Saturday 10 January 2015

God in 4 worlds

An idea popped in my head or really more of a concept.
That being the Christian concept of a trinitarian God can be spread over the 4 worlds, each with their own independance/autonomy and yet be a continuous line.

So for Atziluth (emanation) the purely spiritual world you would have the Holy Spirit

For Briah (creation) you would have God the Father, after all did not creation as WE know it come from him?
We do not know all creation, for most people they only know (or choose to know) what they can physically experience.

For Yetzirah (formation) you would have the Christ aspect of Jesus, a spiritual 'being' or persona (from the Holy Spirit) 'fashioned' (by God the Father) and given a destiny/ specific purpose in this particular world and thus it is all set

For Assiah (world of action/ physical world) you would need a physical body of a human in order for the above fashioned spirit to 'live the message' whereas an angel can only convey a message.

And thus the end result is Christ Jesus of Nazareth who has autonomy from both the Holy Spirit and God the Father (as evident when satan tried to tempt him)

And there are things I cant deny such as the Shem ha-Mephorash having angels that deal with Christianity, miracles occuring on behalf of the saints etc. I think Christ Jesus of Nazareth is a cut above the people of this earth in this world. There is also the issue of Christian Kabbalah.

If you were to define God as one continuous essence without beginning or end that simultaneously exists in all 4 worlds, the 3 negative veils and beyond (and thats only that we know of) then how do we explain how the 3 'personages' came into being? The same could be said for the 10 aspects of the Tree of Life and their respective God personas.
I dont think it will ever be satisfactory explained with the language that humans possess at this current time, but.... maybe it was never meant to be explained to us. They are just forms/personas of God that he presents because they are the only ones we can relate to.

I tend to look at it this way... you have the seas/oceans of this earth, they have different names and different qualities.
Some are freshwater, some are salt water, some are deeper than others and so on. But they actually are a continuous body of water, above them are the sky and clouds but above that is the moon which controls the tides.
While I just wrote about the 4 worlds there is the factor of the 3 negative veils...but what is beyond them?
I dont think we as human beings will ever begin to comprehend or explain that, I dont think such concepts have ever entered into the consciousness of any man or into the combined consciousness of mankind at any time from Adam onwards.

I suppose you could come up with a mathematical formula to explain the value of each member of the Trinity and Tree of Life by using a square root symbol √

So the value of the any individual aspect within the Trinity would be √3 and any individual aspect within the Tree of Life would be √10 because no individual aspect is greater than the others and yet are a base aspect for the whole....if that makes rational sense......just making mathematical theory from this....

As long as the concept is able to be explained, comprehended and allows for further discussion it is all that matters.

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