Saturday 10 January 2015

God in 4 worlds

An idea popped in my head or really more of a concept.
That being the Christian concept of a trinitarian God can be spread over the 4 worlds, each with their own independance/autonomy and yet be a continuous line.

So for Atziluth (emanation) the purely spiritual world you would have the Holy Spirit

For Briah (creation) you would have God the Father, after all did not creation as WE know it come from him?
We do not know all creation, for most people they only know (or choose to know) what they can physically experience.

For Yetzirah (formation) you would have the Christ aspect of Jesus, a spiritual 'being' or persona (from the Holy Spirit) 'fashioned' (by God the Father) and given a destiny/ specific purpose in this particular world and thus it is all set

For Assiah (world of action/ physical world) you would need a physical body of a human in order for the above fashioned spirit to 'live the message' whereas an angel can only convey a message.

And thus the end result is Christ Jesus of Nazareth who has autonomy from both the Holy Spirit and God the Father (as evident when satan tried to tempt him)

And there are things I cant deny such as the Shem ha-Mephorash having angels that deal with Christianity, miracles occuring on behalf of the saints etc. I think Christ Jesus of Nazareth is a cut above the people of this earth in this world. There is also the issue of Christian Kabbalah.

If you were to define God as one continuous essence without beginning or end that simultaneously exists in all 4 worlds, the 3 negative veils and beyond (and thats only that we know of) then how do we explain how the 3 'personages' came into being? The same could be said for the 10 aspects of the Tree of Life and their respective God personas.
I dont think it will ever be satisfactory explained with the language that humans possess at this current time, but.... maybe it was never meant to be explained to us. They are just forms/personas of God that he presents because they are the only ones we can relate to.

I tend to look at it this way... you have the seas/oceans of this earth, they have different names and different qualities.
Some are freshwater, some are salt water, some are deeper than others and so on. But they actually are a continuous body of water, above them are the sky and clouds but above that is the moon which controls the tides.
While I just wrote about the 4 worlds there is the factor of the 3 negative veils...but what is beyond them?
I dont think we as human beings will ever begin to comprehend or explain that, I dont think such concepts have ever entered into the consciousness of any man or into the combined consciousness of mankind at any time from Adam onwards.

I suppose you could come up with a mathematical formula to explain the value of each member of the Trinity and Tree of Life by using a square root symbol √

So the value of the any individual aspect within the Trinity would be √3 and any individual aspect within the Tree of Life would be √10 because no individual aspect is greater than the others and yet are a base aspect for the whole....if that makes rational sense......just making mathematical theory from this....

As long as the concept is able to be explained, comprehended and allows for further discussion it is all that matters.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Political correctness and cucks

I noted a Brother Nathaniel vid where he says that christian zionist churches do not have crucifixes on them or within their grounds. I have noticed this too, there is an increasing number of churches who seem to not have any.

Why? I dont know, but it seems to be along the lines of political correctness. Is it being done so as not to offend muslims? Possibly, but if the idea is not to offend muslims by removing crosses and by doing this the muslims will come to the church, then this is ridiculous.

Why would muslims convert to a religion that removes the symbol of the central part of their faith? Why would you sign up to a cowardly faith for? You have 'christian apologetics' but what are they actually apologising for? While some muslims are chronic complainers but not all, the chronic complainers are always backed up by white marxists who are by default atheist. It is marxism that is the driving force behind the removal of crucifixes from churches and the watering down of faith and the redefining of tenets. And marxism by default is the holding of atheist whites and atheist jews.
But in the end the connection is obvious as marxism and zionism were founded by atheist jews.
I'll start off with the unitarians, as to what they actually believe? I have no idea, if anything they are the askhenazi of Christianity. Their services include the truly faithful to Jesus, but they also include atheists and queers and everything inbetween. If anything it seems like a quakers type setup, but by trying to mean everything to everybody they essentially mean nothing to nobody. They as a whole seem to be a set of rich left wing cracka yuppies. Could I call them Christian? Well....yes as to show how to use the teachings of Jesus in a practical way within society. As to do with theology and worship?...I would have to say no. But while on the subject of queers within Christianity, to be fair a lot of them are devout and if not for their queerness would actually be quite decent Christians. I would call the Unitarians a social club based on Christian teachings but not fully exclusive to them, it can be added to and subtracted from depending on the individual beliefs of its members...and not always for the better.

