Tuesday 28 April 2020

CoV-19... global pandemic or global government? -P2

I was in Martin Place (Sydney CBD) today outside the Channel 7 TV studio and they have one of those light displays in which a continuous list of headlines is displayed. Among todays' listing was "CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IMPACTS MENTAL HEALTH", so we have what is supposed to be a physical illness now drawing in mental health. This would suggest that any "cure" would have to compose of physical and mental elements, but there is one component that would make it 'complete' - the spiritual.

I suppose you could say there is a spiritual component or more correctly an anti-spiritual component, it is called atheism which has been indoctrinated into children via the education system along with the likes of transgenderism and other forms of political correctness. This has been the case for the past 15 years in New South Wales schools, and this has been done by Marxist teachers who have planted themselves in the schools. This is part of a tactic known as "Storming the institutions", and atheism is taught in opposition to religious classes under the title "Ethics" which is the indoctrination of moral relativism.

So lets examine what we have...
Religion effectively being abolished
A sense of paranoia that needs 'mental health professionals'
Medical dishonesty and corruption
An entrenched and protected bureaucracy
Select protected businesses at the expense of others
Removal of established rights
Destruction of independent free enterprise
Government delegating responsibilities to select private/corporate enterprise
An education system which indoctrinates atheism to children

Essentially this is a cocktail of Marxism and Fascism which is served up by Fabianism. But has it been seen before? Yes it has but it didn't fully succeed, it like the coronavirus piggybacked on civil disturbance. It was known as the Bolshevik revolution and the original aim of that revolution was to take the entire world. It was firstly to take Europe and by default its colonies, trust territories, protectorates and so on. After that the abolition of religion but especially Christianity, as history shows Russia and its territories became the Soviet Union and religion was abolished. But it didn't just end at Russia, Hungary briefly became a soviet republic under Bela Kun as did the German kingdom state of Bavaria.

Some people will look at what I just mentioned and say it doesn't matter because it was 100 years ago, but lets look at other things that occurred between 1917 and 1932 such as mainstreaming of psychiatry and its associated pharmaceuticals. We should also thrown in the Wall Street crash which can be clearly explained in the book - The Creature of Jekyll island.

CoV-19... global pandemic or global government? -P1

I am in Sydney, Australia and I am seeing basically the Book of Revelation occuring here. Despite this situation supposedly being a "medical" condition it has been largely replied to in a martial way. Sydney is now overrun with state police, federal police, state sheriffs (from the court system), council rangers and there has been an increase in private security guards.

As for doctors, nurses and other health workers being on the street? There has been extremely few to none. But what I have noticed is that the state and federal governments give out proclamations which counter (if not diametrically oppose) each other. It seems we are being ruled by a moral relativist ideology, "what true for you is true for you and whats true to me is true to me." Maybe this old saying by Hasan of Alamut (founder of the Assassins movement) is more relevant - "Nothing is true; all is permitted". And this is what we have today.

Indeed on Australian TV we were told that there were 8 varieties of the CoVID-19 virus, now we are told there are 30 varieties. We are told it is also 'evolving' to somehow make itself resistant to vaccines and other medicines.

We were told if you got it you died, it reminds me of the HIV/AIDS hysteria of the 1980s. The paranoia among the population has become so ingrained even the public toilets in the Sydney CBD have been shutdown. Why? Because the virus is waiting for you to go into the toilet (these are unisex single cubicles) so it can infect you! The Sydney CBD also has an army of people continually washing and sweeping the streets because "virus gonna get ya!", despite the fact that CoVID-19 is an aerial virus. But what sort of virus is it? More people will die from common colds and flu than from this 'designer' disease.

In Australia church services have been abolished which also abolished Easter and the April 25 Anzac Day (veteran remembrance day) what effectively abolished and what took its place was a parody. As far as both state and federal governments were concerned it was to be commemorated by standing in your driveway at dawn, much in the same way you wait for a taxi or a pizza. Church services and Easter weren't worthy of a mention. There is no guaranteed date to when this will end and what people have to consider is that there is no guarantee that the rights and freedoms that have been taken away will ever return.

