Monday 23 March 2015

Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 1

I suppose I should explain about the title I have chosen for this book and thus I will. It is from my Kabbalah knowledge and while I do not claim to be an utter expert in all facets of Kabbalah I will explain that which I know. The word Tebhel is used to describe the purely physical aspect of this Earth in this world; it is another word to describe the immanent aspect. The word Cheled describes the spiritual aspect or the transcendent. This Earth in this world (Assiah) is composed of the immanent Tebhel and the transcendent Cheled, if both of these were not present then the Earth would be just a lump of rock without life (or at least intelligent self aware life) or else Earth would be just a symbolic location without physical limitations and without physical life but rather spiritual beings.

So for this Earth to be a physical realm it is placed in Assiah (the world of action or physical world) but for our souls to relate and live within it we must have physical bodies. Tebhel and Cheled make a balance for us to live as physical, spiritual and soul beings. Angels can visit our world (if they have permission to do so) but do not reside in it because they can reside in other worlds (Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah).
Demons on the other hand are bound to Assiah but cannot ‘live’ within it as we do because they do not have physical bodies which they were born with. And this is why they seek our bodies to inhabit, but to do that they first must get us to relinquish our souls by our own doing.

And indeed this they are doing, as we see now how atheism is being propagated by so called ‘celebrities’ who make denying God to be hip and cool. If people willingly choose not to believe in God then they certainly will not deal with the issue of demons, they will just go into a state of willing denial. It is not a problem as far as they are concerned because the TV said so! And if it is someone elses problem then it is their own fault because they are bigots (and not accepting of others and other politically correct claptrap musings inserted here).
But you didn’t want a speech from me so let’s continue on and I’ll explain what I will write about within the book.

Ch 2: Know your enemy
Demons are not just some monolithic bloc, they are individuals and they are arranged in orders. If you can identify one you’re up against, then you will know what he can or cannot do. Also take into consideration that there are just as many human opponents that have to be dealt with.

Ch 3: Continuing on

Ch 3: Know your weapons
You don’t show up with a knife to a gun fight, you must know all your options. There are no ‘Queensbury’ rules or a referee to intervene if you are losing.

Ch 4: Preparation
Just like in a street fight you have to know what you can and cannot do, with what you can do you must practice and be better at it than your enemies. You also have to be able to defend yourself and indeed others.

Ch 5: Know your battleground
It is not only a ‘spiritual’ battle; you will find yourself fighting physical opponents. You will be fighting on physical and spiritual turfs and even on both at the same time.

Ch 6: Strategies
You have to have a good game plan just like in any competitive sport, if you don’t have one whether in a solo or team sport you will lose.

I will make my references known at the end of the book
Now let’s proceed…

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