Christian Zionism, I regard this as a real cancer. It isnt actually Christianity but a form of subserviant atheism in Christian clothing. It actually has a johnny come lately bible called the schofield bible and its main mission is to indoctrinate christians into serving jews and israel. I'll tell you this story...I came across one of these types of 'christians' some years ago. Her pitch went along these lines...
The jews worship God, the christians worship jesus and the muslims worship the moon or a moon god of some sort. I pointed out if the jews worship God then jesus isnt God, I got some sort of indoctrinated mantra which went something like this...'The jews worship God because they are Gods chosen people, christians worship jesus but he is God as well, but the muslims worship the moon!'

I put it down to a politically based christianity from america, but i didnt fully comprehend the basis of that and what it actually propagated. You wont find a 'church of christian zionism' and when you actually look at it, it is something of a parasitic entity. It propagates by its adherants within the various denominations clergy, why dig a well in order to poison it when you can use the same effort and poison a water supply? Yes the poison may be more diluted but you will hit many more people than by just a well. I came across someone handing out Chick tracts in the street once, they asked me if I believe in jesus to which i replied i believe there was a jesus and i dont have any problem with what he taught. I also said I believe Jehovah is God, i was then asked if i was a jew or a jehovahs witness to which i replied no. I was then asked to say 'jesus is lord'...I refused and said that Jehovah is Lord.

The street peddler could not understand why i was not a christian seeing as i was not a jew, i pointed out that chick is very pro israel and i threw in a bit about atheist rabbis. The look of disbelief to what i said was priceless, i then got a pitch about how jesus created everything and that as a christian i should only be concerned about things from the birth of jesus onwards....i just walked away.

And this gets me thinking...if christians are only to be concerned about things from the birth of jesus onwards, then who is to be concerned for what happened before that? Oh lets have a guess, my gut instinct says the vikings but yeah it does seem like the jews (atheists and all) who are the ones to have absolute authority over what we would call the Old Testament which includes such things like Genesis which apparantely are not of any relevance to the christian zionists. But what about the jews killing jesus? The 1st answer youll get is 'the romans killed jesus!' then followed by 'if the jews killed jesus then that is their right because they are Gods chosen people!' I dont know about you but does this seem like a caste system? Where the lesser caste of christianity worship a lesser god? Christian zionists are actually quite fanatical about hating muslims, i dont believe their issue with them is to do with israel per se but a fear that people will seek to leave the caste of christian zionism or not enlist in it by becoming muslim. If people start reading the koran (which is just an upgraded version of the Old Testament with extra commentary) then they will feel no need to worship the jews or israel as they presently do.
When I was a child I basically knew nothing about Christianity (as was evident later) from what little knowledge I had I understood that there was a God, he had a son called Jesus and there was a holy ghost somewhere in the picture. I did attend church after my first foray into satanism but I was none the wiser for it and I still didnt understand what the purpose of the Christian religion was. I quit it and eventually ended up going back to satanism for a second time because I actually understood what it was actually about.

So I examined the Christian faith again because I was preparing for a war but I noticed that it had skewed somewhat. Instead of....
God the father
His son Jesus and...
The holy ghost

I was actually up against...
God the father
God the son
God the holy spirit

Was I dealing with 3 Gods or 1?
But satanism views it like this, There is one God and his name is Jehovah and this is who we are seeking to overthrow or expel, he has a direct creation named Jesus who in effect is a son. Jesus is also an enemy because of the message he was spreading and in effect still spreads. The holy spirit is not so much a personal enemy and in any event will become void if Jehovah is overthrown or Christianity is made to crumble. As for dealing with Islam? That will come at a later time, but for the time being Jehovah is enemy and target number 1.

In satanism you always obey orders and never question them regardless, just like a jihadi. When I was told that one of the aims of satanism was to break off this world and base hell on this earth I didnt really comprehend it. Quite frankly I thought this idea was a bit on the looney tunes side, but you just obey and the only questions that would be permitted on this would be to find the best and quickest way to execute such an aim. At the time I was just a sorceror, I had next to no knowledge on the kabbalah. It was only when I began studying it that I came to fully understand terms such as 'this world' and 'this earth'.