So Australia is being put on a war footing because of a disease that actually cannot be defined, and as it cannot be defined it cannot be cured. You should also note that when CoVID-19 became known among the general population one of the first things done by the government (as a whole) was to recruit and send out hundreds of thousands of "mental care professionals". When was the last time you called a psychiatrist or psychologist or social worker the last time you coughed?

In fact CoVID-19 has no special symptoms that differentiate it from a cold or flu, in fact in most cases it has no symptoms. I remember a TV segment in which a girl claimed to have CoVID-19 despite having no symptoms but she "knew" she had it and it was accepted by everyone.

So is it a genuine virus? Or is it a variant of another virus which allows more lethal viruses to piggyback upon it which actually cause fatalities? Myself I think it is actually pneumonia that is killing people, infants and the elderly are the most prone to this and make most of the fatalities. You might ask why the medical fraternity is not explaining all that is happening in simple logical terms, I will answer that by saying that you are not dealing with an independent grouping of doctors. No you are dealing with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) which is an agency of the United Nations (U.N.) and is largely made up of bureaucrats, one worlders, and other hangers on. For people like these as well as celebrity types among others, the CoV-19 is a never ending, well paying mealticket.

You can add in closure of independent private enterprise, this being done with "social distancing" policing. Unless your customers are at least 1.5 metres away from each other you will be fined. Depending on who you have spying on your business you can be busted if they are not in a space of 4 square metres alone. The punishment is fines (a typical business will be hit $1500 for a violation) and indeed this does seem to be more about shutting down independent private enterprise and lining the states' pockets. If people choose to buy milk in a supermarket (corporate) then why is it deemed an 'essential' business and yet a coffee shop will be hit for providing the same service. And yet a coffee shop can cater for social distancing whereas a supermarket cannot or will not.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

The Second Bolshevik Revolution - part 3

The Second Bolshevik Revolution - part 3

You know the old 'frog in the pot' routine? Take a frog and put it in a pot of cold water, then put it on a stove and slowly heat it up. The frog will boil to death without realising it. This routine is quite evident in Sydney Australia and is a direct rip off the former Soviet economies. We have people employed in stupid, useless and pointless jobs, we have people continually sweeping streets (both with brooms and mechanical street sweepers), people employed doing roadworks which seem to have no beginning, no end, and no purpose, constant patrolling of streets by police officers, council rangers, military personal and an explosion in the employment of private security guards. We have council employees who are assigned to mow the same patch of grass for 8 hours a day. This is simply soul deading employment in order to maintain appearances, we can also throw in public transportation where there are constant streams of trains and buses without passengers. All just to keep up appearances.

Yes this is the sort of employment that was used by communist regimes to 'keep up appearances' but a major difference is that this form of employment is being given to private contractors, so essentially we have a public and private partnership in maintaining this farce. Although I have never agreed with Antifa on most points I have to on this. Australia has essentially become an authoritarian state, indeed a fascist state if we are to judge on an economy scale alone. I am yet to figure out how constant patrolling by security agencies and government employees fights disease. The only thing that it seems to fight is freedom of association, and I am still waiting for actual physical evidence that this CoVID-19 virus exists (what happened to the previous term "Corona"?). We are told that there are 30 strains of this virus at large along with being told that it is "evolving" and constantly changing to resist various antibiotics and vaccines which are yet to be invented. These are obvious lies and yet people continually force feed themselves this utterly corrupt pap.

Donald Trump is absolutely right in pointing the finger at the World Health Organisation and its duplicity. Remember the W.H.O. is simply an appendage of the United Nations, and as the U.N. is all for a world government then by default so is the W.H.O. Without a doubt this is the Second Bolshevik Revolution, the first world countries will fall and the third world countries which they prop up will be compelled to follow. Its as simple as that.

If you want to research more on this situation I suggest you look up the subject of "Wetiko", this will certainly open your mind and your eyes up. Are we dealing with a psychological germ that causes a psychological illness and is spread by psychological means?

Now we are having "relaxation" of various conditions of lockdown, yes tomorrow we have granted the ability to have a visitor to our home. Oh how generous! However it is subject to the condition that we only have one visitor at any given time, so this isn't a guaranteed right and is subject to cancellation at any given time. This is dictatorship by whim, must like you have in 3rd world banana republics or in the likes of ancient Rome. However as Australia is composed of states the implementation can vary, from the more lenient to absolute intolerance.

