introduce a ‘new god’ and without God or Satan in the scheme.

They are too numerous to name individually and the variations of their individual names between language groups can cause error and confusion. What people may believe to be an individual demon may actually be two but with similar names and what you may perceive as two individual demons may actually be one. The mispronunciation of a single letter may make all the difference; it can make any prayer or magic spell against a demon worthless if it is personally aimed at them. And to spend, if not dedicate ones’ time to fighting against a single demon would be wasteful unless there were a multitude of others personally fighting the individual others on a ‘one on one’ basis.

But we know that would never be the case, if it was there would be multitudes of others all doing this. There would be so many that it would be impossible for any person not to know anyone engaged in fighting demons. Maybe this quote will sum it up….

“If the eye could perceive the demons that people the universe, existence would be impossible. The demons are more numerous than we are.” – Talmud

Even though this was written some time ago and the human population has continually increased, the fact is that demons are still punching to at least equal to their weight. For as much as the human population has increased so too has atheism, apostasy, ‘mental illness’ which now covers a variety of man made soul/spiritual conditions such as sociopaths and psychopaths, and in addition to that you have increases in people with occult and satanic practices (either by design or default). These people will find that ignorance isn’t bliss.
But for the purpose of this text I will name the demons of importance and where they come into things.

I will be drawing on the following;
The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin
The ‘Tree of Death’ in Assiah (Kabbalah)
The Goetia

We’ll start with Abra-Melin; I do recommend that you get the book “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage”. The book I am referencing from is by S. L. Mac Gregor-Mathers and printed by The Aquarian Press of Wellingborough, Northhamptonshire.

The demons here are in an order (as they are elsewhere), at the top you have the four princes and below them are eight sub-princes and beneath them are their servants. So there is a ‘bureaucracy’ in this setup and things can only be allowed to happen or not to happen because of this order. The demonic realm is not some $2 setup unlike…I dare say…some ’christian groups/faiths’.

The four princes are;

The eight sub-princes are;

And there are a total of 316 demons which are servants to the sub-princes, who in turn serve the four princes. That doesn’t mean that there are only a total of 328 demons of various ratings but rather it is the number of known demons that can be accessed by this particular magic system. What I will do now is go through the names of the princes and sub-princes and explain a few things about them.

This is actually a title and not a name, think of it in the same way you have a titular head of state. Much like you have the Queen of England, who is at the current time Elizabeth Windsor. The title ‘Satan’ is being currently held by Lucifer who could be compared to a ‘president’ of a government in exile. And in the same way that the Queen of England may behave in a certain manner in public because of protocol, you have Elizabeth Windsor who may behave differently in private. The same applies to Lucifer and Satan which may lead people to believe they are two individual beings when it is just one individual being with two personas.
The proper name for the position of Satan is ‘Adam Satan’ meaning adversary or accuser of man. Otherwise he is commonly referred to as ‘Ha Shaitan’ which simply means ‘The Satan’.

He is the first angel (if not the first being) created by God, but as we all know he thought he should be the boss and he doesn’t like mankind for that matter.

Often described as a sea monster he is actually more of a lord of the abstract in ‘spiritual’ thinking.

Even though described as a prince here, Belial is a major player and was apparently created next after Lucifer. He also appears in the ‘Tree of Death’ and the Goetia. The name Belial can be interpreted as ‘wicked one’ but is generally known to mean ‘without God’.
And then you have the eight sub-princes, but I have decided to do a final list of the major demons operating within the occult rather than unnecessarily repeating myself as some do appear in the other occult references such as Belial. So I will name the demons in the other occult systems and give a final overview for your reference.

Next stop…… Goetia

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