Thursday 8 January 2015

When I was a child I basically knew nothing about Christianity (as was evident later) from what little knowledge I had I understood that there was a God, he had a son called Jesus and there was a holy ghost somewhere in the picture. I did attend church after my first foray into satanism but I was none the wiser for it and I still didnt understand what the purpose of the Christian religion was. I quit it and eventually ended up going back to satanism for a second time because I actually understood what it was actually about.

So I examined the Christian faith again because I was preparing for a war but I noticed that it had skewed somewhat. Instead of....
God the father
His son Jesus and...
The holy ghost

I was actually up against...
God the father
God the son
God the holy spirit

Was I dealing with 3 Gods or 1?
But satanism views it like this, There is one God and his name is Jehovah and this is who we are seeking to overthrow or expel, he has a direct creation named Jesus who in effect is a son. Jesus is also an enemy because of the message he was spreading and in effect still spreads. The holy spirit is not so much a personal enemy and in any event will become void if Jehovah is overthrown or Christianity is made to crumble. As for dealing with Islam? That will come at a later time, but for the time being Jehovah is enemy and target number 1.

In satanism you always obey orders and never question them regardless, just like a jihadi. When I was told that one of the aims of satanism was to break off this world and base hell on this earth I didnt really comprehend it. Quite frankly I thought this idea was a bit on the looney tunes side, but you just obey and the only questions that would be permitted on this would be to find the best and quickest way to execute such an aim. At the time I was just a sorceror, I had next to no knowledge on the kabbalah. It was only when I began studying it that I came to fully understand terms such as 'this world' and 'this earth'.

But this bit on the thread is about Christianity so I wont continue on about that. So as a former satanist I will tell you that if we couldnt directly target Jehovah we would go after the church instead. Not only in physical attacks against churches but also in a spiritual sense, such as instilling doubt and lies among congregations. Rumours, fake religious leaflets and so on. Did I tell you I had actually planned to infiltrate the catholic church and seek to be a priest? Anyway that was 25 years ago, but the seeds were sown and now the fruit is being reaped... so lets look at all the bastardry that is now accepted as 'christianity'.

When I resume this I fully intend to deal with ...
Christian Zionism, Unitarianism, pseudo messiah sects, televangelists and actually I tend to think they are all related. I intend to list as many bad eggs as I can

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