Speaking of ancient Rome we are being led to believe that sporting competitions can resume, yes it's time for the 'beer and circuses'. The emphasis is on rugby league and New Zealand is part of the main competition. As there are still border closures between states and nations then New Zealand cannot participate in the competition. The solution? Abolish borders between Australia and New Zealand... I shit you not. And people will go along with it because sport is more important than national sovereignty. People here will sell their nation, their society, indeed everything for temporary and pointless entertainment.

You can look at my "Kabbalah and health" clips if you like

Monday 6 April 2020

The Second Bolshevik Revolution - Part 2

 The Second Bolshevik Revolution - Part 2

I have been a theistic Satanist on two occasions now but I am happy being put into the Christianity camp. The question that should be asked (and what you might wish to ask me) is 'is this the end times?' I cannot and will not give you some simplistic yes/no answer, for me to answer this I will have to give you some background of the mechanics involved. It is not a simple matter of God versus Satan because you first must understand that "God" and "Satan" are titles not names. All titles are subject to challenge and turnover as history does show; if we take for example the Queen of England, she will inevitably die and a new person will take her place. Anyone can claim to be God and again history shows that there are people who have taken it upon themselves to do so. But what about the title of Satan? In regarding this we have to delve into the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life and the sephiroth. The Tree of Life includes sections (sephiroth) which are ruled by different personas of God that we can relate to, the unity of God is one but the personas were made for us because to comprehend God as a singular entity would simply be too great for us to understand.

But there is a counterfeit in this, it is called the Tree of Death. It is not governed by a singular entity but a series of them in the sephiroth. The highest sephira or section is called Thaumiel and it is jointly ruled by Lucifer and Moloch, there is a 'sort of' rivalry between them as the 'better man' can call themself the Satan and hold that title. So in an endtime scenario so far we have God VS the Satan vs the other, or God vs Moloch and Lucifer. But we also have another challenger in this mix - atheism. Although atheism wishes to portray itself as some sort of 'humanistic evolutionary progress' for all human kind, the fact is that they are just disposable stooges much like suicide bombers. Whether atheists want to hear it or not or accept it or not, I can and will tell you that Karl Marx was a Satanist and the compulsory enforced atheism that you are pushing is nothing to do with 'liberating humanity'. It is just a part of the war against God, and just because you are against God that doesn't mean that you gain any favour with Satanists or Satanism. The saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is no longer true, because now "The enemy of my enemy is just another enemy" applies. So this idea that these "progressives" seem to hold of 'everything against God' will lead to utopia has to be one of the most imbecilic infantile beliefs I have ever encountered. And I can tell you this from firsthand experience that theistic Satanists absolutely loathe atheists and put them on the same level as devout Christians, Muslims and indeed other God believing religions to be exterminated. You are either with the Satan or you are dead, it is as simple as that.

Sunday 5 April 2020

The Second Bolshevik Revolution

The Second Bolshevik Revolution

Here in Sydney, Australia we have an unofficial martial law. This is supposed to combat a supposed disease that was originally called "Corona Virus" but is now commonly referred to as CoV-19. The measures we have today do not really bear any resemblance to measures used in the days of polio. There were no such "self-containment" measures we see today unless one was quite obviously infected and ill, today we have people hiding under beds in a foetal position sucking their thumbs waiting for the big bad virus to come and get'em. So not only do we have the government imposing martial law via the police outside the home, we have people imposing it on themselves with the virus as the enforcer. Now we have self appointed vigilante enforcers, the sort of people who use their Iphones to take a pic or make a video of those who they think 'violate the rules'. We are now in a situation where the bad old days of the ComBloc societies of Eastern Europe are resurrecting themselves in the West and the entire world.

What people should understand is that the Russian Revolution in 1917 to overthrow the Czar was not just one revolution but in fact two. The first one overthrew the Czar and established a provisional government, but the second one (the Bolshevik Revolution) overthrew the provisional government and brought in a purely Marxist system of government. But the Bolshevik Revolution was not just meant to take the Russian Empire, it was actually meant to take all of Europe and by default the colonies and territories those states ruled or administered. There were temporary 'revolutionary states' set up in Hungary and Bavaria but these were overthrown rather quickly, the now Soviet Union then invaded Poland (engineered by Trotsky) but was defeated. All these attempts to engineer a world government under Trotskyite ideology occurred 100 years ago, and it seems like we are getting a second attempt under the United Nations.

