Thursday 8 January 2015

Political correctness and cucks

I noted a Brother Nathaniel vid where he says that christian zionist churches do not have crucifixes on them or within their grounds. I have noticed this too, there is an increasing number of churches who seem to not have any.

Why? I dont know, but it seems to be along the lines of political correctness. Is it being done so as not to offend muslims? Possibly, but if the idea is not to offend muslims by removing crosses and by doing this the muslims will come to the church, then this is ridiculous.

Why would muslims convert to a religion that removes the symbol of the central part of their faith? Why would you sign up to a cowardly faith for? You have 'christian apologetics' but what are they actually apologising for? While some muslims are chronic complainers but not all, the chronic complainers are always backed up by white marxists who are by default atheist. It is marxism that is the driving force behind the removal of crucifixes from churches and the watering down of faith and the redefining of tenets. And marxism by default is the holding of atheist whites and atheist jews.
But in the end the connection is obvious as marxism and zionism were founded by atheist jews.

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