Saturday 14 March 2015

The cancer of 'christian zionism'

The cancer of 'christian zionism'

This is an ideology not a spiritual faith or religious belief, 'christian zionism' is a creed with its own Bible and that being the scofield bible. The inventor of christian zionism was john darby of the plymouth brethren who went on to found the 'exclusive brethren'. The main proponent of christian zionism today is john hagee who calls on christians to bless jews as their first priority.

(Im just going to refer to 'christian zionists'as 'xtian zionists' because there is nothing remotely Christian about them),

The main thrust at the moment is a 'pre-tribulation rapture' in which the xtian zionist faithful are brought to heaven leaving the jews and non believers who will then battle it out amongst themselves and the end result will be Jesus (sananda?) coming to the rescue and the jews live happily ever after etc.
Myself...I dont go for much on doomsday scenarios, no man will know when such a thing will happen and a trail of failed prophets proves that. All I can do for you is offer my opinion and perspective on the xtian zionist senario of the moment....

First of all, zionism is an atheist movement. It was based on a bloodline need for a jewish state not a religious one, after all in religious (judaist) terms the restoration of Israel is only supposed to occur with the appearance of the moshiach (messiah) but the issue of the restoration of Israel brings up whether it is supposed to be a slither of land in the middle east or the entire world, if it is the entire earth/world the issues of tiqqun olam, bloodline jews, 'spiritual jews' and indeed Assiah also come into play.

Zionism is a creed for a physical homeland for a people who are defined physically solely on the basis of the bloodline. There is nothing spiritual about it and it is said 50% of jews in Israel are indeed atheist or do not subscribe to judaism in a spiritual sense or application. The anti zionist jewish population of Israel is said to be less than 10%, as for the other 40%? Well this is where it gets interesting as for all intents and purposes they seem to subscribe to pantheist type belief which can vary in people and change at any given time.

As to where xtian zionism comes into it? Well... it takes a decidedly blasphemous and apostate turn here... They are very big on the physical jews are given rights to overlord spiritual jews and this is the way it will be when the 'earth' is conquered by 'jesus' and everybody else goes to hell. Problem here for them is that jews dont believe in hell, especially those who are either atheist or pantheist. In this instance they are holding true 2 utterly opposed alien concepts as a religious belief. Does this make any logical sense as a religious faith? No.
Would it make sense or be applicable in a caste system in a purely physical realm? Well... maybe it might be workable in a sense if the jews were running a concentration camp and the likes of hagee was a kapo and everyone else were just run of the mill inmates who were denied privilages because they were not fervent enough.

Another thing that xtian zionists seem to adhere to is that anything before the birth of Jesus Christ is off limits to them, as far as they are concerned jews are more qualified to comment on the Old Testament than they are. As far as they are concerned the only time they are qualified to comment on the Old Testament is when they are trying to indoctrinate everyone else into blessing the jews.

One must ask how zionism is to applied, it seems it depends on who you are physically or spiritually. If one is of a jewish mother then it is through physical bloodline that makes you jewish and there is no need for a spiritual belief and certainly not one in a metaphysical and transcendant God. It is a purely physical qualification that makes you a 'chosen person' as opposed to conversion which makes you an 'adopted person' and therefore not as 'chosen'. As for hagee and his stooges, they willingly accept a part in a lesser caste and are for practical purposes an 'indoctrinated person'. So within bloodline jews you have the askhenazi, sephardic, mizrahi, cochini, etc. The converts are deemed less than them and the xtian zionists are deemed even lower, so for all intents and purposes we have a caste system in concept which could be aligned up to the Adam Kadmon concept. As for everyone else, they are only good for landfill or spare parts. You might be asking how could such a system operate? On what blueprint could it be planned and function?

Lets go back into kabbalah for a possible answer, we have the Adam Kadmon concept which is a body of God based on the Tree of Life. If Adam Kadmon is to be displayed as standing on something he is usually displayed as standing on this earth in this world. The sephiroth are the most spiritual in aim and application starting from the crown of the head and as they descend downwards they become less spiritual and more physical in application. So we have a very basic 'spirit to physical' blueprint and method.

But if the spirit/physical blueprint is reversed we would not have Adam Kadmon standing on this earth in this world. Rather we would have Adam Belial standing on his head with the earth on his feet. Assuming that the 'higher' sephiroth would be physical and the lower being spiritual then anything spiritual would be contained between the now physical 'kether'(or rather Thaumiel) and the now purely physical earth which would be Tebhel in 'essence' and Arqa in application.

......a reversal of order.....

Replacing the spiritual for the physical.... a reversal of order
I wonder what their version of Jesus Christ is?
Most probably a new age 'jesus' or cosmic 'christ', the new age has coughed up a new age 'abraham' and all these concepts are sold with the same spruiking that one associates with hagee.

I would love to know if hagee is a sociopath, it would explain a lot.....

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