So in Australia under the CoV-19 containment rules be have seen religious services basically outlawed, private enterprise shutdown, freedom of association demolished. We have rules/laws that dictate you cannot be within 1.5 metres of another person, if you violate this you will be either fined $1000 or imprisoned for 6 months. Looking at this situation you would be breaking the law if you slept with your spouse, and that will be the next target; there will be no concept of privacy in a global Bolshevik state. Trotsky and Pol Pot may be dead but there plenty of others who think they are entitled to demand to take their place. The measures and unofficial curfews we have in place at the moment are meant to last 6 months, but the general inference says this will go beyond that. This is not about fighting a disease that cannot be defined, but is about containment of a population in order to establish indoctrination and an authoritarian state. Really the authoritarian state is not a sovereign state per se, but really just an administrated section of a greater world government just like the state or province of a nation.

People have always expected that if a global government were to occur that it would be done under a blatantly Marxist or otherwise leftist agenda. But it has mostly been done under conservative or right wing agendas. Either way the globalist agenda would be completed, under a leftist agenda the United Nations would implement a world government (which it was designed to do under the League of Nations) and this would be done by social government. Under a right wing agenda it would be done by economic governance. Either way these measures are just of personal preference to those implementing it, and really looking between the left and right wings of politics they both have similar aims just a different order of preference. If we were to use the example of a bird as a model we would see the left and right wings, but in order for a body to function it needs a head and a brain that is separate to the wings but yet overrides them. This is where the strategies of both the left and right wings fail. I will give this example in regards to "womens rights", the leftists said that womens rights were about human equality and the right for equal pay. The right wing said it was about economic growth and expenditure - both are valid aims without any other factors involved. However the aim of this was to take women out of the house, and this resulted in women not raising their children but delegating that to others such as maids and servants and the state. The very things that 'financial liberation' was supposed to eliminate from the lives of women. Now by default the state is the family, and factors such as raising children with certain mindsets while preserving their individuality has been left to the state which has delegated these to their employees and their personal tastes and perversions.

Hence this is the reason why atheism, earth worship (the global warming thing wasn't achieving the grand aim hence the "submit to us or the virus gonna kill ya!!!" mental indoctrination pandemic occurring), various sexual dysmorphia fads, compulsory homosexuality and other life altering trends which may have permanent or fatal consequences. Some will excuse these things as the "evolutionary progress of humanity" and that it is a natural occurrence. But the natural occurrence of these things in human beings is very, very small. It does not need to be indoctrinated into people and indeed children, there is no benefit in doing this unless you intend to use these dysfunctional behaviours against them and indeed others. These are the sort of measures you would use in an insurgency or revolution, and much like the provisional revolutionies that other threw the Czar these revolutionaries will find out they are disposable. It isn't a matter of them finding themselves suddenly disposable, they were always disposable because that it how it was planned. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was basically a Jewish revolution with globalist allies and agendas. The Bolshevik Revolution II of 2020 is to complete the work that was not done in 1917, the first Bolshevik Revolution was meant to take all of Europe and hence their colonies and administered territories and thus the world. The word "Bolshevik" means 'majority', this was not had in 1917 but with everybody convincing themselves that the Corona Virus or CoVid-19 or whatever they wish to call this imaginary boogeyman is out to get them... Well they might have that majority now.

Sunday 29 March 2020

Welcome to WOKEbodia! Capital is Corona

The "Corona virus" is the greatest con job this world has seen, though to be fair it can't really be an exceptional con job when it is done over idiots and used as a vehicle for global and personal means by the narcissistic and solipsistic. The actual use of the term 'corona virus' is really just a bucket term which can be adjustable at any time according to circumstances. A disease that cannot be defined cannot be cured and a virus that cannot be singularly identified by its symptoms is not a singular virus. Symptoms for this alleged 'virus' include runny noses, coughs, aches and pains, high temperatures and even a lack of symptoms. There are people who appear on TV and the internet proclaiming that they have the corona virus and yet proclaim they have no symptoms. As though this virus does not need physical effects to be considered a detriment to bodily health and functions. And upon examination this corona virus is not really a physical virus but a mental condition.