But this bit on the thread is about Christianity so I wont continue on about that. So as a former satanist I will tell you that if we couldnt directly target Jehovah we would go after the church instead. Not only in physical attacks against churches but also in a spiritual sense, such as instilling doubt and lies among congregations. Rumours, fake religious leaflets and so on. Did I tell you I had actually planned to infiltrate the catholic church and seek to be a priest? Anyway that was 25 years ago, but the seeds were sown and now the fruit is being reaped... so lets look at all the bastardry that is now accepted as 'christianity'.

When I resume this I fully intend to deal with ...
Christian Zionism, Unitarianism, pseudo messiah sects, televangelists and actually I tend to think they are all related. I intend to list as many bad eggs as I can
But I only really intend to take issue with the Askhenazi sect because it is their claims to 'jewishness' that affect Western nations and indeed the world. What is their claim to 'jewishness' and how do they define 'jewishness'? I believe there is a difference between Judaism and jewishness, for example to be practicing Judaism makes one a Judaist regardless of biological race. Whereas to be born of a 'jewish' mother makes one jewish, indeed one can be atheist and jewish, buddhist and jewish, christian and jewish or even islamic and jewish. And until you go into a synagogue and formally renounce judaism you will be considered jewish and indeed participate in synagogue services even though your 'jewishness'is supposedly based on a religion that you do not adhere to. So one can attend a synagogue and while the true believers are praying can just think to themself while mouthing the words of a prayer.... "What a load of shit, there is no God!" Myself? I find this to be truly evil and indeed opposes the order that God created. In fact it is an example of a reversal of order, for an atheist to enter a synagogue and to participate in a service is mocking God and for a congregation to accept such an utter bastard in the synagogue service compounds that insult. Even worse than that is the fact there are atheist rabbis running the synagogues, not many in fact probably very very few. But the door has been opened and a foothold has taken place.

And thus all things relating to 'jewishness' has fallen into the hands of the Godless, they are equal partners in race, culture and religion even though their atheism should by default renounce all three. But with default access to the religion aspect of 'jewishness' they can and will corrupt and pervert religious teaching either by design or default. But then again what is jewishness? If you come from a long line of atheists with no culture or tradition or indeed racial descendence of the ancient Israelites or Judeans, the question to ask is "What makes you jewish and why are you accepted as such?"

The issue at hand is the status of such atheists being simultaneously touted as "Chosen people of God". In this regard you no longer have a religion but rather a mythology which can be added to, subtracted from, redefined and syncretised at any given time depending upon the 'adherant' of the 'religion' and thus a garbage book such as the Babylonian Talmud is placed on the same level as what we would call the Old Testament or even the 10 Commandments. In fact looking at the moral relativism of some, if not increasing numbers of Askhenazi 'jews' one would suspect it has been placed on a higher footing. Some of the pearls of wisdom from this book are 'that the best of the goyim should be killed' and 'a woman who has sex with a beast is fit to be the wife of a priest'. It is not divinely inspired scripture, it does not come from God or the prophets. It come from rabbis whose qualifications are unknown and even then it is their own personal opinion and nothing else. It divides the world between themselves and the goyim, it places their 'people' on a higher level of being based on a false history. Askhenazi jewishness is about imposing a caste system, there is a hindu caste system and even though it is illegal in India it does exist to some extent. And it too is based on a mythology and the caste has a racial if not incestuous element to it much like askhenazi jewishness, but one can opt out of this caste system by leaving hinduism and taking another religion. But askhenazi jewishness is aggressive, regardless of how many times you change your religion you will not be exempt from targeting by this caste system, the only way out is death.

The Adam Kadmon and Adam Belial concepts have been corrupted into blueprints for a caste system, the Adam kadmon one is for them and the sephiroth represent sub castes within the body of the superior caste. This could be either atheist sects and other sects within Judaism, you might even have a sephira for modern day converts to Judaism or 'spiritual jews'. But spiritual jews are not born of a jewish mother, there is no bloodline and bloodlines decide ones' place within a caste. You could get a job in Buckingham Palace as the Queens' personal butler, you could end up being a confidant, you could sleep with her on a regular basis, you could do that for 50 years...but you will never be a royal.

As for us goyim? We get the Adam Belial deal, a caste system where we are equally garbage, equally without God and equally without hope. You may say "Oh! The jews will never do that! They'll never be able to do that, there's not enough of them!" Then why is it that for their so few number they control so much?

