Thursday 8 January 2015

I'll start off with the unitarians, as to what they actually believe? I have no idea, if anything they are the askhenazi of Christianity. Their services include the truly faithful to Jesus, but they also include atheists and queers and everything inbetween. If anything it seems like a quakers type setup, but by trying to mean everything to everybody they essentially mean nothing to nobody. They as a whole seem to be a set of rich left wing cracka yuppies. Could I call them Christian? Well....yes as to show how to use the teachings of Jesus in a practical way within society. As to do with theology and worship?...I would have to say no. But while on the subject of queers within Christianity, to be fair a lot of them are devout and if not for their queerness would actually be quite decent Christians. I would call the Unitarians a social club based on Christian teachings but not fully exclusive to them, it can be added to and subtracted from depending on the individual beliefs of its members...and not always for the better.

Christian Zionism, I regard this as a real cancer. It isnt actually Christianity but a form of subserviant atheism in Christian clothing. It actually has a johnny come lately bible called the schofield bible and its main mission is to indoctrinate christians into serving jews and israel. I'll tell you this story...I came across one of these types of 'christians' some years ago. Her pitch went along these lines...
The jews worship God, the christians worship jesus and the muslims worship the moon or a moon god of some sort. I pointed out if the jews worship God then jesus isnt God, I got some sort of indoctrinated mantra which went something like this...'The jews worship God because they are Gods chosen people, christians worship jesus but he is God as well, but the muslims worship the moon!'

I put it down to a politically based christianity from america, but i didnt fully comprehend the basis of that and what it actually propagated. You wont find a 'church of christian zionism' and when you actually look at it, it is something of a parasitic entity. It propagates by its adherants within the various denominations clergy, why dig a well in order to poison it when you can use the same effort and poison a water supply? Yes the poison may be more diluted but you will hit many more people than by just a well. I came across someone handing out Chick tracts in the street once, they asked me if I believe in jesus to which i replied i believe there was a jesus and i dont have any problem with what he taught. I also said I believe Jehovah is God, i was then asked if i was a jew or a jehovahs witness to which i replied no. I was then asked to say 'jesus is lord'...I refused and said that Jehovah is Lord.

The street peddler could not understand why i was not a christian seeing as i was not a jew, i pointed out that chick is very pro israel and i threw in a bit about atheist rabbis. The look of disbelief to what i said was priceless, i then got a pitch about how jesus created everything and that as a christian i should only be concerned about things from the birth of jesus onwards....i just walked away.

And this gets me thinking...if christians are only to be concerned about things from the birth of jesus onwards, then who is to be concerned for what happened before that? Oh lets have a guess, my gut instinct says the vikings but yeah it does seem like the jews (atheists and all) who are the ones to have absolute authority over what we would call the Old Testament which includes such things like Genesis which apparantely are not of any relevance to the christian zionists. But what about the jews killing jesus? The 1st answer youll get is 'the romans killed jesus!' then followed by 'if the jews killed jesus then that is their right because they are Gods chosen people!' I dont know about you but does this seem like a caste system? Where the lesser caste of christianity worship a lesser god? Christian zionists are actually quite fanatical about hating muslims, i dont believe their issue with them is to do with israel per se but a fear that people will seek to leave the caste of christian zionism or not enlist in it by becoming muslim. If people start reading the koran (which is just an upgraded version of the Old Testament with extra commentary) then they will feel no need to worship the jews or israel as they presently do.

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