You might point to people dying all over the world and say this is proof that it is real, if you are using Italy as an example then you have to consider that Italys' population has 50% of its population over the age of 60. Any so called 'new' virus killing them is really just piggybacking on pre existing conditions that they have. Myself, I believe what is causing the deaths is a form of pneumonia. And pneumonia is hardly a 'new' virus, it is treatable and does not require martial law in order to stop it. Looking at the 'measures' to combat this 'corona virus' we see the actions taken are less and increasingly less about health and are in fact centred around power and money. If you put the population aged, let's say 40+ in a position where they will be killed off or at least die off at a greater rate then the remaining population can be coralled and controlled because they no other authority figures to turn to. Consider the HIV/AIDS virus, it in itself does not kill but weakens the immune system to the point where other virus/germ/infection conditions can. In fact most AIDS patients die from pneumonia.

No doubt there have been lead up measures to this all over the world, I live in Sydney, Australia and we have seen what is maybe not in name but certainly in practice martial law. It is the same methods as used by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge when they took over Cambodia and turned it into Kampuchea. In fact the government is seeking to improve on them.
Let's go through them;
1. Shut down religious institutions. As far as I am concerned this is utter cowardice by the churches and indeed other religions if they comply. Sadly the people who might have said "Praise Jesus" in public are being replaced and out numbered by those saying 'f*#k jesus'. Atheism is now the number 1 religion in Australia.
2. Enforce unemployment and dependency on the state.
3. Outlaw gatherings of more than 10 people (though it is said the govt plans to reduce it to 2).
4. Enforce a personal separation space between people. In Australia it is a 1.5 metre separation gap, if you do not comply you will be hit with a $1000 dollar on the spot fine or 6 months imprisonment. These are called "social exclusion" laws.
5. Random demands (and very aggressive) for identification by police officers, this was occurring in the lead up to the current measures. Indeed I was approached 6 times in 2 weeks, twice I was approached within the vicinity of churches. One time I had just left the church and the other while standing out the front of it. One time I was just entering the gates of a train station when a police officer swung his arm at me (I believe he was aiming to grab my coat collar before I went through the gates, he didn't get me and walked off as though nothing had happened).
6. Now in Sydney CBD you have completely automated pedestrian crossings. So there is no need to press a button, you just stand and wait. Why? Because the Corona virus jumps off your hands and onto the traffic light buttons and supposedly vice versa. Sydney is now like those clips you see on North Korea, except Sydney now has less pedestrian traffic and North Korea is now the bastion of liberal democracy in the world.
7. As unemployment increases so has poverty and homelessness due to people being unable to afford rent and mortgage repayments. Rumours of cities being depopulated by the government are increasing, in fact many rumours from the ridiculous, to the plausible, to the true are increasing. There is no government response to these only further legal threats, both real and implied.
8. The only employment growth there seems to be is in building/construction, roadworks, security guards and street cleaning. These are in the hands of private contractors and even then the multiple contractors may be employed for the same contracts. The employees wear either fluoro green or orange uniforms, much like armies and uniforms.
9. It is said that some "homeless" are in fact undercover police officers seeking to gauge social discontent and possibly incite it, they wear cheap clothing but have fabulous complexions and hairstyles. Whether they are police or not I cannot definitely say.

In all honesty Australia should change its name to WOKEbodia or WOKEuchea, money does mean nothing considering all the billions the government is magically pulling out in "fiscal incentives". But the question has to be asked, where is this coming from? In fact let us ask these:
*What is money
*Where does it come from
*How is it valued

And you can put in...
*What percentage of a nations economy is actual cash and not 'keyboard money'?
*How is all this expendeture to be recovered? (I'll give you a clue...inheritance will be abolished, much like religion basically has. Because all glory is to be held by the state. I assume you have heard of Karl Marx? Right?...?

Maybe you have heard of "fractional reserve lending" but do you know what it is?
Have you read the book or investigated "The Creature from Jekyll Island"? Where the likes of the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Morgans and Stanleys engineered the collapse of the stock market in 1929 which then brought on the great depression. As stock prices collapsed shares were bought up for pennies on the dollar. Is this not happening now under the guise of the "Corona 0virus"? And it is happening under a conservative government with the likes of Scott Morrison (who should be called Pol Scot), Gladys Berejiklian and the United Nations WHO (world health organisation) appointed Brendan Murphy who is the Australian "Chief Medical Officer".