The fact is they are aided by traitors within our ranks, people that look like us, have the same racial background as us and raised in the same culture as us. These traitors are driven by the trinity of money, celebrity and lifestyle. Are the jews using occult practices to this end as well? Maybe, maybe not, who really knows? But as of this current time jews are deemed 'holy' and sancrosanct and no criticism is permitted. It's amazing that so called 'christians' will condemn a country like Pakistan for having blasphemy laws which jail people for criticising Islam and yet say nothing about similar laws regarding 'antisemitism'. Both operate the same way and are applied in the same corrupt way, if a Christian in Pakistan is percieved to cause offence to a Muslim they will be arrested and automatically found guilty regardless of whether an actual offence has been committed because the dignity of a Muslim takes precedance over the word of a non Muslim. The same thing applies to laws regarding antisemitism, the word and dignity of a jew is never to be questioned or compromised in any manner. Fact is you can be jailed or fined for percieved rudeness.

Anti-Semitism is actions against Semitic people such as Assyrians, Arabs, Maltese etc.
Antisemitism is simply defined as 'jew hatred' but actually does not define what a jew is.

One thing I learned as a theistic satanist was that it is a useful tactic to try and pre-empt prophecy.
Nutjobs who think they are Jesus are a dime a dozen and it takes little effort to pump their ego and have them disrupting the lives of real believers. But the next guy I mention has got to take the cake regarding pre-empting prophecy.

Theodor Herzl - Although he is deemed a hero for the jews regarding the zionist movement, fact is he was a hateful Godless bigot. The zionist movement was offered Uganda by the British, Birobidzhan by Stalin, Madagascar by Hitler and the Japanese gave then autonomy in China. But Herzl and his hangers on wanted Palestine, why would an atheist care about religious significance? I thought the purpose of zionism was to get the jews a homeland where they would be safe and allowed to be jews. But the zionist movement is atheist and the getting of a holy land would pre-empt any need for a moshiach/messiah to return or come.

It seems Herzl was more interested in extinguishing belief in God than helping his fellow jews, possibly he thought extinguishing hope in God was helping his fellow jews. Now pilgrimages are made to his grave in Israel, just like those who make pilgrimages to the grave of Karl Marx.

We haves fools giving God like devotion and reverance to people who hated God and thus the fools hate God too.


The corruption of Judaism and Christianity

Just going off course from DisHoly Trinity for a while...

In this writing I will relay my personal experience and opinion, whether you choose to accept it or not is your perogative. I have been a theistic satanist twice, I have practiced the Kabbalah and the Shem ha-Mephorash and complemented it with planetary and astrological magic. I cannot say that I ever have been a Christian and thus I won't. So I will not ask you to accept anything I write as absolute gospel and in fact I ask you not to believe me just by reading this once. But I do say that you should check out everything I've written for yourself. And if jews and Christians are offended by my writing well... maybe you aren't really Judaists and Christians.

Let us begin with Adam Kadmon.
Adam Kadmon translates as either "original" or "primordal" man. It is basically a description of the sephiroth through the body of a man rather than by the traditional "Tree of Life", the quotation from the Bible is usually 'And the Elohim said "Let us create man in our own image"'. Elohim is plural, the 10 sephiroth all have their own individual God aspect but are of the same being. So in other words they are 10 different personalities of God that we as humans can relate to, we cannot relate to God on an individual to individual basis because his personality and intellect is simply too superior and overwhelming for us as mankind.

Now that was the original intention for the Kabbalah to be accessible to us, so either by Adam Kadmon or the Tree of Life and in this physical world otherwise known as Assiah. But also in Assiah is the Tree of Death, a satanic counterfeit of the Tree of Life. But as to whether there is a counterfeit image of Adam Kadmon, there is only one real contender that is relevant to us human mortals in this world of Assiah and on this sephirah of Malkuth ("The Kingdom" this earth we are on). That contender is Adam Belial or 'man without God'.

So what am I getting at? Well that the Kabbalah that we know as such was probably revealed to Moses and over due time it was passed down to the descendants of Moses and made known to the priestly class of the Israelites and again over due time it was leaked and made known to the general populations of various kingdoms in ancient times. Although the information leaked may have been added to, subtracted from and corrupted by accident or misunderstanding... it was reasonably sound enough to work. But as time went on the respective Israelites and Judeans were corrupted in their religious practices by things such as the Babylonian enslavement, wars with Assyria, the taking on of Bael, Moloch and Mammon worship and they were finally dispersed by the Roman occupation. The Israelites and Judeans were of the same gene pool with slight variations due to the proximity of neighbouring races and people. History deems them to be a Semitic people and this is accepted as such, but those claiming this ancestry today are definitely not semitic and thus the Askhenazi, Sephardic and Falasha sects of Judaism have no definite claim to a birthright of Israel, whether it be ancient Israel or the modern state of it.

Overview of the sects:

Falasha: Descendants of the kingdom of Sheba which covered Ethiopia and Yemen, however as that kingdom fell Yemen and Ethiopia became 2 very distinct lands both racially, culturally and religiously. Falasha specificly applies to Ethiopian Judaists.

Sephardic: Descendants of primarily Spanish and Berber converts to Judaism, more correctly described as Moorish Judaists.

Mizrahi: This is used to described middle eastern judaists who were formerly categorised as Sephardic and this included Persian Judaists and Musawis (followers of Moses). The state of Israel does not want to admit that there is such a thing as Palestinian Arab Judaists, even the PLO Charter of 1967 recognises Palestinian Judaists and recognises them as such.

Askhenazi: These are essentially ethnic Turkic Judaists, let me correct that...they were originally Turkic Judaists. They converted to Judaism in a political move so as to be neutral in Christian-Muslim wars during that time. There are Turkic Judaists called Karaites, but the Askhenazim migrated into Russia, Poland and then into Germany. They have taken in a large amount of indigenous European DNA and have their own language Yiddish which is really mongrelised German just written with the Hebrew alphabet.
There are also self proclaimed West African and Indian Judaists but their claims to be descended from the Israelites should be taken with a pinch of shit.

Out of all this only the Musawi can claim any direct descendence of the Israelites/Judeans in physical being and religious teaching and tradition.

Friday 12 December 2014

Actually I’ll extend on the Sophia thing a bit as well as the Gnostic creed. Pistis Sophia is actually a book but some self styled Gnostics (or those purporting to be) seem to think that it is… I suppose… ‘Personified’; in that the book has a life of its own. As to Sophia herself? This is where it becomes interesting and troubling, we might think of Sophia as some sort of god type entity but the interpretation of Sophia changes depending on who you ask.

In the Tree of Life there are three magical images that are female, there is also a hermaphrodite. In Binah the image for that sephira is a matron or a motherly type figure who is also referred to as Ama or Aima. In Netzach it is a beautiful naked woman, in Hod is the hermaphrodite. But in Malkuth it is a young woman who is crowned and on a throne. In three of the above four images Sophia could be inserted to ‘hijack’ whatever sephira and its attributes as part of any attempt to ruin the Tree of Life.

There are Gnostic adherents who purport to believe that Jesus ‘absorbed’ Sophia when he was born (no I don’t get it either). Some say that Mary Magdalene was either descended from Sophia or some type of descendant; you also have feminists claiming that all women have Sophia in their inner consciousness (are you seeing a pattern here?). Yet, none of the self realised public ‘gnostics’ can give any solid set information on Sophia. I find these sorts of crapclowns to be propagating a political Gnosticism rather than anything that resembles a genuine faith. Political Gnosticism is atheist by default; it doesn’t have a god in its own right. It takes a humanist approach in that as the ‘true god’ cannot communicate with us because Jehovah is blocking it out, then we the human race must fill in that place. In order to re-establish communication it is up to us to expel and overthrow the God of Abraham whether we call him Jehovah, Allah or Holy Father.

Some Gnostics claim Jesus is a messenger sent by their ‘god’ to help us against what they call the demiurge; and yet some of them claim Jesus is a false prophet as he is the son of the God of Abraham. Yes… something for everyone, myself I would tend to say that Jesus was sent to us to help us counteract the corruption that the disholy trinity did in ancient Israel and continues to do to the present day. It is a corruption that infects all religions, the leaders are decidedly satanic and the stooges who do their bidding are decidedly atheist. Gnosticism is worth looking at, and it will certainly challenge you. But you should only look at the teachings of the Essenes not the fraudsters of today. The political Gnostics will just rewrite teachings on God, god and gods or else make them up to suit their ends not yours.