In fact it is fair to say that a new Nazi order has taken over Australia. You have a uniformed workforce in pointless employment, restrictive association laws, a target class (homeless, poor, unemployed), travel restrictions (between states), continuous propaganda on TV, radio, newspapers and internet, increasingly paranoid actions - such as all public toilets in Sydney being locked down. In fact the govt is likely to introduce further lock down laws and curfews, and has sort to impose lock down laws regarding exclusive suburbs to keep non residents out. On top of that the health department and police department seem to have a free hand in shutting businesses and streets down. Now they are seeking to shutdown soup kitchens that cater to the poor that they themselves have created. Churches, libraries (actually the libraries were targetted because of their free and anonymous internet connections) and schools shut down without a peep, welcome to the Republic of WOKE (and here I wonder about the health of the royals, especially the Queen. If she were to die and Charles was really sick then who would be the safeguard of the various constitutions?). This is the disease of wetiko.

Friday 20 December 2019

Chapter 6 - part 2

Continuing Chapter 6

Look at things as they are now (particularly in the West), everyone feels they are 'entitled'. They may like to think they are entitled, but these people do not actually think as to why they are entitled. The fact is they 'feel' they are entitled to 'feel' that way, no logic or sense is offered by these people because they are basing their feelings on someone elses thinking as well as their own emotions resulting from that thinking.

And if they feel that they have been wronged then it is both entitlement and victimhood that is what they hold as facts instead of just indoctrinated correct 'feelings' ( but really what is the difference?). As far as they are concerned they can never be wrong because their feelings are 'correct' and can never be wrong. Again in the words of Hasan of Alamut: "Nothing is true; all is permitted". Indeed nothing is true and all is permitted because we live in a world that is without form and void. You only have to turn on a TV or a radio or just view the internet and see blatant lies. It is no longer a matter of some person or organisation putting their slant on a news story or even viewing a news story of any actual importance. We are being lied to openly in the same manner of wartime propaganda; we are being indoctrinated by vested interests such as political movements as well as commercial organisations. This occurs because people allow them to do so out of the sake of convenience. But really it is out of a sense of compliance, correctness and not wanting to cause 'trouble'.

One only has to look at the "technological achievements" of today particularly in Western societies that are European or European based (particularly Western European, Scandinavian and even Asian), and which are spreading around the world in the name of "progress". We see "interactive design" in which people design ways for man to become interactive with machines. Then we have the issue of implants where people inject themselves with RFID chips at "implant parties", again for convenience so no thinking or memory is required. Further more if people decide to get chip implants (going with Revelations) they may have a 5g chip placed in their forehead. The radiation from a 5g chip as found in cell phones can penetrate approximately 8mm, if placed in the forehead where the "3rd eye" is said to be located this would have an impact on ones' personality; if not change or erase that personality. But for those who might have any desire to think we see "Artificial Intelligence" that can override any natural thoughts they have, whether by group approval, peer pressure, doubt or indeed force.

You might be thinking that you will never encounter this or the effects of this in your lifetime, well we can see pornographic movies on the internet where binaural beats are used in the background 'music'. This is particularly used in "sissy" pornography (where men dress up in womens' clothing to engage in homosexual acts) and "BBC" pornography (where white women engage in sex with black men while the husband watches the sex as a 'cuckold').

So we have hypnotism and binaural meditation trance music being used to make people turn against their nature and adopt a lifestyle to be something they are not, and probably never were (TV advertising makes use of the same method). The participants and the viewers of this pornography are an overwhelming majority white and of Western European ancestry, it is no coincidence that these people and societies are increasingly atheist and "politically correct".

Is atheism taking over Western Europe? Well if one were to take Western media at face value, then the answer would be yes. Is it actually true? At the moment it has slightly slid on to the yes part, but it is increasing due to groupthink and this will increase due to other factors such as the dumbing down of the population. Let us look at the subject of 'memes'. These are simply pictures which are deemed to be funny or 'viral' with a 'one liner' quote added on to it. And you will find 'millennials' or 'Gen Z' or just anyone under the age of... say... 22 valuing these 'memes' as being of the same value as "War and Peace" by Tolstoy, in fact there is strategy called 'memetic warfare' regarding propaganda production.  All these things that are happening are deemed "progress", certainly in the West.

Now we see in the West the 'transgender' fashion which has no age limit, everyone from 4 to 14 to 40 to 400 is susceptible to this 'infection', this is a prime example of a groupthink or wetiko disease in that it is a psychological illness spread by psychological means. There is no physical disease or DNA fault that would make you inclined to change your gender, whether it be by self 'identity' or else by injecting hormones and receiving surgery. You simply cannot change your 'gender' by such means, if you are a male who has had surgery, steroids and hypnotherapy you will never be a biological female. At best you might be able to pass as one on occasion, but if you were ever cloned the result would be a biological male.

None of these things I written about so far in this chapter can ever be considered 'normal', and everyone must not ever let this be accepted as 'progress' when it is in fact the opposite. These things go against human nature and is another example of the reversal of order. Is it worthwhile for the djinn to launch a 'counter jihad' against the West? The way things are at the moment, with people willingly participating in their own debasement and destruction, the answer has to be no. They do not have to, their plan is working fine.

Have you heard of the "Creature of Jekyll Island" or how genuine ancient occult knowledge has been replaced by sabotaged knowledge or else by fluff? Do you notice state sanctioned alcohol and pharmaceutical abuse? Are you worried by RFID chip implants, or how euthanasia is going to be a viable, accepted and expected way to end your life? Does it concern you how the Lord Jesus Christ has been cheapened to "just Jesus" and Christianity has been redefined to chiliasm? What about the Frankfurt School? All these things have been set in motion since the 1920s and even before that, modern history hasn't really explained anything to anyone. Plus the low attention spans of everyone means that history is really a variable based on feelings which have been decided by someone else. Maybe people have heard about these things but they have just conveniently "forgotten" them. Hopefully you are different.

So looking at the world today do you see how our societies were molded by past history and especially the events and actions of the 1920s and 30s? We had those who were basically insane introduce the world to the likes of psychiatry and psychology, which has continued on. It is the gift that never stops giving and it gave us the likes of Wilhelm Reich and Alfred Kinsey who became gifts who never stop giving. And we can see this in the legitimisation and acceptance of the various sexual perversions that are readily seen in pornography. It is the various forms of Marxism that have manifested and been implemented which have resulted in the likes of hippies and the green political movement and their splinter movements. They may be seen as opposing each other at times, but the best way to deal with opposition to you is to run the opposition yourself.

If you have been watching the news services during the past week or two (the date today is 19/12/2019) you might have seen how the state of New South Wales, Australia has been ravished by bushfires. The fires have been largely the result of very hot weather, but they have also been the result of poor forest management (because of green 'environmentalism'). The first round of bushfires occurred in the Ballina and Byron Bay areas which are full of hippie dropouts, immediately the greens and hippies were screaming "global warming!!!" and demanding various government funds (another example of the neverending gift).

Police investigations of the fires found they were caused by arson. Yes the hippies who have their worthless existance based around saving endangered plants and animals had no problem with setting them on fire for a government grant. They happily called up news programs to show burned koalas and wombats while demanding money. A case of the arsonist becoming the rescuer (actually the firemen who fought the bushfires are heroes as far as I am concerned and must never be lumped with these criminals, the arsonists should be tried as terrorists but unfortunately this will never happen). Needless to say we are up against truly bad, wicked and evil people.

I wrote the last paragraph less than 24 hours ago, the date today is 20/12/2019. Today two firefighters were killed in the bushfires ravaging New South Wales, but in its capital Sydney in the CBD we had a demonstration by the "Extinction Rebellion". They were protesting about coal and climate change, yes they know everything while sipping soy lattes in their inner city hi-rise apartments and their upper north shore and eastern suburbs mansions. They are nothing more than rich white kids in university and jews. These are the people who are pushing vegan diets for everyone, and they are the ones calling everyone a Nazi. Green and vegan with socialist leanings, you know who else that describes? Adolf Hitler, in fact the symbol they use (a runic type sigil which looks like the letter 'X' or two triangles on top of each other joined at their top point in a circle) is actually from a white power group in America known as "Iron Rain".